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What Do We Call It?

By Punkerslut

Image by Havok
Image: "Kalisti 80, Scene 2" by Havok

Start Date: Middle of 2001
Finish Date: Middle of 2001

     Raggar, head of the cabinet of prisons, was a tall man with broad shoulders and a dominating personality; he took a keen interest in zoophilia. "There is a problem," he said, "Although the prisons are not overly crowded, there is a high escape rate from prisons. It certainly would be no error on our part if these escaped inmates committed no crimes and it would certainly be an error if just one of them committed a crime. However, the masses of these criminals are often times brought back to prison and retried for their new crimes. We need to find a new prison environment that will hold these prison inmates in humane conditions. Do any of you have any ideas?"

     Rectog was still a child of twelve, but as the current standing democracy stood, there was no prejudice against race, species, sexuality, or age. "I have an idea," the inquisitive Rectog spoke up, "How about moving the prisoners to an island and leaving them their unrestrained?"

     Yarsisus was an old cow whose face had been wrinkled with age, and he was a medical researcher with his family whom he had close sexual relations with. "I disagree, Rectog," said Yarsisus, "How would they live? They would die quite easily with no food or shelter!"

     Rogala was a directive iguana woman who was pre-designed with genetic technology to produce a child with a higher intelligence and she had humanitarian ideals. "We can enrich the soil with vitamins and nutrients so that crops spring forth," she said, "This would also solve the cost of the good, law-abiding and humane citizens from paying their taxes. Instead of buying food for inmates or building them housing, we can have a tax break or invest in research to cure diseases. It simply feels like an injustice to pay for the food of those who break our laws, but as a humanitarian society and with compassion as our guiding wisdom, we will absolutely pay for their food and housing if necessary. Research for diseases is a good venture. The cure for cancer has saved the lives of many and the cure of AIDS has also prevented many diseases while spurring on this wonderful machine of Free Love. And we do not necessarily have to have it on an island. We could have it in any isolated area where they could not escape."

     Yabaf was a lesbian pedophile who was humane and welcoming. "Where will they get the tools to harvest this food, though?" inquired Yabaf.

     Raggar spoke up, "Just as early primitive ancestors had, they will develop tools from common substances. Rock and wood, of course. Perhaps they will enter a Stone Age or a Metal Age of their own where they may mold the materials into usable items."

     Yoodash was a short, pale skinned asexual hermaphrodite dog who was slow witted albeit intelligent. "And what of medical care?" asked Yoodash, "After all, with medical technology today and all animalia finally existing on a healthy Vegan diet, we can live past 200 to 250 on average and with proper contraception, we can keep from overpopulating our place in space. What do you say to the inmates who we condemn to living 40 or 50 years of life? And what of the vast amounts of children that will be produced?"

     "Perhaps through the ages these convicts will develop their own medical technology," said Rectog, "They may find useful medicines in the herbs and plants of the various surroundings. Of course, having broken our laws, I seriously doubt that we must extend the net of compassion to allow these inmates to live as highly as ourselves and certainly not as old as ourselves. Certainly, though, all sentient beings deserve compassionate and humanitarian treatment. We just are not responsible for making sure that they live the absolute, best and equal pleasurable lives compared to our own."

     "And what of contraception?" asked Yarsisus, "Without contraception and ability to prevent sex, will not these inmates mate like rabbits?"

     Rogala replied, "Like rabbits? Please, no need for the discrimination. There are many qualified rabbits in various positions as medical doctors, lawyers, and politicians. There is no need to refer to rabbits as our great ancestor referred to them: as inferior beings that deserve no rights except as food and for coursing, or freeing them so that dogs may tear them to pieces. However, this is all off the subject... I believe that perhaps a shorter vitality than our own and lack of contraception would counter-act each other. If those animals are constantly dying, then they can't constantly be reproducing."

     "Don't be a barbarian!" replied Yabaf, "Such a harsh and brutish answer. You forget that these animals that we send to prison are animals like you and I who can feel pain, suffering, joy, desire, and happiness. Certainly, they deserve consideration of their interests, rather than holding them under brutish control, despite what their past crimes have been. Our goal of imprisoning them is not punishment of themselves, but protection of the public. Anyway, I believe that these animals that we shall send to the secluded area will certainly be constantly dying, but to no avail is it our fault. However, I do not think that they will be dying in such large amounts that only hours after we send them there that there will be piles and piles of dead bodies. I believe that they will live generally healthy and to a degree intellectual lives. Perhaps, even, they will develop methods of contraception, and the most primitive of them being coitus interruptus. Also, our far, far ancestors were greedy and foolish beings. They only had one sexual partner that was of equal age and same race or species! Today, we have many sexual partners that are of all ages and of all races, species, and relations. The dogma associated by monogamy is that those who are not monogamous are immoral. Certainly not. Look at their brutish methods of harm and vindictive tortures of each other. And look at our Humanitarian society that is full of compassion and has Free Love as a primary principle!"

     "Ahahaha..." laughed Raggar with the others, "Yes, from a society based on Monogamy, they executed their prisoners as a method of PUNISHMENT and more often than not it was an innocent person being executed! Furthermore, they regarded different races and different species as their slaves, purely on physical appearance. If you had black skin or four legs, you were doomed to slavery and eventually death. However, we have come to a state of total equality and liberation. Even though I do not walk on four legs, many of my lovers do."

     "Yes, Raggar," stated Yoodash, "We have come a long way and our only worries today are particular diseases and keeping ourselves happy and entertained through technology, drugs, art, sex, love, theater, music, and the other various fields of joy. We digress from the issue... I do believe, though, that the dogmatic Monogamy so deeply held by our ancestors will resurface in these inmates. How will they keep order, though? After all, many of the prisoners in today's prisons have a high record for stabbing and attacking people, even while in prison. Imagine how high the death record will tally when they're out of the confines of the law and the protection of guards!"

     "Well," began Rectog, "I am sure that being primitive beasts and brutes, they will return back to their roots. And through this, I am sure that silly superstitions will become religion and brutish tribes will become governments. With religion and government controlling the people, I feel that the need for guards will be unnecessary."

     "And what of the select intelligent who doubt the concept of an invisible man in the sky? Or the few bold who will question the motives of government? What of those beings?" asked Yarsisus.

     "They are few and far between," said Rogala, "I think that we will rarely encounter any Atheists in this isolated area. Perhaps it would be better if this new prison was on another planet. After all, no matter how big an area we give to these convicts, they may just find an escape. So, we shall imprison them on a planet."

     "I agree, but what do we call it?" asked Yabaf.

     Raggar spoke up, "...How about Earth?"


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