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  • Gutter Punk: Young And Homeless

    Chapter 21

    By Punkerslut

    Rebel Punk
    Image: From "Anarchy" Gallery from FreedomInYourMind

    Start Date: April 26, 2003
    Finish Date: January 27, 2004

    The camera switches to the two of them on the side, Kevin asking every person to walk by for spare change.

    KEVIN: Excuse me, sir, can you spare change for the homeless?

    YUPPY: I can, but I won't.

    KEVIN: Thanks anyway!

    GUNNER: Why do people think they need to do that?

    KEVIN: Eh, it's human nature. Anyone born as a homo sapien is automatically instilled with the innate ability of being a fucking asshole.

    GUNNER: Well, yeah, that's like, one of the Four Noble Truths.

    KEVIN: Gunner, I never knew you had interest in Buddhism.

    GUNNER: Eh, living on the streets, you come into contact with a fucking gigantic variety of people. Except they're all pretty much poor.

    KEVIN: Granted.... Excuse me, sir, can you spare some change? We're very hungry.

    YUPPY: I would feel better if you died.

    KEVIN: Thanks, anyway, mister.

    GUNNER: What a fucking dickhead.

    KEVIN: Eh, you get used to it. You're just not calloused because you never spare change.

    GUNNER: How do you mean?

    KEVIN: Well, if anyone walked up to me on the street and said "I would feel good if you died," I'd probably beat the fuck outta them.

    GUNNER: But when you ask them for spare change, it's okay for them to say that?

    KEVIN: Pretty much mostly because most of them say that... Excuse me, ma'am, can you spare some change?

    She walks by silent.

    KEVIN: And then there's the silent treatment. I mean, they don't even look at you, let alone make eye contact. They just keep on walking because you don't exist.

    GUNNER (shouting to the woman): Hey, my fucking friend does exist, you bitch!

    She looks back and keeps walking.

    KEVIN: You would be a real bad spanger, my comrade.

    GUNNER: Eh, back to your begging, beggar boy.

    KEVIN: Hey, it gets us vodka.

    GUNNER: Ah, very true, brother.

    KEVIN: Excuse me, sir, can you spare some change for the homeless down on their luck?

    The yuppy stops and gives him a dollar.

    KEVIN: Whoa, thank you very much, kind sir.

    GUNNER: Thanks, guy!

    KEVIN: And then there's those random acts of kindness. Like, among the same group, you'll find one guy who calls you an asshole, and then you'll find one guy who doesn't want to look at you, but calls you an asshole.

    GUNNER: You know... When I think about it, I think that maybe that's the line in the sand, between those of good and those of bad character. Because class doesn't make you who you are. It can only guide you. The homeless are all Communists and Anarchists, and it doesn't have a goddamn thing to do with theft, it has to do with a fair distribution of wealth. The CEOs and yuppies of the world are all Capitalists and Free Enterprise cunts, and it has every bit to do with exploitation of the working class. But some can revolt against their settings, or even if they don't, they're not immune to the tugging of their conscience's sympathy.

    KEVIN: Excuse me, sir, can you spare some change?

    YUPPY: Fuck you.

    GUNNER: Hey, now, that wasn't nice at all.

    YUPPY: How about you get some direction with your worthless life, asshole.

    KEVIN: Thanks anyway, sir. I feel more motivated everyday!

    GUNNER: You see, what the flying fuck was that? "Spare change?" And then "Fuck you."

    KEVIN: Like I said, humans are born with the innate ability to be assholes.

    GUNNER: And us homeless gain the super human powers of alcohol, to overcome cultural and social barriers!

    KEVIN: And alcohol makes us happy!

    YUPPY (walking by): And that's why I won't give you a goddamn penny if I was a millionaire.

    KEVIN (really quick): Spare change, spare change, spare change, no? Okay, witty comment, and shut the fuck up, yuppy.

    GUNNER: No, but seriously... I don't think that the human ability of being an asshole is why people are so militant towards the homeless.

    KEVIN: Excuse me, ma'am, spare change to feed homeless, gutter kids?

    The yuppy walks right on by.

    GUNNER (really loud): What the hell is wrong with you, Kevin!? Don't you know that to them you don't matter!!!

    KEVIN: Aaaahhhh, I still have a buzz from that alcohol we had earlier... And dude, making a scene is the coolest thing ever.

    GUNNER: Almost as cool as vodka.

    KEVIN: Cooler!

    GUNNER: Oooo, strong words.

    KEVIN: Okay, maybe not cooler.

    GUNNER: Like I thought. Anyway, as I was saying.

    KEVIN: Excuse me, sir, can you spare some change?

    The yuppy pulls out some quarters, a dime, and penny, and gives them to Kevin.

    KEVIN: Thank you, sir, I appreciate it very much.

    GUNNER: Thank you, we'll spend it on food, we promise!

    YUPPY: Oh, don't worry, just take it.

    The yuppy walks away.

    GUNNER: Weird that.

    KEVIN: How you mean? That I finally got some more spare change?

    GUNNER: Nah, I don't think he was all that greatly, immensely bothered by the fact that this money goes straight to drugs and alcohol.

    KEVIN: Hhhhhmmm... It's true.

    GUNNER: He just confirmed what I believe. That a homeless person spanging for alcohol is just as legitimate as a homeless person spanging for food.

    KEVIN: That's legitimate?

    GUNNER: Come on, man.... Tear down your cultural biases.

    KEVIN: Okay, okay, they're down. Now explain.

    GUNNER: Think about it... Drugs and alcohol. When you get to your squat, or apartment or home, at night, there's one thing you probably want more than anything. Alcohol. It gives you comfort and pleasure. If not that, then a heroin fix. Whatever. It's just another pleasure. Because we're goddamn squatters. We eat once a day, and even that can be excessive. We don't really need food. People look at us, and they say the thing we need the most is food, clothing, and a home. Well, in our Capitalist society, I'm doing fine with feedings, the clothes on my back, and a squat. Until things change, I won't. And you're a yuppy in this society, and you see some kid with nothing in his life. You can take like, 1% of your daily earnings, and send him to the moon with happiness, then do it. Because, that's what everyone wants: happiness. To us, it has a price tag on it.

    KEVIN: Right. $6 for a pint.

    GUNNER: $6 to freedom, my comrade. Six fucking dollars, and you're free. After that, it doesn't matter what that sixth grade girlfriend said to you about how you were unpopular and she didn't want to associate with you.

    KEVIN: After six fucking dollars, it doesn't matter that you're living in an abandon apartment with holes in the walls, freezing to fucking death.

    GUNNER: After six fucking dollars, it doesn't matter that you beg to get alcohol!

    KEVIN: After six fucking dollars, it doesn't matter that in high school, your teacher gave a speech to you how you were abnormal, and when you told your parents, they said it was probably true.

    GUNNER: And after six fucking dollars, Kevin, passing out in a squat with my family, is just the most beautiful part of my day.... of my day, awoooo....

    KEVIN: Heh, you piece of shit... I love you with all my heart.

    GUNNER: I love you, too, brother.

    KEVIN: Excuse me, sir, in the nice, $200 outfit, can you spare some change so we can get drunk?

    The yuppy walks by and sighs, then pulls out a dollar bill and gives it to Kevin.

    GUNNER: Thank you, sir, you rock!

    KEVIN: Sweet. This makes about five dollars and change.

    GUNNER: What do you think about Sweep?

    KEVIN: What about him?

    GUNNER: I 'unno... I never really liked confronting it, but the fact that he's a kid on the streets. I don't know. It bothers me.

    KEVIN: How do you mean? .... excuse me, sir, can you spare some change? We're homeless?

    GUNNER: We're very homeless!

    The yuppy continues walking.

    GUNNER: Well, it's like... I had a childhood. I played with toys in my backyard and shit. I was a happy little kid. I loved my parents, like every kid. My father was uncaring, and my mother just couldn't understand me if her goddamn life depended on it. I loved them, though, for every fucking day I lived in their home.

    Kevin is paying attention, but still spanges every other time a yuppy walks by.

    KEVIN: Excuse me, ma'am, can you spare those leftovers? I'll eat them!

    She continues walking away with a Styrofoam box of restaurant food.

    GUNNER: I loved them, but, slowly, I just let go. Every kid born in this world has to love their parents. I let go, and I was gone. Never thought of them again. Hell, I wouldn't recognize them if I saw them.

    KEVIN: They probably wouldn't recognize you, either. You really let yourself go.

    GUNNER (smiling): Hey, fuck you.

    KEVIN: Okay, okay, go on, about Sweep and his age bothering you...

    GUNNER: Well, I just wonder about Sweep and his folks. A kid as young as he is shouldn't be on the streets, begging for crumbs. He should be in some fucking warm sheets at night. I 'unno... I wish things didn't have to be the way they are. It just bothers me, because every time I talk to him, I have to realize that things are the opposite of how I want them.

    KEVIN: You know, in California, where your backyard is squat ground, kids like Sweep have better chances.

    GUNNER: Yeah, I notice California is squat country for some reason. There's so many little kids running that are homeless, you have to watch out where you step so you don't crush any of them. It's a fucking plague of homeless kids.

    KEVIN: Because in California, it seems it's more acceptable. Police officers fucking suck, no matter what nation or state you go to. They are horrible and if they die, the world becomes a better place. Fucking period. But they're a lesser evil in California. And kids there, they have abusive parents, they can just run away. They have freedom and liberty. They have a beautiful sunset to sleep under. The night sky is your mother inviting you to sleep and dream only of things that you always wanted. Kids runaway because they get beaten and they have a chance.

    GUNNER: And then assholes come in and pass anti-abduction laws. 99% of the kids that disappear from home are runaways. That one small sliver were kidnapped, which fucking sucks for them. But now cops are on the street, looking for the so-called abused children, so they can bring them back home. Hello, motherfucker! Their fucking parent is the abuser! Goddamn fucking government piece of shit assholes...

    Kevin puts his hand around Gunner's back.

    KEVIN: You know, brother, that I think you're fucking awesome and I love you. It sucks that the world is the way it is. It absolutely fucking sucks that kids like Sweep have to live the way they do. And I know you mean no disrespect to that kid, because he's the fucking coolest piece of shit on this planet. But that's just him, doing what's best for him. It's a crime and they try to lock us up. And I have news for you, brother... I now have six dollars. Six dollars to freedom.

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