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  • Gutter Punk: Young And Homeless

    Chapter 23

    By Punkerslut

    Image: From "Anarchy" Gallery from FreedomInYourMind

    Start Date: April 26, 2003
    Finish Date: January 27, 2004

    The group keeps walking, and they find themselves at the door step of a bar. They all casually walk in, but before they can complete that task...

    TANK: What the fuck are you kids going in there for?

    GUNNER: I might want to offend the locals. You know, try to jerk off on old yuppy's girlfriend's blouse. Pleasing myself secretly by offending people.

    Gunner makes an awkward, drunken growl before he disappears into the bar.

    KEVIN: Gonna go table surfing. I'll see you.... someday, or something.

    Kevin walks inside.

    PAUL: I'm not even 21, but don't tell anyone.

    Paul disappears into the bar and then comes back sticking out only his head to Tank.

    PAUL: And I have a hidden agenda of offending people.

    Paul disappears back in.

    Tank looks around, "Fuck it," and walks in.

    The three young punks crowd around a garbage can, where there are drinks all around on top of it. (to be thrown away) They each grab a cup and gulp, and then grab more cups. After two cups, Gunner goes to the bar.

    GUNNER: Hey, bartender... Can I use your bathroom?

    BARTENDER: Two drink minimum.

    GUNNER: Hey! Fuck you!

    A bouncer comes along.

    BOUNCER: Hey, move away from the bar. Buy something, or get the fuck out.

    GUNNER: Fine. Fine. Just don't fucking touch me or I'll kill you.

    Gunner grabs another drink from the garbage can top. He walks up to a homely, yuppy girl (upper class and ugly).

    GUNNER: Hey, there... What's your name, beautiful?

    AMY: My name is Amy. What's yours?

    GUNNER: My friends call me Gunner.

    AMY: That's a very interesting name.

    GUNNER: Yeah.... Hey.... I'm drunk. Let's play a game called, I insult you, and hope you go out with me sometime?

    The camera switches to Paul and Kevin, standing over the trash can.

    KEVIN: If it wasn't for beer, I bet bars would totally fucking suck.

    PAUL: Yeah, and if it wasn't for alcohol, I bet beer would totally fucking suck.

    KEVIN: Ah, touch'e.

    Tank bumbles along and runs into the back of Paul on purpose, though seemingly on accident.

    PAUL (turning around): Who the fuck!?

    He sees Tank.

    TANK: Sorry, sir, I'm very sorry.

    PAUL: Oh, shit... You ass.

    KEVIN: Hey, Tank, that was awesome. You should do it again.

    PAUL: Hey, Kevin, fuck you.

    TANK: What the fuck is Gunner up to?

    Tank walks over to Gunner and Amy.

    GUNNER: Hey, Tank, this is Amy. I'm trying to convince her to have sex with me.

    Amy blushes. Tank looks at her, and then looks at Gunner.

    TANK: Okay, you've definitely had more than enough of that booze. Get your ass over here.

    Tank pulls Gunner towards the trash can.

    GUNNER: But wait! I'm trying to convince that nasty yuppy to fuck me!

    KEVIN: Heh, the trash can... It's the bar for the poor people, the literal scraps of what the yuppies have.

    PAUL: Hey, it is alcohol, isn't it?

    KEVIN: You think, Paul?

    "Gamble" by Propagandhi starts to play, as Gunner does a voice over. The volume of everything goes down, except for the song and Gunner's voice over.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: It bothered me, you know... I was living in a life style that had to automatically alienate more than half of the population. I was young, homeless, and an Anarchist punk above all. I suppose it's that sort of resentment...

    The camera travels through the bar, blurred vision, looking at the different people, during this part of the voice over...

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: That sort of resentment where you have to see so many beautiful people, enjoying themselves. And you have to realize that you aren't, can't be, a part of that. On those moments of drunkenness, where I approached those groups, they always considered me an outsider. This was, of course, denying those moments they shunned me. But that was me, as a homeless fifteen year old on Boston's streets. I had a pocketful of pennies and a jacket I ripped off from Good Will. I knew all the places to get food and all the places you could sleep. Just around for the good times, or whatever the fuck I was doing up there.

    Gunner looks towards the girl he insulted with Tank, and she looks at him, he quickly turns away.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: I see all these people... I tried to be a part of their world. The disgruntling fact to be aroused from all that social investigation wasn't just that they wouldn't accept me. It was that, once they did accept me, I was so reviled and horrified by their ideas of culture. And what the fuck is culture is anyway?

    A drunk runs into Tank.

    TANK: Hey, man, piss the fuck off...

    Tank gives him a hand in getting back on course as the guy looks mortally horrified.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: Those people were ignorant, stupid, apathetic, and just plain uncaring or misunderstanding towards the feelings of other people. Throw in the fact that they can feel superior over someone else, because their car is worth ten thousand dollars more, and the fact that all the music, all the movies, all the television they watch is guided by the same greedy, malignant, corporate hand, and you have the best summation of yuppy culture. I felt terrified by the fact, that if I listened to the music of my heart's content, if underground, it would arouse indignance, suspicion, and automatically a feeling superiority in those around. Because I was a human fucking being and decided to do what I wanted, I became a freak. It was that sort of culture, that sort of family, that I learned to hate. And I learned to hate America, for its culture, its politics, and its corporations.

    A drunk yuppy walks up to the group.

    YUPPY: Hey, guys, you look like you don't belong in an up class bar like this. After all, you're ugly and disgustingly dressed. And you all need to take a bath. Shit, before I beat the fuck out of you.

    KEVIN: The fuck did you say!? Eat my shit.

    GUNNER: How about you shut the fuck up and I let you live?!

    YUPPY: What, you want to fight? Bring it on, bitch!

    Two other yuppies (friends of the first) hold off the first yuppy, as he makes like he wants to beat the fuck out of Gunner. Gunner walks steadily towards these people with a death gaze. Tank, Kevin, and Paul grab him and hold him back, knowing how Gunner is with people who try to act tough.

    GUNNER: Hey, fuck stick! Tell your pussy polo friends to let you go, because I'm not scared if you're going to try and fuck me!

    YUPPY: Just try to fuck you up is what!

    Gunner struggles even more with his three comrades.

    GUNNER: Fuck you, you fucking... yuppy piece of fucking shit...

    A bouncer comes along and stands between Gunner and the yuppy.

    BOUNCER: Hey, everyone be quiet! This is a private bar! Now, am I going to have to start throwing people? I have never done it before, but I will start today if you two don't calm down right this fucking second!

    GUNNER: Hey, bouncer, motherfucker! Where the fuck have you been? This fucker threatened me and my friends!

    BOUNCER: Oh, really?

    The bouncer grabs Gunner from his friends grasp, and throws him against the bar. Gunner leans over in pain as his back cracks against the bar railing. As this happens, Tank, Paul, and Kevin release their restraining physical complection. Especially, Tank does this. He grabs the bounce, by the throat and belt, and throws him over the bar, smashing his body against the bar wall. This creates a battle. It is a war between Tank, Gunner, Paul, and Kevin, versus yuppy #1, yuppy #2, yuppy # 3, bouncer #1, bouncer #2, bouncer #3, and bouncer #4. Bouncer is still on the ground after being thrown across the bar. A yuppy (not the first) charges the group of gutter punks, and Kevin kicks him on the stomach, and smashes his face against the bar, knocking him out. A bouncer charges tank, and Tank punches him in the face and stomach several times, knocking him to the ground. A bouncer grabs him from behind, and tries to choke Tank, but Kevin pulls out his lead pipe and smashes against the bouncer's back. He cringes in pain, but still grabs on. Kevin swings it even harder, and the bouncer drops to the ground, where the two proceed to gutter stomp him. The main yuppy comes out and charges Gunner, where Gunner grabs a glass bottle from a random yuppy, and swings it at the yuppy, who is smashed in the face and falls to the ground, disoriented. Gunner picks up him up and begins pummeling him in the face and chest. A big bouncer (#4) charges Paul, and, because of his own weight, manages to pick up Paul, and carries him for a while, until they both exit the bar, and the bouncer throws Paul across a car. Tank runs out and punches the bouncer, the punch alone being enough to throw the bouncer across the car and all the way over Paul. A yuppy (#3) runs out and tries to swing at Kevin, punching him in the back. Kevin turns around, "You piece of yuppy trash," and kicks him in the shins, and punches him in the face, knocking him to the ground. Gunner emerges from the bar, with a big smile on his face, "Yo, what's up?" he says, obviously drunk. At the end of this, a bouncer grabs him from behind and wraps his arms around Gunner's neck. He runs forward to his friends and throws the bouncer over his shoulders and over his neck, on to the ground, where they proceed to gutter stomp him for a few seconds.

    GUNNER: Shit, guys... You think we should get out of here?

    PAUL: Fuck, man, we didn't cause any of this goddamn shit.

    KEVIN: It doesn't fucking matter.

    TANK: Kevin's right. They'll automatically blame us.

    KEVIN: Let's fucking go, then!

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