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Debate on the Divided Interests of Nation and Class: Do You Support Your Nation, or Your Class?

Between Punkerslut and the Tea Party Worker

Image from RadicalGraphics.org
Image: From RadicalGraphics.org

Date: July 5, 2011

Info: TeaPartyWorker.com

Punkerslut to the Tea Party Worker...


From Your Website: "That leaves the Tea Party. Is it necessarily ultra-conservative? No. Tending towards conservative? Yes, as conservatism follows the safer path rather than leaping first and looking later. Most folks are at least somewhat conservative in some ways, especially if they can leave social issues behind. The Tea Party is new and still finding its focus; we can be that focus!"

     And most folks are at least somewhat liberal in some ways. The fact that the "Tea Party" is new isn't going to mean that it's going to provide new solutions. How many times have you heard of third parties that start up, encourage some people with great enthusiasm, and then eventually get exposed as being like every other political party? Reform or Socialist Party, National or Communist Party, they all thought that by being new enough, they could be rid of the political baggage of American politics. But they all proved their main point, that the political system offers no opportunity for the common, working people to gain representation.

"Think past what you dislike about some people and think about what we have in common. We are Americans; we are workers; we can do it!"

     That seems like a contradiction: being an American and a worker. Yes, you can be both, but which are you first? If a bill came before congress to cut military spending and revert the money to an increase in the minimum wage, would you agree or disagree? Do you feel that you're being threaten as an American, whose "national entity" will be less visible with a smaller military? Or, do you feel like you're being threaten as a worker, whose minimum wage is already too low, and whose working conditions are already miserable?

     Even if you could decide that you're both an American and a worker, and that you feel both of them strongly, you're going to have to decide which comes first. Should you support your national government's oppressive system of prisons and chattel slavery, or should you support using that money on an educational system that prevents crime instead of punishing it? The people you consider community -- do you think they're better off as active union members or as active police officers?

     The interests of class are naturally opposed to the interests of nation. What's more important to you? The image of the United States portrayed through multi-billion dollar propaganda and military, or the bread on the table of your family? And while we're at it, let's ask something else -- when you're hunger, when you're watching your people get fired and thrown out of the job, is it really all that different from any other people on the globe? Are the terms of your subjugation and powerlessness all that different from anyone else? Is it really so important to be "an American," when all of the good, important parts of your mind are equally distributed across all borders?

     No war between nations -- no peace between classes. If you want to use a political party to save the workers, then you're just another blend of Communist Marxist. We can achieve a powerful, working-class movement without trying to dominate the state. It's called Left Libertarianism, or sometimes "Anarcho-Syndicalism."

Andy Carloff,

Tea Party Worker to Punkerslut...

TPW: That's quite a comment! You cover a lot of ground, and I'm not going to address most of it. Aside from being inconsitant and illogical, and demonstrating a substantial lack of both critical thinking and political knowlege, it is inappropriate. This is not a forum for political debate.

As such, your political views are of no interest in any discussion on this website, as has been made abundantly clear throughout these pages. Since you cannot leave them behind, you obviously do not understand our goal here. Since you do not understand, you are not one of the folks suited to our purpose. Since you don't believe in the concept, your views are irrelevant and your participation would be a waste of time for all of us.

But thanks for writing, perhaps this will help save some others from bothering to make unnecessary comments, freeing them to troll Facebook looking for an argument instead of trying to accomplish something of value.

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