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Fuck: The Only Word

By Punkerslut

Image by Leo
Image: Coition of a Hemisected Man and Woman, by "Leonardo Da Vinci"

Start Date: January 13, 2007
Finish Date: January 13, 2007

     In the English language, there is no single, defined word that translates "to have sex with," except for fuck. A person could use the word "copulate," but such a term is never taught in our schools or universities; it is almost used solely in relation to clinical studies or "couples." The word "fornicate" is also a potential replacement. However, this word is used most frequently by preachers, pastors, and the clergy. The technical definition also implies sex outside of a marriage, so it is not the same as to fuck; it is a much more "sinful" and "deviant" term for it, restrictively used by those of a guilt-based ideology. The Gideons' translation of the Bible rewrites the word "rape" as the word "lay with." Certain modern authors use similar terminology to define sex. We could use the words "breed" or "procreate," but the technical definition is of a reproductive nature. If we were so modest and willing to trip over our words, we could say "to be intimate with" or " to fool around with" or "to go all the way with." Other suggestive phrases include "make out" and "sleep together." Simply put, the culture of English-speaking people has provided no single term to the average person to indicate "to have sex with." Our language was never short of developing terms for "to end another person's life" or "to value someone's life as your own." To kill, to love. Murder and loyalty are ideas that we can exchange openly, publicly, without fear of jail or harassment by the state. But if any American were to use the only word to denote "to have sex with," they immediately become a target.

     Sensitivity towards the idea of sexuality can only encouraged by the fact that this word is the only one we have to directly express having sex. In the United States, the police department is commissioned with arresting and detaining individuals who use this word in public. The years of prohibition and the "vice squad," of crooked officers and special-interest politicians, these days are not too far behind in the American culture. All of our radio and television broadcasts are restricted in this sense. But they are allowed, or even encouraged, to promote the ideas of greed and competition, to show happy results for those who take the bargaining offers of the system. It is impossible for the average citizen to openly discuss the matter of sex without using phrases like "to fool around with" or "to sleep with." It is even illegal to use the most direct route of communicating this idea. That is, to say fuck. The government's departments of communications and education have set their agenda straight: a puritanical, non-thinking population is ideal to the interests of a tyrannical government.

     Fuck. If there is anyone who is opposed to censorship, their rally call should be Fuck Censorship. There can be no free society with no free culture.


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