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By Punkerslut
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Anachron City Library: Anarchy
"Essays, Articles, Booklets, & Pamphlets..."

Analytical Anarchism
"...it is the positive political economy of anarchism, or simply, anarchism from the economic point of view. Anarchism here simply means the absence of government."

Anarca-bolo (Italy)
"Un sito di comunità anarchiche..."

"Because the state's not gonna smash itself."

Anarcha-feminism [re]starts Here!
"Patriarchy! A manifestation of hierarchy and thus a fundamental problem of society! The struggle against patriarchy is an integral part of class struggle and the anarchist struggle against the state! Seek the root cause of women's oppression!"

Anarcha Adventures
"Why write this down? I want to have a voice, and I want no longer to be silenced...."

"The tortured thoughts of a revolutionary anarchist..."

"I'm a fierce fat trans/genderqueer femme with disabilities, anti-civ anarcha-feminist, and polyamorous slut...."

Anarcha Library
"It was after being part of anarcha.org that I learned of a woman named Anarcha, having nothing to do with anarcha-feminism, but whose story is very relevant...."

Anarcha Perspective
"This is why an anarcha-feminist perspective is much needed within the world of feminism, apart from feminism being much needed in the world of anarchism..."

"Here's your online resource for anarcha-feminist news, articles, images and discussion...."

"In the USA in the 1800s, some people who opposed a centralised federal authority and criticised the government were diagnosed with Anarchia, which was defined as having an 'excess of the passion for liberty' that 'constituted a form of insanity'."

"We will lead you towards a better understanding of anarchism and the idea of a free society..."

"Anarchist Groups in Aotearoa, Books and Publishing, Online Fora..."

"Anarchists believe in a revolution by the working class which will overthrow the bosses and their governments, and create a society run and controlled by those who actually produce the wealth of the world...."

Anarchism: A Documentary
"To the best of our knowledge, no comprehensive documentary about anarchism has ever been made. Of the often very dated films on anarchist themes that are available, most either misrepresent anarchism (1981's pro anarcho-capitalist 'Anarchism in America'), are focused on specific moments in anarchist history..."

Anarchism and Max
"This is a blog directed towards those who are skeptical of anarchism and so I try to broach the topic from as many angles as possible while also giving regular critique of the current society so as to keep the urgency of these issues fresh."

Anarchism and the Platformist Tradition
"An Archive of Writings on the Platformist Tradition within Anarchism..."

Anarchism in Action
"Methods, Tactics, Skills, and Ideas"

Anarchism in Patras (Greek)
"Κρίση Ορμέμφυτης Υπαρξιακής Φρίκης ή αλλιώς ΚΟΥΦ."

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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