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  • A Real Education

    Chapter 7: Synopsis and End

    By Punkerslut

    Start Date: January 10, 2002
    Finish Date: January 28, 2002

         The primary purpose of education, as I have stated before, is independence: to make students independent so that they may pursue their creativity, productivity, and happiness at their own degree. To this end, a real education is to provide students in an atmosphere where they have freedom. Firstly, they must be given the freedom of expression. Secondly, they must be given the freedom of conscience. Most imperatively, it is necessary that the teachers and administration respect the rights of students when it comes to freedom of speech. In this new school of modern education, students must be given entire responsibility of their choices in learning. They must not be forced to take any classes. To force a student to listen to useless, monotonous droning that they find unattractive is the opposite of education: it evicts the natural zest for learning inhibited in every mind. In the school, the curriculum must consist of a science class which promotes methodology as well as products of science. The history class can act as a center to the development of the arts in various cultures. In other classes, students may express and explore their creative sides, in classes based on poetry, painting, literature, music, dance, drawing, among other creative fields. Beyond the ordinary history class is the library, the prime place for written information: with works by all the major philosophers, politicians, and authors. In this setting, in an atmosphere that promotes independence and learning, it is here that a real education can be attained by the public.


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