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  • Gutter Punk: Young And Homeless

    Chapter 30

    By Punkerslut

    Fuck Sexism, Fuck Racism
    Image: From "Anarchy" Gallery from FreedomInYourMind

    Start Date: April 26, 2003
    Finish Date: January 27, 2004

    The camera fades... and it shows Gunner, waking up in bed, disoriented. He looks to the clock. It's 1:30 P.M.. He looks to his side, and sees that he's alone in bed. He moans, covering his face with the sheet, for three seconds, and then pushes it off.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: I forgot how nice sheets felt. Or a nice, warm bed. It's been a year about.

    He gets up, gets dressed, and walks into the kitchen. There's a note on the table. It reads, "Feel free to eat or drink what you want, and sleep as late as you need. -- Rachel." The camera switches to a picture of Gunner walking down the sidewalk, carrying a bag of cookies, a bag of chips, and a carton of orange juice. He's eating the cookies as he walks, and chasing them with orange juice.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: You know, I feel bad about what I did. But then again, I don't.

    Gunner walks past a homebum.

    HOMEBUM: Can you spare some change so I can buy a sandwich?

    GUNNER: I'm homeless, too, bro'. Maybe longer than you.

    Gunner gives him the bag of chips and keeps walking.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: Well, she did say I could take what I wanted. And besides, she has a job, I don't. I think that justifies it. I suppose this is a rather fine start to a perfect day.

    The camera switches to nighttime, with Gunner, Kevin, and Rat walking down the sidewalk, Gunner with a bottle of rum, Kevin with a cigar and a 40, and Rat with a tall can of beer (the echelon of inebriation).

    KEVIN: So, you slept with that Rachel chick?

    GUNNER: Yeah... I was kind of surprised.

    RAT: You did not sleep with her. You probably passed out on the bed, she rolled you off, and you had a wet dream.

    GUNNER: How would you know?

    RAT: That's about half the times I have with you.

    GUNNER: Heyyyy...

    RAT: I'm just kidding and you know it.

    Rat wraps her arms around Gunner and kisses him. With her arms still around him, he gives her a shwill of rum.

    KEVIN: Why would she sleep with a homeless kid?

    GUNNER: I 'unno... I am a gutter punk. It could be attractive.

    KEVIN: We're not fucking gutter punks. We're drunks.

    GUNNER: Shame on you! You should be proud of your heritage.

    KEVIN: Fine, I'll compromise. I'm peace punk.

    GUNNER: You want me to tell the other gutter kids about this?

    KEVIN: Fine, we're gutter punks.

    RAT: Please tell me you two aren't actually have a conversation about this.

    GUNNER: I suppose we should proceed to have an orgy.

    KEVIN: .... still, you had sex with a yup-- with a housed girl.

    GUNNER: Aw, you almost called her a yuppy.

    KEVIN: (shrugging) My automatic response!

    GUNNER: True, I probably would have said the same thing, but a yuppy is a state of mind, not an income.

    KEVIN: A yuppy is a yuppy is a yuppy, is a person not giving me money so I can buy drugs and alcohol, unless I threaten violence.

    RAT: You're a good kid, Kevin.

    KEVIN: Thanks, Rat! We should have sex!

    GUNNER: Only after me, brotha'.

    KEVIN: So, why do you think she fucked you?

    GUNNER: This really is bothering you, isn't it? (smile) Now I won't even tell you why.

    KEVIN: Oh, so there is a reason!

    RAT: Calm down... She's a woman with a sex drive like any of us.

    GUNNER: Oh, well, thanks for degrading me down to the status and utility of wooden stick.

    RAT: Aaawww, you know I appreciate you for more than your body.

    GUNNER: (scratching chin) Well, we haven't had an intellectual conversation since, since.... I actually don't remember.

    RAT: We could have one tonight, then. (smiles)

    GUNNER: I think that Rachel is a progressive girl, maybe. Like, class war, and all that.

    KEVIN: Sounds fucking cool. Hey, so, this Jewish guy and a house punk walk into a bar. The Jewish guy says...

    The group makes a turn on the sidewalk, and they spot Brian, JoJo, and Girl.

    JOJO: That's so fucking...

    BRIAN: Well, well, well, look what we have here!

    GIRL: Gunner, you fucking piece of shit.

    GUNNER: Well, if the tide didn't bring in the garbage, I'm convincing it's raining shit.

    KEVIN: With plenty of corn.

    RAT: Don't make me rip out your hair, Girl.

    GIRL: Looks like someone already did that for you.

    RAT: Fuck you, bitch.

    Gunner, Kevin, and Rat approach the other group. The song "Victims" by the Casualties begins. From the angle of viewing just his back, showing the back of the jacket of Kevin, he pulls out his lead pipe. From behind, it shows JoJo pulling out a baseball bat from a backpack he's carrying on his back. From behind, it shows Rat pull out a pair of brass knuckles and put them on (showing her put them on from behind). From behind, it shows Girl pull out a folding blade and opening it. From the front, it shows Gunner cracking his knuckles, and then the same for Brian. While this is happening, Gunner does a voice over.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: Gutter punk versus gutter punk. We're a class that is at war with itself, fueled by alcohol and political injustice to motivate enough anger to cause a revolution. Too bad we never got our heads straight.

    The camera shows Brian charge Gunner, who holds up his leg and kicks Brian in the rib cage, and Gunner moves in and punches Brian in the face. The camera then shows Kevin. He swings at JoJo, nicking his shoulder. JoJo swings at Kevin with the baseball bat. Kevin holds up the lead pipe, and it bends to a 90 degree angle, upon being hit by the bat. "Oh, fuck!" Kevin says. JoJo swings again, and Kevin parries it with the bent up lead pipe. The camera switches to Rat. As Girl swings at Rat, she catches Girl's wrist and swings at Girl, connecting at the jaw. Girl drops the knife, and drops, but Rat is still holding her wrist up, and kicks her in the chest as she's on the ground. The camera shows Gunner and Brian then. Brian punches Gunner across the face, spilling blood. He tries to punch him again, but Gunner catches his fist and swings back, hitting Brian in the chest. He tries to punch again, but Brian catches it. They then struggle for power in the brawl. "You're a fucking piece of shit," Gunner mutters. The camera focuses on Kevin and JoJo. Kevin's lead pipe is now beaten up decently. "Fuck," Kevin yells again. He hasn't received any hits yet with the baseball bat. He blocks the bat again, bending the pipe into a 45 degree angle, and then pulls the bat low, using the pipe that is nearly wrapped all around it. Less than a second after doing this, he punches JoJo in the throat, and wraps his other arm around his neck, and jumps on him, bringing them both to the ground. The camera shows Girl and Rat again. Girl pulls out and opens a switchblade, stabbing Rat in the leg. Rat screams, "SHIT!" and pulls back, as the knife becomes unlodged from the leg then. Girl goes towards her other knife on the ground, but Rat kicks her in the stomach again, and punches her in the back with the brass knuckles. The camera switches to Gunner and Brian. "Fuckin' shithead..." Gunner says. "I got a surprise for you," Brian says under his breath. He lets go of Gunner's hand and pills out a sheeth knife, rising it up to swing at Gunner. "Fuck!" Gunner screams, as he holds up his arm, and has the inner part of his fore arm torn open by the knife. Gunner let's go of Brian, kicks him on the chest, and Brian stops; Gunner pulls out his butterfly knife, and stabs Brian in the throat, as a coughing, choking noise can be heard. Kevin looks up from his fight with JoJo, as does Rat.

    GUNNER: You fucking idiot.

    Brian falls over, as he bleeds from the neck and dies shortly. Kevin releases all resistance to JoJo, as he gets up and takes off running. Girl, beaten bloody, just lays on the grounds and starts whining and crying, "My boyfriend."

    KEVIN: Let's fucking move!

    The three of them take off running down the sidewalk.

    GUNNER, VOICE OVER: An injustice that. It would be at least ten hours before the cops found him. I didn't want to kill the bastard. But I guess shit just comes out like that. I can argue with it all I want, but I have to accept it.

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