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CCD CopyWrite

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...terms of this license before its terms apply to the work". 3. Definitions: This section lays out definitions of terms as they are used in the license text, so that legal confusion over how terms are used can be minimized. 4. Copyright License: This section explains in brief the relationship of this license to copyright law. It basically says you can do whatever you want with something distributed under terms of this license except change its license terms. 5. Patent License: This section...

--CCD CopyWrite, Version 0.8. (Paragraph 9.)

By: Apotheon
Alternate Titles: None.

Available, License Versions

CCD CopyWrite, Version 0.8

2,384 Words / 15.35 kB

Note: A license being listed in the Copyleft and Open Source Center does not mean it is endorsed. These licenses are provided as a reference to encourage and promote the Open Source movement. Nothing within these pages should be considered as legal advice.

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