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This Day

By Punkerslut

Image by Havok
Image: "Kalisti 23" by Havok

Start Date: Thursday, March 14, 2002
Finish Date: Thursday, March 14, 2002

"Yates, 37, said she drowned Noah, 7, John, 5, Paul, 3, Luke, 2, and Mary, six months, in the bathtub of their Houston home on June 20, 2001 to save them from Satan, who she believed was threatening to take their souls." -- Reuters, "Jury Deliberates Fate of Texas Woman Who Drowned Kids," March 12, 2002 02:02 PM ET.

     With the fear that Satan had planned an unpleasant fate for her children, this mother drowned her five children in the bathtub to save them from the unseen. In her heart, what she did was justifiable -- the divine are not to be taken slightly, as she has already believed. By the swift hand of confidence in the unknown, by the absence of doubt, she was quick to deliver her beliefs unavailingly to her children. Without compassion and without thoughtfulness, this horrible deed was done. Five flowers, blossoming in the sun of what could have been a wonderful family, were recklessly plucked from the ground. These children, who had hopes and wishes, were killed by their mother. Their cries, their screams, their wailing and bawling and kicking -- none of these things shook the intentions of this religious mother who slaughtered for what she believed to be the greater good. As she grabbed the tiny, trembling hands, and submerged the heads of her children underwater -- eyes full of fear, gasping for air, kicking with ferocity -- cruelty upon brutality and superstition upon dogma in this world that seems to make less and less sense!

     No thinking mother would have committed such an act of aggression against the children she reared with affection. Nurturing them and giving them the outlook that there is no Satan to take their souls, no souls to take, is the best thing a mother can do. Fostering a rational appreciation of the natural world, instead of delving needlessly into the supernatural religions, is a fine commitment of any mother. Yates, the religious mother, tried to bring up her children with good faith and kindness. As any devoted mother, her hospitality was seen in every action, every touch. Yet the sickly, pale, deathly hands of religion wrapped themselves around the mind of this mother. She was rendered merciless to the torments of revelation, to the whispers of god and the devil, to the things unseen. As religion grasped the rationality of this mother and destroyed it, so she grasped her children and murdered them. Just as religion rarely shows a sign of critical or humane thought, so did this mother lack such qualities. Forcing them underwater, their bodies frantically kicking and screaming for the salvation of air and not of god, she murdered one of her children -- and then she did the same thing to all of her children.

     It was this day, June 20th of 2001, that religion had made itself another accomplice to murder, another assistant to inhumanity. This day, religion had placed itself in the spot of reasoning and delivered its merciless sentence upon the bright youth. The sensitive, frail bodies of these children stood no chance against this monstrous institution. The mother claimed it was to defend the children against Satan. Can any thinking person deny that Satan is only a product of religion, which itself is a spawned product of superstition? To murder your children -- and in such a horrific way and repeatedly -- is the ultimate child abuse, and to embrace a religion that brings about such dogmatic and cruel behavior is the ultimate mind abuse. The deaths of these five children will forever be in the hearts of the Freethinkers, and they will forever serve as a grim, dreary reminder that religion holds no foothold in morality, in compassion. Religion has slaughtered millions in the past, by the holy command of the Inquisition, the Mandate from Heaven, the burning of heretics, the hatred of affection -- the love of sights which turn the heart with sadness. It was this day, that five more were slaughtered on account of the gods. It was this day, June 20th of 2001, that rationality was traded for religion, that humanity was ignored and brutality embraced; it was this day that a mother had murdered her five children on account of the unseen; it was this day that Rationalists mourn.


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