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Artwork by Tag: The Graphics Library of Revolution and Social Justice

Expressing the Revolution Through Art

Graphics Library of Revolution and Social Justice >> Artwork Sorted by Tag
Artwork --- To Serve Who? To Protect What? (Anti-Police and Anti-Cop Directory | Description : This image came from http://www.RadicalGraphics.or... | Tags : System, The System, Machine, Money, Dollar Sign, P...) ::: By Radical Graphics (About: All material posted here originally appeared at ht... | Ideals: Anarchy, Animal Liberation, Anti-America, Anti-Bio...)
Artwork by Tag
Gallery Description: Artwork sorted by tag.
Random Image Tags: System (2), The System (1), Machine (4), Money (9), Dollar Sign (11), Police (13), State Repression (1), Police State (1), Billy Club (4), Police Brutality (3), Police Violence (3), Cop Brutality (2), Cop Violence (2), Food Not Bombs (1), Fnb (1), Earth First (1), Elf (4), Earth Liberation Front (4), Pepper Spray (3), Pepperspray (1), Tape Drive (1), Bar Code (1), Barcode (5), Badge (6), Police Officer (5), Cop (7), Protest (15), Demonstration (6), Activism (5), Activist (6), Tentacles (1), The Machine (1), Non-Violent Resistance (1), Baton (7).

Tags: 2,244

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The Graphics Library of Revolution and Social Justice:
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