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By Punkerslut
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AntiCopyright (Slovak)
"Za jeden z konkrétních projevů současného anarchistického smýšlení lze považovat trn v oku obhájců soukromého vlastnictví - squatting"

AntiCopyright (Turkish)
"...hayatını anarşizm mücadelesine ve kadının özgürleşmesine adayan..."

AntiMedia Network
"...a new look for a new way of thinking..."

Antorcha (Spanish)
"Entrevista con Lenin y algunas opiniones sobre la Revolución Rusa, de Pedro Kropotkin."

Any Time Now Magazine (ATN)
"...an Anarchist decentralist Newsletter which is published four times a year. ATN is devoted to non-violence, decentralization of political and economic power and the building of cooperative communities and economies."

ArachniA (Sweden)
"Anarchist Groups | Anarchist Projects and Networks | Groups and Projects related to Anarchism..."

Aragorn! [1]
"I intend on still using this blog to write about specific issues related to the magazine Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed...."

Aragorn! [2]
"I work in IT, I write, I used to publish a magazine, now I publish a site-to-be-a-paper, I publish books, and I distribute them...."

archive: the left side of the brain is bigger
"Michael Albert - 'New Targets for Anti-globalists', Muhammad Ali - 'The world needs to pay more attention to poor nations', Tariq Ali - 'The Blair Kitsch Project', Maya Angelou - 'Always laugh'..."

Arise! Bookstore
"...an activist information hub for the Twin Cities for over ten years..."

Aristotelian Anarchy
"Radical Thoughts On Anarcho-Libertarian Politics,Philosophy,Sociology and a smorgasbord of other things...."

Armed With Courage: Analysis and Reports from the Social War
"This site contains news and information on, for and by anarchist, anti-authoritarian and autonomous individuals, groups, and the revolutionary movement at large struggling for a world without capitalism...."

Art and Anarchy
"...reading circles are at the forefront of making theory a threat again."

A stone's throw away from a rock fight...
"I'm Kate, the FAAB gender queer, pansexual, anarcha-feminist, bipolar, anxiety riddled mother of one. I organize and volunteer when I can. I Love bikes and zines and pictures of the sea and sea turtles."

A Terrible Blogger is Born!
"Anarchy, Drugs, Economics, Contra Keynes, Football, Glenn Beck is not a Libertarian, Joe's Cartoons, Literature..."

Atheist Communist Anarchist
"I am delving into the history of the repression of thought, conscience and rationalism. I am helping to promote The Society for the Prevention of Superstition."

At Home He's A Turista
"...anarchist, communist and working class news..."

Attack the System
"Pan-secessionism against the empire"

Audio Anarchy
"...a project for transcribing anarchist books into audio format."

"...an autonomous zone for arts radicals in both old and new media. We publish books on radical media, politics and the arts..."

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