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  • Gutter Punk: Young And Homeless

    Chapter 29

    By Punkerslut

    Burn Shell To Hell
    Image: From "Anarchy" Gallery from FreedomInYourMind

    Start Date: April 26, 2003
    Finish Date: January 27, 2004

    KEVIN: Sweep, don't you see what's going on!?

    SWEEP: Huh? Oh, yes, I see it... Gunner likes her.

    KEVIN: I think so.... Hey, you can finish these fries, I'm not hungry.

    SWEEP: Come on, dude, you barely had a quarter of them. I'm not very hungry either.

    KEVIN: Okay, fine!

    He grabs a big handful and shoves them all into his mouth.

    KEVIN: Okay, I'm done... And I'll stand behind that decision. Don't disagree with me and make me angry now. (sarcastic, obviously)

    SWEEP: It's cool. (he smiles)

    Gunner arrives at the group.

    GUNNER: Hey, you punks.... so, I guess the gin is all gone?

    KEVIN: You killed it off an hour ago.

    GUNNER: Well, fuck me.... I guess it serves me right for not sparing it.

    KEVIN: Eh, the world sucks; it's not your fault for disagreeing with it. Only a reasonable man would.

    GUNNER: You're a good kid, Kevin. And I hope you die old and decrepit.

    KEVIN: I hope I don't, you bastard.

    GUNNER: No problem, fuckstick.

    SWEEP: So, you like that girl? Rachel?

    GUNNER: Well, like is a strong word... I'd rather say that I want to fuck her for all she's worth, I want to help her understand what makes me cry at night, I hope she can still scream after I tell her everything I've been through.... so, yeah, I guess you could say that I like her.

    SWEEP: Strongly?

    GUNNER: I've only known her a short while, you little rugrat.

    SWEEP: Hehe, looks like someone is getting tense.

    KEVIN: Right on, Sweep. His head was on her lap.

    GUNNER: Dude, shut the fuck up. It sure was. But I like her. So what?

    SWEEP: So, you confess?

    Sweep holds up a long French fry to Kevin, and he takes the whole thing in his mouth.

    GUNNER: Yeah.... I like her.

    The camera fades to black and Gunner and Rachel are walking down the street, holding hands, at night time. He lets go at a passerby smoking a cigarette.

    GUNNER: Excuse me, sir, could you lend a cigarette for a lonely traveler at night?

    The person (working class) pulls out a cigarette and hands it to Gunner.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: I suppose my entire life can be summed up as a debt of things I've borrowed.

    GUNNER: Could you spare a light?

    The guy lights the cigarette for Gunner.

    GUNNER: Hey, thanks, man. I appreciate it.

    PERSON: No problem.

    Gunner keeps walking with Rachel, holding her hand.

    GUNNER: Have you met Spike and Lily yet?

    RACHEL: No, I don't believe I've had the pleasure.

    GUNNER: I think you would really like them.

    RACHEL: I believe you, but why so?

    GUNNER: Well, they're just a couple in this world, trying to make the best of what they have. Sure, maybe they don't wake up in the morning to try and make the best of themselves at a job -- and true, maybe they never once voted or paid income taxes, because they had no income. But, they woke up with the desire to make each other smile, to love each other in every way they could. To forget the miserable pain that we are born into, they fell in love. Perhaps not like us, they managed to forget how shitty the world is when they sleep together at night. You know, every time I am with a girlfriend, I always have sex with her, but I've seen the two of them just pass out on the ground after a long day, only holding each other.

    RACHEL: You know, not all of the world is pain and misery.

    GUNNER: I was judging this world on a case-by-case basis, actually, and yeah, it's... it's pretty bad.

    RACHEL: I can think of some reasons to think so, but why would you think so?

    GUNNER: Well... (takes a puff off his cigarette) We're being ruled by a government that hates us, homeless kids can't get jobs because they're so fucking dirty, and every time I see a cop, I have to be scared shitless because of what they do to us.

    RACHEL: Cops can't be that bad.

    GUNNER: Just this morning, Kevin and I ran from some cops chasing us.

    RACHEL: What'd you do?

    GUNNER: Political dissent.

    RACHEL: That's... that's awful. I'm sorry that you have to live that way.

    GUNNER: The other aspects of my life make up for it, I guess. We get to be drunk all the time, so, no problem.

    RACHEL: Are all your friends homeless?

    GUNNER: Practically. When you live this way, on the streets, everyday of your life, you discover every homeless kid on the streets. Not just the homeless kids, called "gutter punks" by the non-homeless population, but you get to learn about the older homeless people, called "home-bums." Fuck the terminology. We're homeless, and we've been hungry and houseless on the streets since we were 10 years old.

    RACHEL: I guess then, that I would be a rare exception?

    GUNNER: Not necessarily. Every now and then, during my dialogues with the yuppies, I find someone who inquires a little further. That's when I learned my number one lesson about the homeless.

    RACHEL: Oh? And what lesson was that?

    GUNNER: That the homeless people are half truthful, and half full of fucking shit. I was spanging with this kid Jeremy once, and he convinced a yuppy that he was once in the fuckin Olympics. He tried to convince me the same thing, but I was like, "Don't pitch me your bullshit." Then there is the guy who has to be homeless, but left several million for his daughter. Biggest drunkard in the world, and I've seen him rip off half the people he'd ever seen. And then someone declared the biggest wrestling champ. Fuck, so much bullshit... But not always. Kevin never lied. Neither did half the punks I know. But it's an element out there that exists.

    RACHEL: So, what about Spike and Lily?

    GUNNER: They're a cute fucking couple, I guess. Lily seems somewhat quiet, but she's always thoughtful. It seems, though, that she's very pleased with everyone, but always thoughtful. She'll get us sandwiches or bags of chips from a local feed-the-poor center, or what-have-you. Spike is a good kid. He fucking loves Lily, and then he loves Heroin to fucking death. He'll stand up for you if anything goes down, and he's not afraid to say what he thinks. Good kids. My fucking family. My goddamn fucking family.

    RACHEL: You know, I know this guy at work, and I try to send him signals, but he never understands.

    GUNNER: Oh, well, what have you tried?

    RACHEL: I tried to invite him to things, like, a group meeting of us from work for coffee, and I try to start conversation with him, but he always seems disinterested. He says things like, "If a nuclear bomb would end our jobs here, then I'll pray for a nuclear bomb."

    GUNNER: Sounds like my kind of man!

    RACHEL: But he has his positive attributes.

    GUNNER: Sure does.

    RACHEL: Like, sometimes, he'll say something that is half-way witty, but half-way meaningful. One time, we were talking about the employment procedures of the industry, and how we might have to maintain an Affirmative Action employment method. So, he says, "Great, we have to fire the qualified people and hire people that piss us off... god bless America, right?"

    GUNNER: Wh00! He bashed Affirmative Action. He's got my vote.

    RACHEL: Another time, they were putting in a new candy and snack machine. The prices were like, a dollar and a quarter, for a candy bar. As the mechanic put it in, he said, "I bet it sucks that you're working for a corporation that charges a buck and a quarter for something that costs them a nickel." The mechanic nodded and left. And this guy I like, he's not arrogant or bitchy about it. Another time, when the manager wanted to advise pay decreases for those working below us, he said, "Great, not only are we fucking the consumer, but our own people, too." Management wanted to fire him for that.

    GUNNER: Jesus, that guy rocks. I'd fuck him if I was a woman. The fact that he gives a flying fuck about those without shit means he's badass.

    RACHEL: He's not all political. One office employee asked him if he needed extra Styrofoam for his package, he said, "Sure, because he makes you extra-sexy, baby...."

    GUNNER: Wow, this guy is so cool, I wonder why he hasn't been fired yet.

    RACHEL: He said it to a girl.

    GUNNER: Uuuummmm.... well, I'm sure he has his better points.

    RACHEL: Oh, so it would have been awesome if he said it to a guy?

    GUNNER: Well, at least then you could almost be sure that he was sarcastic.

    RACHEL: I guess.

    GUNNER: Well, why do you like him?

    RACHEL: I think it's because he's ballsy enough to say things that disrupt everything we that people normally consider sacred.

    GUNNER: Men who violate sacred social orders should be given medals.... and weed and booze, too.

    RACHEL: Yeah, and I don't think he's just picking up my signals.

    GUNNER: I don't see why he would push off your approaches, especially with such a beautiful girl as yourself.

    RACHEL: Awww...

    She goes over and kisses Gunner on the cheek. He tries to kiss her some more, but...

    RACHEL: No, no... There'll be plenty of time for that later.

    GUNNER: Oh, all right... Say you want a drag off this cigarette? I could give you a shotgun of it.

    RACHEL: Uuummm, it's tobacco, not marijuana.

    GUNNER: Very true.

    RACHEL: Any ideas about how I can get this guy to know I like him?

    GUNNER: Well... The way a guy thinks about sex, it's often times just written off as a simple and unforgiving impulse to fuck. And that's true, it's very true, but there's more to it than that.

    RACHEL: Like, what?

    GUNNER: If a girl is introduced to a guy, and after five minutes of talk, she has to leave, and she asks him his name again before leaving, he notices that she takes an interest in him. But just to him, it has to do with sex, and probably to her, it has to do with just being friends.

    RACHEL: So, he then should think that I am hitting on him, by just saying hi?

    GUNNER: Technically yes. The answer to your problem is this... He's a Homosexual.

    RACHEL: Are you sure?

    GUNNER: Hey, it's very possible that he likes the cock more than you do.

    RACHEL: You really think he's gay?

    GUNNER: Nah, not really... Actually, maybe it's just that he's had so many awkward moments, where a girl showed some affection, and he tried to take it farther, only to be embarrassed Poor fucker... It sucks when the system makes you a slave to their own emotions and not your own.

    RACHEL: So, what should I do?

    GUNNER: To tell you the truth, I have no fuckin' clue. I don't know what office etiquette is.

    RACHEL: Mmmmm, I'll figure something out.

    GUNNER: Hey, what's pink, wet, and squealing?

    RACHEL: What?

    GUNNER: A baby skinned alive.

    She covers her mouth, with a big smile, and says, "Aawww!" in a positive, happy tone. Gunner kisses her forehead, puts his arm on her shoulder, and pulls out a beer, which he opens with his teeth and walks off through the night with her. The song "Tonight We're Gonna Give It 35%" by Against Me! starts playing. They walk to her apartment, where the camera shows them arriving. As she's trying to unlock the door, he's kissing her neck from behind. The camera is inside as it watches the door open and the two walk through, as they fall on the couch, and she takes her shirt off.

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