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    Between Punkerslut and
    the Endeavour Forum

    Part #14

    Letters #66-#70

    By Punkerslut, Made with Graphics by Onanymous
    Image: By Punkerslut, Made with Graphics by Onanymous,
    Released Under the Creative Commons
    "Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported" License

    Letter #066

       Gandhi was a Socialist and   
       True Socialism is Democratic   
    Punkerslut to the Endeavour Forum...
    Date: Sunday, October 3, 2010

    "I know Gandhi better than you..."

    --Babette, 2010
    "An E-mail to Punkerslut"

         Hello again, Babette,

    >>"I know Gandhi better than you, and his commitment to non-violence. I took part in the fight for Indian independence. You seem to know little about recent Indian history if you think the communists won our freedom."

         (a) Even if you were just a drummer-girl, you'd have to be 85 years old today. (b) Gandhi fought against the Bombay Mutiny that liberated India, not the other way around. (c) If you think you know more than me, correct the Wikipedia entry for the Bombay Mutiny and the History of India.

         Wikipedia: Bombay Mutiny

         Indian Independence Movement

         And... (d) Gandhi was somewhere between Socialism and Communism, two phrases that have been used interchangeably by the Catholic Church. So, either Communists who threw out the British created Indian Independence -- or Gandhi, the Socialist, cursed the Communists for throwing the British out. Either way, Indian Independence doesn't exist outside the realm of Socialism/Communism, that is, a system where the means of production are held in common by the people. You're aware that Gandhi said the most influential thing he read was "Letter to a Hindu" by the Anarchist-Communist Leo Tolstoy?

    >>"Anyway I thought you didn't like communists?"

         It's worth pointing out a contradiction, isn't it? After all, you seem to love Indian democracy on the one hand and hate Communism on the other. The difficulty is that Indian democracy was established by Communists and unionists -- not Liberals, not Conservatives, not Nationalists, but complete anti-Capitalist revolutionaries.

    >>"Quite a bit of poverty is caused by stupidity - take two identical twin brothers, same education, same opportunities. One decides to smoke, drink heavily and take drugs. The other does not. The first will fall into poverty."

         As you should be aware, more than 1.4 billion people are in extreme poverty, and 16,000 children starve to death everyday. I guess they're all a bunch of drug addicts? I have an idea. How about we just say that unborn fetuses are drug addicts, and then we can kill them, too? It's just as false, but as long as we're making up stupid reasons why we kill people, let's go all out, right? This is why most Pro-Life "activists" are not taken as sincere: at one point, they cry about the deaths of the unborn, and at another point, they laugh about the deaths of the born. Drug abuse, as an explanation for the widespread starvation among the world's children, is a joke, and I don't expect anyone would ever take it seriously.

    >>"I am guessing you are a young schoolboy and need to grow up. Where in world have your revolutionary anarchists achieved your nirvana?"

    >>"To end this silly argument, tell me where in the world has the system you suggest - and I don't even understand what it is - worked to end poverty?"

         Catalonia, 1936. But there, the Anarchists were blockaded by British and Americans. In fact, the British and Americans supplied arms, oil, and weapons to Nazis in Germany, Fascists in Italy, and the Falange in Spain, to crush the democratic movements of Spain. You're aware that when Italian planes bombed innocent villages in the Basques, most of them filled with Catholics, that the British ministers in parliament got out of their seats and cheered? (See George Orwell's "Looking Back on the Spanish Civil War.") And the concentration camps, like Al Baderra, were built out of supplies sent from American forces. Again, as I mentioned earlier, the Catholic Church and the Pope himself blessed the planes that flew over Anarchist villages dropping bombs. And yet, the Anarchists provided everyone with bread and liberty.

         The Paris Commune was not Anarchist, but close to it. Two-million Parisian workers overthrow Capitalism and the State. They, too, who struggled to provide bread for everyone, were crushed by cannons adorned by the support of the Church. The Free Territory of the Ukraine, with a 100,000 strong, self-governing Anarchist Army, likewise gave bread and liberty. And even where Anarchist movements have not enveloped an entire nation, their impact is felt: India's independence, which was organized by autonomous, anti-capitalist groups; Paris overthrowing Capitalism in 1968; the Russian Revolution before the Libertarian elements were put in concentration camps by US forces (effectively making Lenin the de facto ruler); the Levellers of Britain in the 1600's gave land and bread to all, just as the MST today in Brazil is giving land to landless peasants by cooperative and non-authoritarian organizing.

         What was it that Catholics said to those who organized autonomous, Socialist communes and cooperatives in Paris? "You shall perish, whatever you do! If you are taken with arms in your hands, death! If you use them, death! If you beg for mercy, death! Whichever way you turn, right left, back, forward, up, down; death! You are not merely outside the law, you are outside humanity. Neither age nor sex shall save you and yours. You shall die, but first you shall taste the agony of your wife, your sister, your mother, your sons and daughters, even those in the cradle! Before your eyes the wounded man shall be taken out of the ambulance and hacked with bayonets or knocked down with the butt end of a rifle. He shall be dragged living by his broken leg or bleeding arm and flung like a suffering, groaning bundle of refuse into the gutter. Death! Death! Death!" ("The Commune of Paris," by Peter Kropotkin, 1880.)

    >>"Imagine, if you can, living in a one-room hut with a dirt floor, little or no shelter from the elements, no running water or electricity, in a community that has only dirt roads, no doctors or medical facilities, no police protection, no schools, no employment, where the average annual income is often as little as a dollar a day..."

         Yeah, I've lived like that in America, and I've seen teeming masses of children living like that. (See, I was quite young when I was homeless.) Hell, I've lived worse than that. No police protection? You're lucky. Being homeless is illegal in the United States and Britain, and an arrestable offense. I wish I had that. You're aware that police regularly execute homeless children in the largely Catholic Brazil, to cleanse the country? Of course Catholics raise no voice against the slaughter of the born, living people, just like it turned the other cheek when children begged for shelter from machine gun fire in Mexico.

    >>"The World Bank has described the nature of poverty as follows:"

    Source: Wikipedia: International Monetary Fund (IMF)

    "In the 1960s, the IMF and the World Bank supported the government of Brazil's military dictator Castello Branco with tens of millions of dollars of loans and credit that were denied to previous democratically elected governments.[25]

    "Countries that were or are under a military dictatorship whilst being members of the IMF/World Bank (support from various sources in $Billion):[26]"

         The World Bank are murderers. Would you listen to Hitler's program about eliminating poverty?

    Andy Carloff

    "In the past population has been limited by war, famine and pestilence. Our organization hopes to accomplish the same end by the more humane method of limiting the birth rate."
              --Margaret Sanger, 1926
              "Americans are 'Headline Thinkers'"

    Letter #067

       Hillary Clinton   
       Believes in Charity   
    The Endeavour Forum
    The Endeavour Forum to Punkerslut...
    Date: Sunday, October 3, 2010

    The World Health Organization has found that many people in the 3rd world suffer in health due to the way they have to cook their meals. Cooking over open fires or with poorly ventilated stoves produces in some cases an air mixed with toxic chemicals. Dirty cooking smoke is among the top five dangers to health according to the WHO and it kills nearly two million people a year, twice the number killed by malaria. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced Sept 2010 a plan to install 100 million clean burning stoves in the third world.

    "Let us face the fact that unemployment is not a temporary condition."
              --Margaret Sanger, 1935
              "Providence Speech Material"

    Letter #068

       Why Is There   
       World Hunger?   
    Punkerslut to the Endeavour Forum...
    Date: Monday, October 4, 2010

         Thanks for all the propaganda articles you're reading on lifesitenews.com or wherever. And I looked up that article, "kills 1.9 million people, mostly women and children, from lung and heart diseases and low birth weight." Amazingly, these areas were heavily sprayed with DDT by US-British Allies. You know what happened with DDT, right? The United States dumped tons of it in Southeast Asia, causing thousands of children to be born with horrible deformities and missing eyes. Many of the patients were kidnapped by Catholic missionaries to prevent news from the story breaking out. (DigitalJournalist.org) Everywhere there is a human rights violation, from Soviet concentration camps to Spanish ones, somehow the Catholic Church gets its hands in.

         Besides, 1.4 billion people are starving, with an average of 15 million CHILDREN ALONE dying every year. And now you're sending me all these articles about how some people die from smoke inhalation, how gay sex leads to death, etc.. For all this you're sending me, you won't stop and look at the argument to face it. If every person can labor enough to produce what they need, then what is stopping every person from feeding themselves, except isolated ownership and control of the land? Mind you, pointing out gay sex and drug use isn't really a good explanation for the high rates of starvation in the underdeveloped world. It sounds like you have either (a) no understanding of the problem, or (b) no care about it.

    "...fear and ignorance are not conducive to the highest morality."
              --Margaret Sanger, 1920
              "Women Enslaved by Maternity"

    Letter #069

       DDT's Legality and   
       Anarchist Paradise   
    The Endeavour Forum
    The Endeavour Forum to Punkerslut...
    Date: Monday, October 4, 2010

         Now I know you really are nuts. DDT was banned largely because of the environmental propaganda in Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring". The result was a resurgence in malaria - that is what is killing people in Africa, not deformities from DDT. I would be very happy to bring DDT back and spray it wherever mosquitoes thrive.

         So where is this paradise of yours where every person has enough land to grow his food?


    "...indeed my vision of a future when motherhood will be really free would seem on its way to fulfillment. For the time will come when the bearing of children, no longer an enforced burden, no longer haphazard and accidental, need only be undertaken as a cherished privilege; and every child will be a wanted child, born to its rightful heritage of love and care and comfort. Then truly will motherhood be the flower of womanhood."
              --Margaret Sanger, 1930
              "Early Years of Margaret Sanger's Work in the Birth Control Movement"

    Letter #070

       Anarchism, of the French, Spanish,   
       and Eastern-European Variety   
    Punkerslut to the Endeavour Forum...
    Date: Monday, October 4, 2010

         Hello again, Babette,

    >>"Now I know you really are nuts. DDT was banned largely because of the environmental propaganda in Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring'. The result was a resurgence in malaria - that is what is killing people in Africa, not deformities from DDT. I would be very happy to bring DDT back and spray it wherever mosquitoes thrive."

    Source: Wikipedia: DDT

    # 4 Effects on human health

    * 4.1 Acute toxicity
    * 4.2 Chronic toxicity
            o 4.2.1 Diabetes
            o 4.2.2 Developmental and reproductive toxicity
            o 4.2.3 Other
    * 4.3 Carcinogenicity
            o 4.3.1 Breast cancer

         More than 128 studies and/or resources are cited. If you disagree, argue with those who are clearly beneath the inspiration of the Catholic Church and their 'brilliant understanding' of the environment.

    >>"So where is this paradise of yours where every person has enough land to grow his food?"

         I already mentioned quite a few examples above: Catalonia in 1936, Paris in 1871 and 1968, Free Territory in Ukraine and Shinmin Autonomous Region in Korea in the 1920's. Sure, they're just a few experiments that involved a few million people here and there, but what they accomplished was as yet unparalleled. Anarchist-Communists in Spain fought off the Fascists for almost three years, while being embargoed by Britain and France. French soldiers, devout to their Catholic and Capitalist system, were overrun in three days. Overrun is one word -- "celebrating the Fascist Revolution at the local Catholic Church" is more accurate, as the French officers were out drinking champagne in the streets the day of the Nazi invasion. (See the film "The Sorrow and the Pity.")

         A few million anarchists provided bread for everyone and kept Nazis from Germany, Spain, and Italy at bay, even fighting the Soviet Union at a point. Refused supplies and arms from the whole "free world," they still provided everyone with land and liberty, proving themselves almost unbeatable. It is a strong demonstration that government does not fear Fascism, the ultimate form of government. Only Anarchism and non-hierarchical organization will ever genuinely resist Fascism. After all, the US provided oil to the Nazis in Spain for the running of their concentration camps, against international peace treaties with democratic nations. Doesn't sound like effective resistance, does it? Not to mention that Hitler and Mussolini were armed by Britain. (Again, read Orwell's "Looking Back on the Spanish Civil War.")

         The difference between Libertarian Communism and the systems of government is clear: revolutionary anarchism provides bread and housing, liberty and security from tyranny. A militia, that organized itself in one day, with no training, defeated the professional forces of Nazism from Germany, Italy, and Spain. But the professional French army was wiped out with the bat of an eye lash. Their engineers, trained in Calculus and Physics, didn't understand the idea that having a gigantic hole in the defensive line was a bad idea. If you want someone who understands military tactics, pull them from a bakery or a smithy. Militarized armies as a means of self-defense is dead -- it only exists today as a means of repression of the people, which a militia isn't very well oriented to, because it is the people, right?

    Andy Carloff

    "Many of these were poor married workers, and those with money could buy a poorer one to be sent in his place. This war was not popular in Spain even with those who had but few ideas. Barcelona took the initiative to protest against the war, by calling a general strike on July 24. This was not difficult to do, for the storm of indignation and protest had been gathering; so on Monday morning the demonstration, led by women, compelled the workers in the factories, workshops, stores,--everyone who was a wage earner--to come out on strike. The whole city of Barcelona was on strike and the workers were masters of the city for four days. The strike spread to all the provinces. The strikers formed themselves into groups to carry out different parts of a general plan for a republic. Convents and Churches to the number of 53 were set on fire after warning had been given to the occupants to get out."
              --Margaret Sanger, 1917
              "Portet and Ferrer Continued - Part 2"

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