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  • Communism Versus Capitalism

    Questions against the Negative Case
    Francois Tremblay


    Image by U.S. War Department
    Image: "He's a Fighting Fool" by the U.S. War Department

         1. Define the term "means of production" in a coherent manner.

         2. If capitalism leads to such dramatic injustice, why does the average worker in freer countries make more than most rich people in heavily statist countries ? That is, how does your melodramatic brush paint around the facts of higher prosperity, duration of life, proportion of profits, lessened corruption, and all the other advantages of capitalism ?

         3. Can you define any form of brutality which is not a crime under capitalist rights ? If not, why have you tried to pair off the two with a dubious historical association ?

         4. You state that "A law ought to be made... stating that no person may become wealthy from the labor of another". Does this mean you advocate the destruction of our current large-scale economy in favour of subsistence labour ? If not, what does this sentence mean ?

         5. You state that "Everyone should have an equal obligation to work". Does this mean you think the government should make it illegal not to work ? If so, from what age to what age, and in what capacity ? How does this enslavement of action jibe with your melodramatic notion that statism makes people free ?

         6. You say : "Imagine, for instance, if instead of 2.5%, a person was paid closer to 90% or 95%.". How do you refute the statistics I gave that show that each person is already paid this proportion for his work ?

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