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Girls and Sex

Third Edition

By Wardell B. Pomeroy

Critique by Punkerslut

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Start Date: November 8, 2003
Finish Date: November 8, 2003


     Before I begin with a criticism of this work, I must express my opinions concerning the author. Wardell B. Pomeroy, and his opinions on sexuality, were remarkably revolutionary, plainly because they relied on logic and reasoning instead of prejudices of a puritanical tradition. As he writes, "Parents, especially, ought to stop viewing sexual behavior through the distorted lens of the prejudices and fears they grew up with." [Girls and Sex, by Wardell B. Pomeroy, third edition, published by Dell Press, page 8.] I think that this book is good read for younger girls who need to find something to help them understand sexuality. However, there are some remarks in this book about drugs (or, mind-altering substances) which I feel are deserving of refutation. Just as Pomeroy wrote about the great amount of misinformation that exists in sex information, it is quite true that there is a great amount of misinformation that exists in drug information. Diligent research is all that is required to seperate myth from fact.

Drugs and Sex

Alcohol does remove some inhibitions. But it's a depressant, not a stimulant, and it takes only a drink or two to depress the higher nervous centers. Some inhibition is lost, and the illusion of being stimulated occurs. But then it takes only a little to depress the lower nervous centers, with quite a different effect. Then the drinker won't be able to function as well, sexually or otherwise, as he did before....

If a stimulant drugs is taken, all the way from amphetamines to crack, the effect is same, oddly enough. These drugs stimulate the individual every way but sexually and have a depressing effect on sexual behavior. Mainline drugs like heroin knock out the taker sexually, an dthe user is completely unable to perferm under their influence....

Boys and girls should both understand that alcohol and drugs are like crutches as far as sex is concerned.... Sex exists by itself, fully and beautifully, without any artificial help. [pages 84 to 85]

     As to whether drugs are destructive of general health (physical and mental), it appears that Pomeroy makes no comment. Though there is one field that he does make a comment on: the effect of drugs on sex. In regards to Cocaine and Methamphetamine, it is quite clear that the effect can be either heightened or decreased increase in sex. The Erowid Vaults mention one of the positive effects of Methamphetamine to be "Increased sexuality." [www.erowid.org] The drug Lysergic Acid Amedes (LSA) is categorized as a sedative, in the same group as alcohol, with mild hallucinogenic effects -- yet my personal use of this drug has given me that conviction that it can cause your sex drive to reach absurd, ridiculous heights. Psychodelic drugs have the majestic effect of turning sex (like every other act) into something supremely spiritual. As Pomeroy writes in his book, once an orgasm in sex is accomplished, a soothing, peaceful feeling overtakes the individual. Under the influence of psychodelic drugs, there is so much depth in meaning added to the experience. In particular, I can vouch for usage of Salvia Divinorum as a spiritual enhancement to sex (the enhancement lasting for approximately a week). Users also report that LSD has a similar effect on sex. The fact that drugs can aid in sex life has finally been recognized by pharmaceutical companies with their release of the drug Viagra, among other drugs used for "sex enhancement." And though it is true that sex exists by itself, fully and beautiful, "artificial help" (chemical help) can improve the results of sex, with increased pleasure, lowered inhibitions, and increased meaning, spirituality, and purpose.

Drug Use Among Teens

... as everyone knows, their [teenagers] use of drugs, particularly crack, has become a national problem. [Page 84]

     Here we can see that, "as everyone knows," it is obvious that the government's war on drugs has turned into a war on information. Not only is Pomeroy incorrect, that use of drugs among teens ("particularly crack"), but hard drug use is actually a problem that knows no age. In 1980, 260 Californians age 30-49 died of drug overdoses; in 1995, 1,400 died. And teens comprised just 150 of the nation's 38,000 hospital emergency-room treatments for heroin abuse in the first half of 1995. The fact that adults who use hard drugs irresponsibly are the primary group who abuse children was ignored by all "family-values" groups -- as they pushed for more anti-hard drug use among teenagers. In 1997, 5% of California's 2,000 annual drug deaths are under age 25. ["Teenage Heroin Use? Real Drug Crisis Is Those Over 30." LA Times, February 23, 1997, Michael A. Males.]


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