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By Punkerslut
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By Punkerslut
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Never Give In!
"A few days ago I did not call myself an Anarchist Communist, just an Anarchist. I have since then done research on full Communism as well as how Anarchism and Communism melds together, and I have decided that I am not a Communist, nor am I an Anarchist. My political spectrum is a combination of the two...."

New Formulation, The
"...a biannual journal that contains comparative book reviews examining the value of recent publications to the development of a contemporary anarchist theory and politics."

New Jersey Anarchist Workers
"Easy to read leaflets on issues such as unions and anarchism, Communist Parties and workers liberation, Students and our daily struggle..."

News from Nowhere, The
"...covers the many different aspects of creating and living in a non-hierarchical and ecologically classless society was really needed. In our quest for an anarchist society based on mutual aid and voluntary cooperation without the coercion of a ruling elite we have noticed a solid dogmatism that, quite frankly, we are sick of."

Next Left Notes (NLN)
"...an independent Left publication that has its roots in the New Left movement of the Sixties. Like the magazine that inspired NLN - New Left Notes, the voice of SDS - our political persuasion is simple: Let The People Decide."
http://nextleftnotes.org/ ~ http://nextleftnotes.org/NLN/ ~ http://www.antiauthoritarian.net/

Ni dios Ni amo Ni patria (Neither God Nor Master Nor Country) (Spanish)
"¡Salud!...¡Un saludo libertario!"

No Borders, No Nations
"Hola. My name is Lobo, and this is my blog. I'm a Chicano and an anarchist-communist, so this blog is mostly about environmental justice, decolonization, abolishing capitalism, smashing the state, being brown, and the dialectics of nepantla."

No More Sunsets
"It really drives me nuts when ancaps talk about how effective self-regulation would be in an ancap society but then they constantly whine how expensive products are because of regulations. They're basically saying that in a future ancap society everyone will be suing the shit out of each other..."

"This website is a free space for the expression and debate of anarcho-socialism, autonomous Marxism, libertarian socialism, Marxist-Humanism, and other anti-vanguardist oriented political philosophy..."

Non Serviam
"...any reader is invited to fill in the gaps..."

No Pasaran (French) (They Shall Not Pass)
"Notre structure ne demande aucune subvention pour garder son indépendance. Ce dernier permet donc de participer à des campagnes politiques, à des soutiens et une solidarité vis-à-vis de militant-e-s traduits en justice pour leurs action, à des initiatives de solidarité internationale, à éditer le journal No Pasaran..."

No Pretence
"Links and texts on feminism and sexism in the anarchist 'movement'..."

Northern Voices
"...published by a Northern Anarchist Network affinity group, that aims at challenging the establishment in an interesting way that appeals to a popular local readership."

North Libertarian Anarchist Group
"It's hard to make revolution Classics..."

No State (German)
"...selbstverwalteter, kollektiver, autonomer Webspace & mehr..."

Not Bored!
"...an autonomous, situationist-inspired, low-budget, irregularly published, photocopied journal."

Notes from the Swedish Workers' Movement
"Swedish harbour workers declare boycott of Israeli goods; It was us on the shopfloor that cancelled the firings!; Victory for Wildcat Strike at EuroMaint Rail; A thematic history of the Swedish radical movement since 2001; Swedish Communist sing song..."

"Going into my ears..."

No Third Solution
"I am primarily a self-taught libertarian. I like 'Anarchism Without Hyphens', and also Brad Spangler's take on Rothbardian Socialism, I self-describe as a left-libertarian or as an agorist...."

No Treason
"Abolition, Nullification and Revolution..."

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