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  • Evolution: Origins of Life

    Edition 1.0

    Chapter 7: Conclusion

    By Punkerslut

    Start Date: May 4, 2003
    Finish Date: May 18, 2003

    Section I: The Theory of Evolution

         The theory of Evolution, that mankind today has come into existence through many successive variations of older organisms, is a scientific theory, based on evidence and observation. There is no doubt to the principles of inheritance and variation, that offspring will often times resemble their parents in a great deal of points, but differ in some other points. Experience and experiments have confirmed this. There is also little doubt that organisms of the world today are adapted well to their environments. No naturalist is yet to dispute this. Finally, we have the theory of Natural Selection, a very sound idea on how adaptations occur. Those organisms that are fit to their environment survive and reproduce, while the unfit do not survive or reproduce. These few facts alone gave life to the idea that mankind came from lower beings, yet ever since this suspicion, there has been a wealth of evidence accumulated in favor of it. First, we have our own process of Evolution, Selective Breeding, through which we used the laws of Natural Selection to create vast amounts of new species and races. Second, we have the similarities between the different species of this planet. Baboons are similarly affected by alcohol as we are, and those diseases which effect humans also effect lower creatures, and, finally, the healing of damaged tissue is incredibly similar in man as it is in lower animals. Third, we find a great deal of reversionary organs, or development of tissue that is useless to the current form. For instance, there is the possibility that a male mammal's nipples are capable of producing milk, and it is possible for humans to be born with a tail. Fourth, the existence of vestigial organs, which serve no purpose, are among all higher creatures. In humans, we have the appendix and the male nipple, which serve no purpose. In manatees, there are nails on the tip of their fins, and the ostrich is born with wings yet incapable of flight. With reversionary and vestigial organs, we find the great deal of these useless tissues are remnants of earlier creatures, which lead us finally to believe that it is true, that humans ascended from lower organisms, through the means of Natural Selection.


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