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By Punkerslut
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The current Featured Link for Creative Problem-Solving is Anti-Injustice Movement, The (AIM) : "...a global movement of activists, political emcees and street poets who are fighting together to achieve the slow but steady destruction of global injustice." -- Find similar and related links in the Progressive, Leftist, and Alternative Directory.
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Grassroots Gathering
"...a bottom-up (grassroots, participatory, anti-authoritarian) network based on the principle that people should control their own lives and work together as equals..."

Grey Coast Anarchist News
"...a Northwest anarchist resources site. The focus is on spaces and groups that can be connected with, for interconnecting our struggles bio-regionally. It will take some time to develop the links, similar to Infoshop.org's 'Anarchist Neighborhood' wiki project, but you can help by sending anything relevant."

Guerrilla News
"Serious about independent, grassroots media? Dedicated to total liberation and revolutionary social change from below? Wanna write for Guerrilla News?"

Haine, La (French)
"Proyecto de desobediencia informativa, acción directa y revolución social..."

Harald Fagerhus' Homepage (English / Norwegian)
"Authoritarians notoriously mix up anarchy, anarchist and anarchism with authoritarian tendencies: Chaos, disorder, mob rule, lawlessness, the law of the jungle, criminality, riots, theft, corruption..."

HeatWave: Communist-Anarchist Federation
"We want a society where people are free to do what they want as long as it harms no one..."

Helen West Heller
"I've had a passion for the woodcuts of Helen West Heller ever since I purchased her signed, limited edition book Woodcuts U.S.A. in the mid-1970s. I've enjoyed collecting the few prints I could afford and researching information on her extraordinary life."

Henry David Thoreau Online
"The Works and Life of Henry D. Thoreau..."

Here and Elsewhere: the abiding solidarity of living blood and brain
"...my thinking about all the shit I'm interested in - mostly radical politics, cinema, anarchy, anti-oppression, art, and all that."

Hidup Biasa, Life as Usual
"...Somewhere in the world someone is resisting because nothing else is possible......Someone else, somewhere else slightly further from the horror, chooses to listen to the million siren songs that tell us it's all ok really..."

Hippies Now Wear Black, The: Crass and the Anarcho-Punk Movement
"...author Rich Cross has written and given conference and meeting papers on different aspects of anarcho-punk since the late 1990s."

History and Revolutions
"This revolution is for display purposes only..."

"While the music is free, and should be so, Mutual Aid in mind, we have added the black ribbon...."

Hommodolars Contrainformación (Spanish)
"Nos planteamos una comunicacion proletaria que no se enmarca en lo que entendemos como otrora pensamientos petrificados en ideologia (ni plataformismo, insurrecionalismo o marxismo), simplemente por el COMUNISMO EN ANARQUÍA."

Horst Fantazzini (Italian)
"Nacque ad Altenkessel (regione della Saar, Germania, al confine con la Francia) il 4 marzo 1939, da Alfonso 'Libero' Fantazzini, partigiano anarchico bolognese, muratore; e Bertha Heinz, operaia. Horst significa 'rifugio': questo nome fu scelto dal padre, rifugiato politico...."

"2oLWsv &lt;a href='http://rnusnrvqyjeo.com/'&gt;rnusnrvqyjeo&lt;/a&gt;, [url=http://lbgifesljfhz.com/]lbgifesljfhz[/url], [link=http://byrohegxjqgj.com/]byrohegxjqgj[/link], http://wzayxuuzzdhl.com/"

Huasipungo (Spanish)
"Latino punk hardcore autogestionado..."

Humanidad (Spanish)
"Hacemos un gesto de solidaridad con todos los que hoy se hallan en conflicto contra el Estado y el Capital. Fuerza, les decimos, pues el camino es largo y está lleno de sinuosas inflexiones...."

I - Anarchist
"Ever reviled, accursed, ne'er understood.."

"...a journal of stirner studies and personalist philosophy..."

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