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Prisoners at War to the Streets!: Translations from Anarchist Activity in Santiago
"The translations will be solely focused on the anarchist struggle in Santiago, Chile. It was prompted by the recent initiation (Feb 21st) of a hunger strike..."

Project for a Cooperative Society (PCS)
"...advocates the creation of, a society where 1.) everyone across this planet stands united as brother and sister, working cooperatively to provide for each other's needs, in a society where all goods and services are thus free..."

Project for a Participatory Society (PPS) (UK)
"...a growing movement of people committed to developing, popularising and implementing vision and strategy to winning a new society based on participation, solidarity, equity, diversity and self-management."

Project sinDominio (Spanish)
"...se trata de construir un espacio en Internet que se administre horizontalmente y que sea de utilidad, para la transformación social. Este es un objetivo amplio y tal vez ambiguo es por ello que se redefine cada día en nuestra asamblea virtual..."

"...reporting on different spheres of exploitation and proletarian struggle around the world."

"... for the angry wage worker."

Property is Theft!
"... a class-struggle anarchist and antifascist from Liverpool, England. As well as working full-time, he is heavily involved in trade union and antifascist organising and campaigning..."

Protopia: An Explosion of Ideas and Practical Examples
"...the turn of the tide, a strategy of re-territorialization that quest above all to take an active role in building spaces libertarians."

Punamust (Estonian)
"Kapitalism, olgu siis vaba turu põhine või Nõukogude Liidu-taoline riigikapitalism, jagab inimesed kaheks...."

Punk is Red!
"A collection of radical videos, texts and other stuff..."

Ràdio Klara (Spanish)
"Son esta unión federativa libre y la democracia directa las que constituyen la forma de organización de la mayoría de las asociaciones anarquistas actuales, y es la que se debería poner en práctica en la futura estructuración de la sociedad."

R. A. Forum (Research on Anarchism)
"To avoid such perpetual brainwashing, it is desirable to see what anarchists themselves have said and how they in fact behave...."

Rad Geek People's Daily
"My politics are anarchist, individualist, radical feminist, anti-war, anti-racist, pro-labor, populist, and humanitarian...."

Radical.org (United Kingdom)
"...a gateway to a diverse collection of web pages dedicated to personal and social liberation."

Radical Activism Visual Archive
"...do not hesitate to send us information on forthcoming protests, demonstrations, squats, political actions..."

"...Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel, and the Palestinians (Updated Edition) (South End Press Classics Serie...; World Orders Old and New; The Essential Chomsky...."
http://radicalanimals.tumblr.com/ ~ http://www.radically.me/

Radical Archives
"...a repository for various texts found while trolling through the archives of the anarchist and left political history of the 20th century (give or take a bit)."

Radical Cross Stitch (RCS)
"... the home of seriously subversive stitching."

Radical Glasgow's Anarchist Critic
"This site is dedicated to comments from an anarchist point of view. Comments on events and circumstances carried out by governments and the corporate world, often in our name but usually beyond our control...."

Radical Glasgow (Scotland, UK)
"Glasgow can boast of a long tradition of radical movements growing from the ranks of ordinary people. People struggling not only to improve their own conditions but that of all working class people...."

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