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  • Gutter Punk: Young And Homeless

    Chapter 18

    By Punkerslut

    Sleep Inside
    Image: From "Anarchy" Gallery from FreedomInYourMind

    Start Date: April 26, 2003
    Finish Date: January 27, 2004

    Gunner and Kevin walk away. The camera shows a short image of Rat and Freak holding each other, as they watch the two men walk away. Gunner appears in front of Spike and Lily.

    GUNNER: Hey, what's up?

    SPIKE: Not much, motherfucker...

    KEVIN: Did you see what just happened?

    SPIKE: Nah, I didn't. In fact, I can barely see either of you in this darkness.

    Gunner steps forward.

    SPIKE: Shiiiiiit! What happened to your face?

    GUNNER: I got in a fight. Some asshole threatened Hey Kid over no good goddamn fucking reason. So, I welcomed him to our humble city.

    SPIKE: Right the fuck on, man.

    Spike stands up.

    SPIKE: I just wish he wasn't so painful.

    LILY: I have some paper towels for that.

    Lily looks through a handbag and pulls out a huge pile of towelettes

    LILY: Here, Gunner, sit down.

    He listens to her.

    LILY: Now, let mother Lily take over from here.

    She begins to wipe the blood off of his face.

    GUNNER: Lily, you're fucking awesome.

    LILY: Thanks... If you took on someone who did this to you, you're pretty brave, too, you know. But, it's why I love you as a friend. You're strong to your ideals. I'll offer support any time I can.

    GUNNER: Thanks. How did you get all these fucking towelettes anyway?

    SPIKE: That is the good part, my friend. This Amtrak train stopped in for about 15 seconds, so Lily and I jumped aboard and looted everything we could.

    KEVIN: Even the towelettes?

    SPIKE: Yes, even the towelettes

    KEVIN: You guys, seriously...... are the fucking coolest.

    SPIKE: We aimed to tourist luggage, but there wasn't much left on. We got a camera that we pawned, though. Made about $25. So, I bought some H and a little bottle of vodka for the misses.

    KEVIN: How's Gunner's face looking, Lily?

    LILY: Extremely handsome as always.... but it's looking much better. No dirt in the wounds. And I think the bleeding stopped after all the pressure I applied. Most people complain about that.

    GUNNER: Nah, I'm on a Valium comedown. Plus the alcohol. Very little I can feel at all. Except a burrowing exploding rage that I had for that shithead Brian.

    SPIKE: Hey, Kevin, did he really take out that guy really badly? Because after threatening Hey Kid, and doing this to my friend Gunner, I really want a piece of this motherfucker.

    KEVIN: Well, the guy is still on the ground right now while his friends console him.

    SPIKE: Okay, I guess I'll leave him alone.

    KEVIN: The guy was at least six inches taller than Gunner. He did a fucking good job.

    LILY: You're a brave kid, Gunner. I respect you.

    SPIKE: You have my fucking respect, too, brother. You need my hand in taking out anyone, and you fucking got it. No questions, motherfucker. No questions needed.

    GUNNER: Thanks, brothers. I think I'll just want a nice, quiet walk back to the squat. Peaceful, after all of today, with the Valium comedown and the fight.

    SPIKE: I understand, brother. We'll make sure to bring you back a plate from the feeding, all right?

    GUNNER: Right, right.

    LILY: There, I think I got all the dirt. If you want more back at the squat, just tell me.

    GUNNER: Thanks, beautiful. I love you more and more everyday.

    He moves in and kisses her on the cheek.

    LILY: I love you, too, Gunner.

    GUNNER: I'll see you guys later. Have a good meal.

    SPIKE: You go easy, bro.

    KEVIN: See ya', guys.

    LILY: Later.

    SPIKE: See ya', man.

    Kevin and Gunner leave the feeding area and trek down the sidewalk.

    GUNNER: And what do you think about that?

    KEVIN: You kicked the shit out of the guy. I liked it.

    GUNNER: Nah, 'bout what Spike said.

    KEVIN: Well, what did he say?

    GUNNER: He said if I need to beat the shit out of another cunt, he'd be there for me.

    KEVIN: Of course he would. There's no doubt to it.

    GUNNER: But think about what we were just talking about. We thought he wasn't a real revolutionary, just a young punk caught up in the mix, doing what he knew was right. And he would be there for me if I needed it.

    KEVIN: Maybe being a revolutionary means just knowing what to do at the right time, in accordance to your and their social or economic conditions.

    GUNNER: You see what Sweep said?

    KEVIN: Yeah, he called that guy an asshole. That kid has fucking balls. I love him to fucking death.

    GUNNER: And you heard what Rat said, right?

    KEVIN: No, what did she say?

    GUNNER: She said that she loved me.

    Gunner turns to Kevin.

    GUNNER: She loves me.

    Gunner smiles, Kevin returns the smile, and wraps his arm around Gunner. The camera watches them from behind as they walk off into the night. The camera fades out as the two soldiers trek off. It opens up on a rainy day, clouded, no sun. The group (Gunner, Kevin, Freak, Spike and Lily, and Sweep) are journeying through the city. The song "Let's Lynch the Landlord" by the Dead Kennedys begins.

    SWEEP: I fucking hate the rain!

    SPIKE: I hear that, little buddy.

    SWEEP: I have one pair of clothes, and if it gets wet, I can't just slip into something warm.

    GUNNER: The kid has a point. We should all get naked once we get back to the squat.

    KEVIN: And have an orgy.

    GUNNER: I was about to say that, and I would have if I didn't choke on a rain drop.

    FREAK: How do you choke on a rain drop, sweetie?

    GUNNER: Of all people, I thought you would understand.

    FREAK: Well, I do. But a cold one or a warm one?

    GUNNER: Cold, obviously.

    FREAK: That makes sense.

    SWEEP: Freak.... (shakes head at her) You're weird.

    Freak moves closer to Sweep, and kisses him on the forehead.

    FREAK: Whatever anyone says, I think you're cute.

    KEVIN: Come on, come on, let's avoid anything obscene. The kid's only 11, after all.

    GUNNER: You think I would have stood up like that to a teenage girl like freak if I was 11? Hell fucking no, man.

    SPIKE: That's because Sweep is the shit.

    LILY: Tonight, we'll drink to Sweep!

    Gunner and Kevin interlock, putting each other's arms on each other's shoulders.

    GUNNER AND KEVIN: Yeah! Drinking to Sweep tonight!

    SWEEP: It would be better if you gave me something to drink. (smile)

    SPIKE: The kid makes a point.

    FREAK: I'd offer you my body, but I don't want to offend you or your lover behind bars.

    SWEEP (turning to Gunner): You see, droog. It's shit like that I don't get.

    GUNNER: Oh, that's easy, man.

    Gunner pulls out a 40 of a malt beverage and begins drinking it.

    GUNNER: She said she would have sex with you, but she won't because you're monogamous with some other chick.

    SWEEP: But, still, man...

    GUNNER: Nah, nah, nah, just let it go. It's her way of doing things.

    KEVIN: Besides, if Gunner was such a robust and polite female, I'm sure he would do the same to you.

    Gunner chokes on his malt beverage, laughs with a "Fuck you!" and tries to kick Kevin, but Kevin dodges. Kevin laughs.

    KEVIN: Hey, at least it was an honest joke!

    GUNNER: .... yeah, true.

    LILY: Everyone, I dumpster dived some sandwiches. We will all have food for later tonight.

    GUNNER: (laughing) Who needs food?

    Kevin punches Gunner in the arm.

    KEVIN: Why you gotta be so disrespectful!?

    Gunner kicks Kevin, this time hitting him, and causing him to limp for a few steps.

    KEVIN: Ooowww, you bastard.

    SPIKE: You see, guys, that's Lily. She's a friend of the family. Always thinking of us.

    LILY: With such a kickass crew, who could stop thinking about how badass you guys are?

    Kevin kisses her head (on the side).

    KEVIN: You're such a good girl. I don't know what we would do without you and Spike. You're family.

    SWEEP: And you know... I've only been here a few weeks, but I think that you all are my family too. I have a special bond with you all.

    KEVIN: A special bond?

    GUNNER: He means connection, you dumbass.

    KEVIN: I fucking knew what he meant!

    Kevin tries to kick Gunner, but misses, and they both laugh.

    SWEEP: Really, guys. I know Spike and Lily as parents, almost. Gunner and Kevin as rascal brothers. And, Freak, well, sort of like that sister I never understood, but deep down inside, I loved.

    With one bottle in hand, Gunner walks over to Sweep and places his arm around his shoulder. He kisses the side of his head.

    GUNNER: I love you, bro.

    SWEEP: I love you, too, droog.

    Gunner goes back to drinking his malt.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: That's what family is. When you wake up in the morning and you see those people still by your side. Maybe it's because of the world that we live in, that we can know someone for two weeks, and already be their brother. But, that sounds misleading. This world we live in? By that, what do you think I mean? The cops, right? And starving, and freezing to death, and serving time, right? No, none of that. By the world we live in, I mean this fucking barren ass city. I mean walking around at 4 AM on a methamphetamine trip, happy as fuck, but wondering why you can't find anyone who understands you. I mean being lonely, never having family. Alone. Being alone. That's the type of world many of us are forced into. No blood family to help us. Then you look to your side and see this 11 year old punkass, kicking it down main street and heading to our squat. You see this unshaven girl that makes no sense unless she's fucking. You see this couple holding on to their love like a poor man and his quarter. And you see this mohawked punk who takes pleasure in his hobby of beating the fuck out of Nazis. It doesn't matter, because when you sleep together, in the same building, defending each other, that feeling comes back... That feeling, that no matter what they do, no matter who they hurt, no matter how awful people they are inside, you have to defend them, against anyone and anything. Maybe it's natural, maybe it's not. But if there's one thing I know...

    As Gunner is in the middle of his voice over, the group of comrades are walking across a crosswalk, where a sign is blinking that says, "DON'T WALK." Since the group of people is particularly rebellious in all of their attitudes, they walk across anyway. As Gunner is doing the voice over, they are in the middle of the crosswalk. A car, beeping loudly, drives through the center of the group, separating the group into two sections: the first (Spike, Lily, and Gunner) and the second (Kevin, Sweep, and Freak). As the car goes through, the song "The Greatest Working Class Ripoff" by Crass starts playing. They all express their resentment with "Crosswalk, asshole!" -- "Fucking hell!" -- "What the fuck!!" (etc., etc.) Spike kicks the side of the car, leaving a dent. For that brief moment, the car stops quickly. Gunner kicks the back of the car, and breaks one of the tail lights, exclaiming, "Get out of the car, motherfucker!!" The car door opens and a figure emerges. Kevin whips out his lead pipe, and swings it into his palm several times.

    KEVIN: Come on, motherfucker...

    The figure, wearing a trench coat and being pelted by the rain, raises his hand and fires a gun into the air. The group of six start running across the street and then they start running across the other way. As Gunner is crossing the street over, a car nearly hits him but stops just short of him by two feet.

    GUNNER: Hey, fucking asshole! I'm walking here!

    Gunner kicks the front bumper of the car and keeps running. Freak jumps on the hood of the car as she's running across the street. While on the hood, she stops for a brief second to flip off the gunman. As Spike is running across the road, a car comes out and smashes into him. He flies into the pavement about four feet.

    SPIKE: You fucking asshole!

    Lily walks over and helps pickup Spike. Gunner walks by the car and kicks the car door. The car speeds off for a moment, but stops immediately, seeing that there is a red light for them still. Spike and Lily walk by, as she holds him, he's limping. Kevin walks up to the car and smashes one of the back windows with his lead pipe. The group, all of them, run for a block and finally make it back to the squat. The camera focuses on all of them entering their room in the squat. They're all soaking wet. Spike starts taking off his shirt. After he has it off, Lily starts kissing him.

    LILY: Are you okay?

    SPIKE: Eh, I'll be fine. I've been hit by cars before.

    GUNNER: Dude, I've been hit by cars, too. It fucking sucks ass.

    KEVIN: How the fuck do you live, Gunner? People shoot at your ass and try to run you over.

    GUNNER: Eh, it's a work in progress, life, and all that. At least I still I have plenty of vodka to get us all to the land of drunkenness and back again.

    LILY: (smiling) Gunner, you are my coolest, most useful friend.

    GUNNER: A friend with alcohol is a friend indeed.

    Sweep starts taking off all of his clothes, except for his underwear, and folder his clothes and putting it on a string that's going across the top of the room. He curls up in a sheet. Spike and Lily get undressed and start fucking (yeah, in front of everyone, because it's no big deal). Freak shakes off, shaking the rain off her body. Then she gets her blanket, and curls up next to Sweep, sharing with him. He looks at her suspiciously...

    FREAK: Don't worry, Sweep.... I know you have a conviction to be monogamous with Jacky. I won't try anything sexual with you. Just, be warm with me...

    Sweep smiles widely.

    SWEEP: For once, Freak, I think I understand you, and I love you for who you are.

    They cuddle up together. Gunner and Kevin start sharing swigs of a bottle of vodka.

    KEVIN: You know how to say vodka in Russian?

    GUNNER: Actually, I don't.

    KEVIN: Boaka. Doesn't it sound nice?

    GUNNER: It's not as dirty. In fact, it's Saturday morning cartoon-worthy.

    The camera slowly fades, as it shows all of them playing cards using pennies. There is Gunner, Spike, Kevin, Sweep, and Freak, while Lily is asleep in the back. A bottle of vodka is being passed throughout the group. Spike is eating a sandwich in its wrapper, as Kevin and Sweep also are. Every now and then, Freak leans over and takes a bite out of Sweep's sandwich, without asking permission. He eyeballs her now and then, and finally once (just once in the middle somewhere), leans over and kisses her on the forehead, and she smiles back.

    SPIKE: I mean, I am drunk enough.... but still. Playing poker for pennies, it's kind of fucking stupid.

    GUNNER: Shut up, asswipe! It's your deal!

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: The saddest story I've ever heard...

    SPIKE: Okay, I put three in.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: There was this kid, this street kid, named Scarz. He seemed to have a habit of showing off where he had been stabbed.

    KEVIN: Who has the fucking vod -- okay, Sweep, pass it over here.

    He does.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: He hit the streets for two years. Abusive parents. Abusive teachers. Abusive employer.

    FREAK: I raise you two, Spike.

    SWEEP: Whoa, moneybags over there flaunting her wealth....

    Freak looks to Sweep and smiles and swings back and forth a bit.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: Scarz knew this girl on the other side of the country, and he made plans to meet up with her when she could hold a job after college.

    GUNNER: Wait, isn't it my fucking turn?

    KEVIN: Dude, you go after me now, since you took a piss.

    GUNNER: Fine, and fuck you.

    KEVIN: Fuck you, too, brotha'.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: Two years. Two fucking years on the streets with muggers and rapists and crackheads and police brutality.

    GUNNER: I'm out.

    FREAK: I hope you are... that way you will wonder why you woke up with a condom on.

    GUNNER: Aw, come on... Don't get me horny. You know I can't get off when I'm this fucking drunk.

    KEVIN: Still, Gunner, man, fucking while trashed is the shit.

    SWEEP: That's your opinion, Kevin.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: Two years. He shows up on her doorstep. She doesn't know who he is, until he tells her his last name. So he let go of her.

    SWEEP: Oh, it's my turn? Oh, well, hhhhhhmmmmm, pass over the vodka, before I make my decision.

    Kevin hands Sweep the vodka.

    SPIKE: Come on, little man... You can't outdrink your elders.

    KEVIN: I 'unno. That kid's liver is like, bigger than his head, dude.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: He let go of this girl he loved, he loved so much. He dreamed of her when he slept in the gutters of America. And then, she doesn't know who he is.

    GUNNER: I 'unno, man... Sweep's got a pretty fucking big head.

    SWEEP: Hey, fuck you, ass.

    GUNNER: Just playing with ya', lil punk.

    SWEEP: Sure, droog, sure.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: So Scarz hit to the street, and never went back. He probably drank himself to insanity that night, though. But, that is the life of a squatter punk. He'll travel the world and discover that getting fucked up in the process is enough motivation. Or, maybe something else....

    Freak is holding her cards to her face, but one of them is backwards.

    GUNNER: Aaahhh, hhhhhmmmmmm.....

    Gunner takes the card and flips it back over.

    GUNNER: You're not supposed to show that to other people, darlin'.

    Freak drops the cards and pushes over Gunner and starts making out with him.

    SPIKE: Full house motherfuckers! It's all mine!

    Spike goes to take in all the pennies, but Sweep makes a sarcastic jump at them. As he does this Kevin picks him up by the waistline and swings him around the room screaming something stupid, "Whoaaaaaaa!!!! Pennyless Sweep! Aarrrrghhhh!!"

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: Scarz.... He's somewhere in this fucking America. When I think about him, I feel sad. And I believe his story. He didn't tell me it until we were fucking trashed after two weeks of knowing each other. That was enough time for him to tell me his story. When I tell other people that I left because life was too shallow, they always tell me that was one of their reasons... And to this day, I think of Scarz whenever I get this drunk. I think of some young punk wandering around the LA coast fucked up on Meth, or maybe sleeping off a night of heavy drink in his Seattle squat, or anywhere, somewhere, trying to forget, that his dearest lover, forgot about him. At least there is some sort of humanity in this nation of ours.

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