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Liberalism, Democracy, and the Lies of the Indian Government and Media

An Open Letter by Punkerslut to
the India Friedrich Naumann Foundation Alumni (IAF)

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Image: From RadicalGraphics.org

Start Date: January 29, 2011
Finish Date: January 29, 2011

          Information: IndiaFNFAlumni.org Page


     There are many contradictions within your set of "Liberal" ideas that you have presented, and many them too obvious. You have set yourself with the mission "to promote ideas on liberty and strategies for freedom," but this is general, vague language that has nothing to do with reality. The very words themselves, "liberty and freedom," have been used by every politician whenever it was suitable.

     Take this, for instance, "In a liberal democratic society, law is made through the joint decision of democratically elected representatives of the people..." That is quite a curious statement. India has elections today, where the public can vote, not because of Liberals or Conservatives. In fact, Liberals and Conservatives fought against the Indian Revolution that established voting to begin with. It was a few rebels against an empire built on hundreds of millions of slaves, without a single Liberal or Conservative in sight. They were Communists, Socialists, and Revolutionaries, though -- you fill your pens with their blood every time you need to check a box on a ballot. India would have no independence or democracy, otherwise.

     Within Indian society, among Nationalists and Liberals, among Conservatives and Progressives, it's fine to talk about voting. It's dandy to talk about the right choose representatives. Oh, and how awful those human beings are who believe in Communism and Socialism. Nobody ever mentions the mutineers who were abandoned, court-martialed, and imprisoned. This is the legacy of your Democracy, which ought to be beholden by all to come after you: your voting and your system of voting rests on a prison of those who got you the right to vote, and you don't even have the honesty or the courage to say a thing about it.

     We certainly are reaping the fruits of Liberalism now, aren't we? "...people must decide for themselves and not be told what to do all the time. They must be free to lead the life they want to lead, provided that in doing so they do not limit someone else's freedom." So, you shall abolish the police, the military, and the courts, because they are the greatest source of unwanted interference in the lives of people? No? Well, okay, then.

     Let's be clear when we're talking, okay? You ought to say, "Systems of repression, such as concentration camps and machine gunning protesters in the streets, shall be maintained for the rich. But saying that the state tax collector should redistribute profits is stepping close to tyranny!" This is more effective and it gets directly to the point you want to express: responsibility, in your conception, means that the government is the toy and tool of the wealthy, and though it collects taxes from the poor, it has no responsibilities to them, except when food is served in their jails.

     "Without the rule of law, constitutions and laws are meaningless." Oh, so where is the rule of law in India? Last fifty history books that I checked, India was established as a Communist Democracy during the revolution that established Independence. Where is that law in place? Where is that constitution? Why is that not taught in the schools? Why are the authors of your declaration of independence sitting in your own prisons?

     "...does equality also mean that everyone must get the same salary or live in the same kind of house? Liberals will say 'no', but will demand that all people must have the same opportunities to improve their lives..." The only way for everyone to have the same opportunities is for all of the land and its productive capacities to be collectively managed by the people themselves. How else are you going to get the cure to cancer, when it's within the mind of a seven year old child starving in the streets? And how do you expect to make any medical advances, when the majority of your physicians are propped up tools of pharmaceutical companies to sell toxic products to the public?

     Equality of opportunity -- how does this exist when one or two percent of all of the people own all of the land? How are there equal options when one class has dominated and controlled the other class for centuries? Even in India, these classes should be distinctly recognizable with the caste system, while in Europe it was called Feudalism, and in America slavery. How does someone with absolutely nothing have the same opportunity as someone who owns the media, the mines, the factories, and the farms? Pick up an economics book and find out the truth: there is no opportunity in Capitalism. The poor have the opportunity to work and suffer starvation wages, the rich have the opportunity to live off of that poverty and to continue that system.

     "If all the men and women in the country-side had their daily bread sure and their daily needs already satisfied, who would work for our capitalist at a wage of half a crown a day, while the commodities one produces in a day sell in the market for a crown or more?" (Peter Kropotkin, from "The Conquest of Bread," Chapter, Part II, 1892.) It's quite simple economics: the fact that every worker has nothing and starvation is a worse feeling than losing one dollar out of a million. So the worker has greater interest to submit and toil for almost nothing, because if the workers refuse, they go hungry, but if the Capitalists refuse, they have plenty of accumulated fat to live on. It is a perpetual system, that keeps the common people disenfranchised.

     And how politically active do you think the armies of the unemployed can be? How much do you imagine that they're thinking about the evils of the system that keep them pinned down, when they have to look at the gaunt faces of their starving family? These oppressed peasants and laborers can't rise up to establish their emancipation, when they must labor until nightfall, and they can barely gather enough to feed their family, let alone to feed an army. So, it naturally occurs, that monarchy in economy, where a boss rules the entire productive forces of society, produces a monarchy in politics, where a single dictator rules for everyone else.

     If you doubt that Capitalism can produce freedom, look around you. Do prisons make you feel free? What about wars? What about poverty, exploitation, racism, police brutality, intolerance, and a government that doesn't investigate or prosecute rape? Does that make you feel empowered? Does it make you feel independent? Do you feel like there is equal opportunity, when your own paychecks are stacked from the labors of forced child labor? When your stock dividends come out of the tears and sweat of those who face sexual abuse from overseers and violence from their state? If you cannot see it, maybe it is because it's too obvious.

     Thank you, I patiently await your response.

Andy Carloff

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