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  • Gutter Punk: Young And Homeless

    Chapter 27

    By Punkerslut

    Your Country Needs You
    Image: From "Anarchy" Gallery from FreedomInYourMind

    Start Date: April 26, 2003
    Finish Date: January 27, 2004

    The song "All I Want" by the Violent Femmes begins to play during Gunner's voice over, as it slowly shifts to the next scene. The camera slowly turns to white, as it shows our two heroes (Gunner and Kevin) walking down the street, one of them holding a large bottle of vodka.

    KEVIN: Hey, give me a shwill of that vodka!

    GUNNER: No, you've had too much.

    KEVIN: Fuck you! Since when are you the judge of that?

    GUNNER: Fine! Take the fuckin' bottle!

    Gunner passes it off.

    KEVIN: Thanks, you bastard.

    GUNNER: No problem, my brother.

    KEVIN: What do you want to do today?

    GUNNER: Eh, the same thing we do everyday. Get drunk, harass tourists, talk about shit...

    The camera slowly fades out and fades in, as the two are standing in front of another man with a red piece of cloth tied around his arm (a Commie!).

    GUY: Would either of you be interested in a flyer?

    KEVIN: If it helps overthrow our oppressive system, then hell yeah. Serve us up two of them.

    GUY: Sure, here you go... The harder we fight, the closer we will come to revolution.

    GUNNER: Right the fuck on.

    KEVIN: What party are you with?

    GUY: I'm with the Liberty for Workers Party.

    KEVIN: Oh, far out... You sent members to the Seattle protest riots. Very fucking cool.

    GUY: Looks like you know a bit about the things going on. You guys want to try and pass these flyers out. They're trying to tell our side of the story, our side of the confrontation of the battle.

    KEVIN: Sure, comrade... We'll do as much as we can.

    GUNNER: All right, dude... Right on.

    GUY: Thanks very much.

    The each get a small bundle of flyers. At the top, they read, "Police State America Attacks Its Own People." Gunner and Kevin proceed down the street, passing out flyers.

    KEVIN: Did you read all of this?

    GUNNER: I breezed over it. It seems pretty basic.

    KEVIN: Pretty fucking awesome, though.

    GUNNER: Well, it's truthful.

    KEVIN: Yeah, obviously. And if you didn't think so, I'd have to gutter stomp you.

    GUNNER: Well, what the fuck do you mean?

    KEVIN: Think about it. We're part of the revolution. We're part of the uprising. We are the people and we will liberate ourselves, like Marx said.

    GUNNER: Yeah, that's true.

    KEVIN: So...?

    GUNNER: So... what?

    KEVIN: Doesn't that make you feel proud, strong, and meaningful in a very deep way?

    GUNNER: How do you mean?

    KEVIN: We know the truth. That's what we have. The truth. And in our own day, besides our friends and our booze, the truth may be all we have to know that we are alive. It may take centuries for our dream to be realized, the dream of a real, working Democracy and autonomy. But for today, all we have is the truth, our hunger for passion. What three hundred million people in America could not find for the life of them, we live with -- what has escaped every mind on congress, every corporate CEO... We have the truth. It's strong. It's bold. And it means something. And it means something more that we're doing something about it, and not letting motherfuckers push us around. We're the kids tending the flame of truth.

    GUNNER: I feel ya', man. I feel ya'.

    They go to drinking, and passing out flyers. The camera shows Kevin sitting Indian style while sitting on the dock of some major city. His mohawk is a bit shorter. The camera remains on him while Gunner does a voice over.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: And that was Kevin. He was a fucking Peace Punk. He fell in love with music because it supported his political views. It was primitive, anger-filled, loud, fast, and hard. It went with the creed, that fast workers die young, and faster drinkers live forever. Anarchism, Democracy, Anti-War, Vegetarianism, Polyamory... He had his conservatory of condemned opinions. But he had the strength in his heart to do something about what he saw, about what he knew. He dedicated his teenaged life to changing the world, because he felt obligated, he felt a duty. So did the other two million Peace Punks around this nation. I suppose when you live a life that puts you in the center of oppression, on the streets of our cities, where you can see all the abuses, you learn to think quick.

    The two keep drinking and passing out flyers. They pass out a view flyers. Someone rejects a flyer and Gunner flips them off and makes a face at them. Then the camera shows Gunner pass a flyer to some guy. The camera stops and focuses only on the guy's hands. He crumples up the flyer, and the camera slowly moves up the arm of the person. It shows an American flag patched to the shoulder, and then the camera moves out, and shows that it's a cop, with a partner. He throws the crumpled up piece of paper at the two punks. "Motherfuck-!" Kevin yells out as he's turning around, and stops, as he sees the two cops. The cop who threw the crumpled up flyer pulls out his baton. "Tearing Everyone Dawn" by Anti-Flag begins playing, and the cop walks towards the two punks slowly, as the other cop follows, pulling out his baton, as well. The camera shows a close up of Kevin's face, fear-stricken, and then pans to the right, showing Gunner's face, not fear stricken, but extremely aware. From the ground, it shows from the right of the right cop (facing the punks) the cop walking towards them in slow motion. Then it shows the cops face, and then a close up of his mouth as he smiles. The slow motion stops and the camera focuses on the two punks. They both throw their pile of flyers at the two cops and take off running down the sidewalk, and then across the street, as the two cops trail them. A car stops one inch short of hitting Gunner and he rolls over the hood. They start running down a sidestreet, with the cops trailing them. Gunner and Kevin keep running. They jump over several boxes and Kevin knocks down a trashcan. As they started running in the beginning, Gunner does a voice over...

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: Just keep in your mind, as you're running, that if you stop for a single second, you will suffer at least one hundred blows with a metal baton. I felt it several times before. The first time, I underestimated. The other times, extreme drunkenness. Besides that, once I tasted the pain, I've put everything I could into avoiding it. It never mattered to these cops, where I've been or how I lived -- we were the picture example when they learned about crime at the academy. Just a composite artist's drawing of me falling asleep on Freak's lap, while Kevin chugged a 24 ouncer of malt liquor and Spike and Lily forgot about life in each other's arms.

    The two punks duck down an alleyway, the camera showing a bird's eye view of what's happening. Gunner starts climbing one of the fire escapes, skipping every other bar, and Kevin follows up. About ten feet up and the two cops start climbing.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: It's too bad that cops are armed... Otherwise, they would have to respect the people.

    The two punks make it to the top of the room and run, jumping down to a lower level on the same roof. The two cops finally make it up to the top of the roof. The two punks run as fast as they can and make a running jump towards the other roof. In mid-air, the camera freezes. The song "Letter of Resignation" by the Weakerthans begins playing. The camera slowly fades out from the image of the two punks jumping in the middle of the air, from rooftop to rooftop. Then it shows two of them walking down an alleyway, the camera watching them from behind, with their arms on each other's shoulders. It never shows their faces, but just the two of them leaving a dark alleyway, slowly entering the bright, traffic-filled city. A stray cat runs across the alley, from one side to the other, and knocks off a trashcan lid.

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