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Will I Forget?

By Punkerslut

Image by NiD
Image: "Self Traverse" by NiD

Start Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2002
Finish Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2002

     It is perhaps a fear in every reformer that they may one day find themselves disenchanted by their cause. The same cries and screams that aroused them to the valiant and powerful rabblerouser now fall upon dead senses, evoking no grimace of sympathy. I have seen the face of a vivisected creature, I have seen the crimes of police brutality, I have seen the corrupt officials, the cruel religionists, the fanatical theocrats, the hunters, the butchers, the heartless armies crushing nations and states. I have seen the priest tell the child that she had sinned by thinking intimate thoughts and I have seen the Capitalist waver his unflinching hand at brutality. I have seen the men marching against the vision of humaneness and wisdom. There has been no day of my life that my sympathies were not with the exploited worker or with the abused creature -- there has been no moment where I was unencumbered with the visions of brutality, the sights of suffering, the pangs of inhumanity.

     Will I forget about the plight of our fellow creatures? There's is a situation undesirable even by the most irrational of our race. Animals have been the target of exploitation ever since man became sophisticated. As man advanced and developed, the rights of animals deteriorated. They have been hunted and recently they have been vivisected. There lives have been sacrificed in the endless pursuit of pleasure. Whatever will give joy to humans at the expense of mankind, when choosing sides, our philosophers have almost always sided with mankind. "Man is at the top, and reserves the right to cruelty and malice," they have claimed. And so every creature on this earth that was not born of two legs, of two arms, of a voice, of a near hairless body, that is to say, any creature that was born not a human was deprived of the sanction of fair and compassionate treatment. Of viciousness and thoughtless suffering, no more has been given to the animals of this planet. Why can disagree with this statement? Would the hunter dare offer a plea of humanity, or what of the vivisector or the butcher or those who consume flesh? What can they argue? That their actions are justified because of some trifle concerning the design of their teeth? Anything they do is but vanity to disguise their brutality. The life of an animal holds value and worth beyond how much it can advance human civilization. This is the claim which I have lived by for as long as I have thought.

     And of the workers, the Proletariat, as they remain in the shackles of the Capitalist class, will I turn a blind eye? As they are forced to survive on a low wage, would I be content to a better lot? While the profits made by the capital owners are made by the labor of others, as the reward of work goes to the Capitalist class, would I ever find such a dire situation to be acceptable? Workers in foreign lands work in sweatshops, producing our goods, working for what we would not accept for an hour what they get for a day. The Proletariat are under the lash of greed as much as they are under the physical lash of the overseer. Yet it is the Capitalist philosopher who contends that if we give corporations our interest to look after, that the best will happen. Lies, lies, and more lies. The situation of the worker has remained under the same chains of inhumanity two hundred years ago as they remain under today: a small, insufficient wage and a complete disregard for the rights of the workers. On the mind of the worker has been the teaching that they are to be obedient and respectful. On the wrists of the worker have been the bondages to slavery. Both of these are products of the infamous ideology of Capitalism.

     Religion has drowned the world in blood -- it was the source that men tapped when they needed aggression, it was the epitome of cruelty, it was an example of the brutality that could be embraced by ignorant men. The historians have already forgotten this, giving it little attention in any studies. The church is still a burden on society, just as much as is a burden on the mind of man and a burden on the progress of civilization. Every year, it collects funds from the good-hearted, mindless population and feeds itself. Its appetite is for the destruction of well being. It proceeds to ban whatever may cause a passion, whatever may incite beauty, whatever may be a resource of thought. On the claim that it leads to Satanism, Harry Potter books have been taken from the grasped hands of children. Ignorance and cruelty. The church will go on to rob man of every pleasure and every happiness that he has. If men are to indulge themselves, the church claims, then they will feel alive and feel that they have no need for the church. So, the church works to sustain itself. Premarital sex still remains an abomination and women are still disallowed from becoming priests -- although any Freethinker would find it to be a compliment that they were disallowed from such a position.

     Will I forget the infamous history of the church? I can only say that I would detest such a plight. If I were to forget such inhumanity as practiced by those of the religious sect, then I would instantly forget any inhumanity. Soon, though, I would relearn the lesson that unbounded ignorance would be the source of envy and what can only be described as infantile thinking. Religion is only official superstition. What accompanies it is the belief in another world. Soon men become so enwrapped with a place beyond reality that they lose any affection for the real world. They will become afraid of hell and live their lives so diligently pious that they have lived a life of misery. The affection of the grave is not enough to erase that mistake: the mistake of piety, of living in accord to another world, of holding more love for an unseen god than for your fellow creatures -- of holding more consideration for the fantastic than for the realistic.

     As long as the angels of humaneness continue to blow their trumpets, and as long as the soldiers of thought wage battle with the daemons of superstition, -- as long as a star of hope flies across the dark sky, as long as the garden of intellect flourishes, as long as there is beauty in compassion, -- then I will always be displeased with injustice and the deep scars of seeing suffering will remain on my soul, and I will never forget.


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