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  • Gutter Punk: Young And Homeless

    Chapter 26

    By Punkerslut

    Support Your Local Police, Beat Yourself Up
    Image: From "Anarchy" Gallery from FreedomInYourMind

    Start Date: April 26, 2003
    Finish Date: January 27, 2004

    Gunner takes the bottle and takes a swig. As the bottle is in the air, the camera freezes, and goes to the center of the top room in the squat. There are mattresses and blankets abound. The camera is in the center of the group, all of them sitting or laying on the ground, eating rice or pasta or something simple out of paper plates, while passing around a large bottle of whiskey. The camera keeps panning to the right, slowly capturing the image of every person. Gunner is holding a 24 ouncer of malt liquor in one hand, taking a shwill, while holding a paper plate that has rice and vegetables on it, with a plastic fork. Freak is holding a big plastic cup (like you would get from McDonald's) and is pouring vodka into it, with a big smile, and then she seals the cap, and starts sipping it through a straw; also, she's holding a sandwich. The camera keeps panning, showing Spike. He has his sleeve rolled up, and tied off with a belt, he's shooting up some H. The camera keeps panning, and shows Lily. She's smoking a bowl of weed. She holds it in long, and holds the pipe up to the next person. Kevin sits down next to her, putting down a can of spray paint. He takes the pipe, and the lighter, and takes a hit. The camera keeps panning, and it shows a wall that says, "The Anarchy Squat" in red spraypaint. Keeps panning... Finally, it shows Sweep. He's drinking a beer with a curly straw, and with sharpy, on the beer it says, "My Beer," with child's hand writing. Kevin passes him the pipe and the lighter, and Sweep takes a hit off it. Then he puts down the pipe, and someone throws a pill at him, he looks to them, smiles, and takes the pill with the beer. The camera keeps panning, and it shows Rat, holding a bottle of prescription pills, and looking ultra fucked up. She then falls down, against Gunner, to her side, and he puts her head on his lap. She opens her mouth, smiles, acting very Valium-ated. Gunner puts down his paper plate and fork, on to the floor, and then uses his free hand (one hand for the beer) and uses his free hand to touch Rat's face, just caressing her cheeks. He leans down and kisses her on the mouth. The camera stops panning. During the panning of the camera, there was a voice over.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: I suppose that would be the successful conclusion of any day: getting high, drunk, and fucked up. It's a new squat, too, so we'll all wake up without any memory of where we are. It'll come back to us with very slow and anguishing thought processes, until we have very vague images, very vague thoughts. I suppose there's something particular about the underground culture. Not only that we have an obsession with how the mechanics of society are founded upon exploitation and war, but our infatuation with intoxication. Let's go get fucking stoned. Let's drink until we die. Let's shoot heroin on the moon. Let's take on the fucking world with half a brain cell left! Yeah! That's our battlecry as we rush in to fight. Oh, well.... I suppose it's just our culture, and one culture out of the many out there. I suppose with the way we live our lives, we're a tragedy, the reason why our nations cannot be called civilized. I don't mind. I'm not in this for glory and gold; I never signed up to be alive for the sake of conquest. I'm here to do all in my effort to topple the tyranny that surrounds us, and all the while I'm doing this, I'll pray to the godless existence that I can't feel a fucking thing.

    GUNNER: You look beautiful, Rat.

    RAT: Oh, I feel so beautiful... I feel soooo fucking good. So good is what I feel. Oh, jesus fuck....

    Gunner keeps petting her face. He looks up and looks at Sweep.

    GUNNER: Sweep, please tell me you didn't find that curly straw in a dumpster.

    SWEEP: Nah, I got it from a yuppy couple who decided to buy me a soda and some French fries. They were nice.

    KEVIN: Still, the reason why we're oppressed.

    GUNNER: No, you're getting confused. Yuppies buy in to the system and sell their souls to corporate masters, just so they can have more crumbs than us. We're all victims in this.

    SPIKE: Still, if I see a yuppy holding anything more than $50 in his hand, I'm gonna get it even if it costs him his life.

    GUNNER: See, now that's talking rationally.... We have to do what we need to do, to survive. But never forget, that the battle against Capitalism is a battle to liberate us all.

    SPIKE: You need to drink more.

    GUNNER: You're goddamn right. Anyone have any hard liquor?

    Kevin pulls out a 1.75 liter bottle of whiskey.

    KEVIN: Dun, dun, dunnnnnn.... Here you go, mate. Have a few shwills. As many as you need. Just, don't take more than a quarter.

    GUNNER: Thanks, mate. I know how it is. Wouldn't want to leave you without a drop of alcohol. That'd be inhumane.

    FREAK: Gunner, you look so beautiful when I'm stoned... It makes me want to push your face in --

    KEVIN: Hey, we have minors present here. We wouldn't want to corrupt the purity of Sweep's soul.

    SWEEP: Eat my shit, Kevin.

    KEVIN: You see, you see? Who taught him that word?

    RAT: (eyes closed) Your mom taught him that word.

    LILY: Seems like the most inebriated girl decided to offer her wisdom.

    GUNNER: Oh, my god, Rat.... That is probably the best thing you have ever said.

    SPIKE: What about that time she said she wasn't allowed to sell her body to science because of how many times she's been fisted?

    GUNNER: Okay, now, I remember that very clearly, and the consensus was that it's definitely on the list of worst things she's ever said.

    KEVIN: Consensus? Shit.... Aren't we supposed to make squat rules?

    SPIKE: Squat rules? Come on...

    Spike makes like he's jerking off.

    SWEEP: What about the time Rat said she was going to buy us pizza? That was pretty awesome.

    GUNNER: Sorry, Sweep, but you must have gotten left in the dust as the conversation thrusted forward.

    SPIKE: Didn't she eat most of that pizza, anyway?

    RAT: (eyes closed, tossing like she was in her sleep) No, no.... I barely ate a fourth of it.

    KEVIN: Nah, it was more like half of it.

    GUNNER: Hey, I was there, remember? It was definitely a quarter. And besides, what the fuck do you expect when you say, "Hey, thanks for buying us the pizza. In return, let's smoke you up with the strongest ganja this side of Jamaica."

    SPIKE: Really? Is generosity a crime? I mean, what's this world coming to --

    GUNNER: It's not a crime, nitwit. I'm just saying, you smoke someone up with some shit, they're gonna be hungry.

    SPIKE: Fine, buttplug.

    FREAK: You're both asswipes.

    Freak smiles really big.

    KEVIN: She's supa-freaky, supa-supa-freak-ay...

    Freak jumps on Kevin and starts making out with him.

    GUNNER: Heh, wouldn't that be funny if she was a priest?

    SPIKE: Don't you mean nun?

    GUNNER: I said nun.

    SWEEP: You definitely said priest.

    GUNNER: Mind your elders!

    Freak lifts her head up from the out-making.

    FREAK: You taste like ham, Kevin. So... processed.

    SPIKE: Ham is processed? Whoa, no way. I thought that pigs' muscles look like that normally.

    GUNNER: No, no, no.... Butcheries and meat processing plants are the epitome of human savagery. You want evidence that Hitler was only running a sunday get-together with the other choir boys, then take a stroll through a butchery.

    SWEEP: Hitler was a choir boy?

    GUNNER: No.... shut up

    Freak stands up, and puts her arms on her sides. Kevin just lays on the ground, extremely intoxicated, obviously not wanting to move.

    FREAK: Come on, baby... Get up.

    Freak squats, bending her knees, and lends her hands to Kevin's hands, and then pulls him up, while he struggles to stand, making an "Uuuhhhrrr" drunken noise.

    FREAK: Even as a drunken fool, you're still worth more to me than the world could imagine.

    Freak, still helping Kevin stand, pushes his back against a wall, while her fingers go up and down the shaved sides of his mohawked head. She kisses him.

    GUNNER: Days of our squat, man, that's all it is.

    SPIKE: Haha, right... Damn, you got that so right.

    SWEEP: What? You mean drama?

    RAT: Drama drama drama, FUCK DRAMA!! I want to fuck you....

    GUNNER: Aw, she's so adorable when sputtering out her thoughts while on drugs.

    SPIKE: I fucking hate drama, so I keep it out of my life.

    SWEEP: Right.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: I guess that's one attribute of homeless life, one which I have evicted from my life entirely. You have these people, no homes, no jobs, no schools. They have a lot of free time. So many of them, unconsciously, will start up some trouble. You say hi to them and they try to make a dilemma out of that. Sometimes living on these streets makes people feel like they need other people, hence why bonds become so strong and the source of so much anguish, jealousy, and vengeance. But fuck that shit. I've evicted that sort of bullshit from my life forever. Everyone's had their share of it, and I don't really associate with people who are drama magnets. I guess it's a personal decision for everyone.

    GUNNER: So, are we gonna make some squat rules or what?

    RAT: You know, Gunner, I love your thighs. Show them the tattoo.

    SWEEP: Aaww! I wanna see!

    GUNNER: She's on drugs, she doesn't know what she's saying.

    SPIKE: Yeah, like hell... Drugs just make you say what you feel...

    They keep talking, as the camera slowly moves out of the window of the squat...

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: We never did get to making rules that night. I guess that's one of our things... Just being lazy and procrastinating. I wonder how drunk I'll get tomorrow.

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