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I Chose Not To Be Normal

By Punkerslut

Image by NiD
Image: "Breakthrough" by NiD

Start Date: Early January, 2002
Finish Date: Early January, 2002

     Be a good person. Listen to your parents. Respect your teachers. Do your homework. Don't break the law. Eat a healthy breakfast. Share with your friends. Never hurt anyone. Celebrate holidays. Love Jesus. Work hard at your summer job. Study algebra. Hide your feelings. Keep everything inside. Watch TeeVee. Buy the advertised products.

     Be Normal: Exist, Consume, Obey.

     But I chose not to be normal. I decided that there was too much cruelty and dogma in this world to condemn my existence to silence. Those individuals who do not have the courage to question what they are told, their life is summed up in two events: their birth and their death. After those two events take place, they have no altering effect on the world. Their failure to change anything was due wholly to the fact that they did what they were told. Dust to dust. I did not choose that path. I chose to be different: question what you're told, don't conform, do what you believe is right, never value friends over justice, love virtue, detest vice. I am different; I am a Rationalist Humanitarian. For this high ideal of logical and reasonable consideration, for this high ethic of compassion and fairness, I am just that: a Rationalist Humanitarian. Of all logical choices, I have spread my net of equality over all animalia, so that any being which can think and feel shall be my ally, and I will not consume nor kill them. My net of equality embraces all animals yet my net of logic embraces no gods. I am an Atheist and a Vegetarian. I chose to not to be normal.


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