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  • Communism Versus Capitalism

    Francois Tremblay


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         Well, put a top hat on my head and call me Uncle Frankie. That was a quaint conclusion, but completely lacking in sense. One again Mr. Punkerslut repeats :

         * that "politicians are bought out by CEOs" in a capitalist system, completely ignoring the fact that he is describing a democracy, not capitalism, and that there is no reason for CEOs to do such a thing in a capitalist system since there is no power to co-opt.

         * his allegiance to anarchy, without even broaching on the fact that anarchy in no way permits the kind of widespread law enforcement that his statist propositions demand.

         * that "workers" are given "the least of the produce", without any precision or evidence to back this up.

         Since none of his arguments have been added or bolstered, there is no point in continuing. My counter-arguments stand as they are.

         I have argued that capitalism is the economic system most favourable to man's life by presenting a number of arguments on the following subjects :

         1. Capitalism is best suited to material prosperity and growth, which is necessary for human life.

         2. Capitalism is best suited to promote voluntary trade in society, as opposed to coercion, the latter being detrimental to human life.

         3. Capitalism is best suited to ensure the efficient use of resources, which improves the services and production necessary for human life.

         4. Capitalism is as stable, or more stable, than statist systems, thus ensuring the actualization of points 1 to 3.

         I contend that Mr. Punkerslut has failed to refute all of these points. In answer to 1, he has attempted to use one specific example to try to deny worldwide studies, and critiqued corporatism in order to muddle the debate. In answer to 2, he has attempted to defend statism (or what he paradoxically calls anarchism) by openly promoting work slavery and confiscation of "means of production" ! The extent of these propositions is left unanswered, but cast fatal doubt on Mr. Punkerslut's desire to even address the point.

         Therefore I contend that the case for the superiority of capitalism, as mounted by all the empirical and theoretical evidence available on the subject, has not been disproven.

         Instead of getting into brazen jingoism and paste the lyrics of a couple of anti-government songs, I will rather take the high route and counter with a quote from Ludwig Von Mises, in his book "Nation, State and Economy", which is particularly appropriate to the mindset of social warfare brandied about by Mr. Punkerslut, and a dire warning to those who would pursue the course which has led to two world wars, famines, and genocides.

         "If one holds the view that there are irreconcilable class antagonisms between the individual strata of society that cannot be resolved except by the forcible victory of one class over others, if one believes that no contacts between individual nations are possible except those whereby one wins what the other loses, then, of course, one must admit that revolutions at home and wars abroad cannot be avoided. The Marxian socialist rejects war abroad because he sees the enemy not in foreign nations but in the possessing classes of his own nation."

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