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    Questions against the Affirmative Case


    Image by K.P.D.
    Image: "Away With The System" by Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands, or the German Communist Party

         1) When showing statistics on nations that are oppressive or least free, the freedom of a nation does not depend on whether it is Capitalist or Communist, but whether it is a dictatorship or a despotic government. It may make inferences on Communism, but that's not the only factor. How can you use such vague sources to demonstrate such concrete truths?

         2) You stated that "As productivity rose, corporate revenues went more and more to the workers, as we should expect : between 1955 and 1970, wages went from 85% to 91% of corporate profits." Though this may be true, why is it that workers are still paid close to 2% or 3% of the wealth they produce? [See the resources in my book "Class War" for further reference, and I am sure I will reproduce these statistics later in the debate.]

         3) When workers are paid the 2% to 3% of the wealth they produce, how can you say that this system is the most favorable of mankind, when it only benefits the extremely rich?

         4) You stated Capitalism produces little waste. How can this possibly be true, when industrialists destroy much of what they produce to keep prices down? (This is notoriously true with OPEC, keeping their oil production to an extreme minimum.)

         5) You stated that corruption is a common part of Communism. Why is it that when a Capitalist system is allowed, those companies which become rich and profitable often times end up corrupting the government?

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