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Journal du Cercle de la Rose Noire
"...devoted to Anarchy (the preservation of the Anarch [or Sovereign Individual] in all aspects of life and the possibility of multi-level realities), Occulture (the appreciation and understanding of the Esoteric nature of Life and Culture), and Metapolitics (a rejection of trivial party politics..."

Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, The (JOAAP)
"Since 2000, the editorial collective has been hosting dialogs and framing dialogical relationships which embed the protocols of exchange in liberatory practice. Words find action in dialog. Dialog finds meaning in action."

Journal of Aethestics and Protest, The
"Conversations and Theory in practice. go practice!!!"

Jura Books
"...an anarchist bookshop and infoshop located in Sydney, Australia..."

Justice Design
"Graphic Design for Social Change!"

Just Live
"... a market-anarchist blog devoted to self-sufficiency in pursuit of the dissolution of the state through promoting self-reliance..."

Karakök Autonome (Turkey)
"Rebellion! Devrim! Revolution? Anarsi! Anarchy! - Aufruhr! - Aufruhr! Revolution! Revolution! Anarchie! Anarchie!"

"...News & Reviews..."

Kate Sharpley Library
"...to preserve and promote anarchist history."

Katipo Books (New Zealand)
"...established in 2006 as a way to bring more radical and alternative educational material into circulation within Otautahi and Aotearoa."

Kent For Liberty
"I am an anarchist and radical libertarian who wants to spread the word about true liberty...."

Kersplebedeb Left-Wing Books
"...a one-person project devoted to producing and distributing radical books and pamphlets and agit prop materials."
http://www.kersplebedeb.com/ ~ https://secure.leftwingbooks.net/

Kid Cutbank: Resistance is Fertile
"I, Ben Barker, am a radical activist, writer, and community organizer, living on land now called Southeastern Wisconsin. I'm the coordinator for the Wisconsin chapter of an environmental and social justice movement called Deep Green Resistance and founder of a radical literature distributor called Beautiful Resistance Distro..."

Knocked Out By Big Brother
"...we are particularly concerned with the manner Big Brother has been treating us as of late. Now you have most likely understood that our aim is to criticize hierarchy."
http://knockedoutbymybigbrother.com/news/ ~ http://knockedoutbymybigbrother.com/

Kolectivo Conciencia Libertaria (Spanish)
"Nuestro principal objetivo como kolectivo es difundir el pensamiento anarquista y la muestra de ello, es esta página, en que se encuentran imágenes: fotografías, dibujos, pinturas, carteles; además, de muchos libros y textos anarquistas que van desde Warren, Most, Bakunin hasta hoy...."

Korean Anarchist Webring
"...김광현의 홈페이지 Ecoanarchism, 언덕의 진보적 문' 게릴라, 권상구의 아나키즘 웹사이트..."

KristeLucas.Blogspot.com: Anarcha-Feminism
"How anarchism and feminism go hand in hand, as well as an exploration of some issues these movements address."

"Why didn't we read this in the Anarchist Reading Group? Throw the brick."

L.A. Anarchist Bookfair
"Actions + Conversations + Intersections..."

Labadie Collection
"...the oldest research collection of radical history in the United States, documenting a wide variety of international social protest movements of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It is named for anarchist and labor organizer Joseph Antoine Labadie...."

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