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"... after having followed the economists so far, we are none the wiser, and if we ask them: 'How is it that millions of human beings are in want of bread, when every family could grow sufficient wheat to feed ten, twenty, and even a hundred people annually?' they answer us by droning the same anthem- division of labour, wages, surplus value, capital, etc.- arriving at the same conclusion, that production is insufficient to satisfy all needs; a conclusion which, if true, does not answer the question: 'Can or cannot man by his labour produce the bread he needs? And if he cannot, what is hindering him?'"
          --Peter Kropotkin
          "The Conquest of Bread," 1892, Chapter 14, Part I

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The newsletter is a collection of dialogues, essays, poetry, fiction, and prose, written by Punkerslut and other authors. The common topics discussed are politics, society, religion, exploitation, oppression, and cooperative organization. Some of it is from incomplete novels or research projects, but all of it is exclusive to the newsletter members!

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