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Libertarian, and Anti-Authoritarian

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Every category has ten or more recommended links, which are meant to be long-term, reliable sources. You can see them for information and organizations in the main page for that category. If you have an idea for adding or removing a link from one of these sections, let us know by clicking the "submit an idea" link!
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Anarchism in Toledo
"Reports and Stories from anarchist Toledo..."

Anarchism Links
"Anarchist Writers"

Anarchism Today
"A community site for anarchists and activists featuring news, forums, multimedia, blogs, and more...."

Anarchismus.at (German)
"Wir möchten mit dieser Seite klassische anarchistische Texte und Theorien sowie (anarchistische) Artikel zu aktuellen Themen einer breiteren Öffentlichkeit zugänglich machen...."

Anarchist-Communist Archive
"Revolutionize the mind and the body will follow!"

Anarchist Action Network
"...to counter to defamation of anarchy and anarchists in the media..."

Anarchist Age, The
"...The Anarchist Media Institute..."

Anarchist Alternative, The
"Government, as used on this web site, means an organization that governs those within its power."

Anarchist Black Cat
"...for all those interested in online discussion of anarchism."

Anarchist Blog, The
"The Anarchist Blog is non profit DIY web based library, with publications for free download. We are doing this because we think that education should be free and we are not raising any money from our activities. Our aim is to educate people about anarchist ideology/movement and to spread the idea of freethought..."

Anarchist Bookfair 2010 (Biel/Bienne, Switzerland)
"The book convention offers an overview of the publications of many publishers and anti-authoritarian organizations from Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, etc...."
http://buechermesse.ch/2010/ ~ http://www.arachnia.ch/Buchmesse2010/

Anarchist Bookfairs of the World
"A resource blog to help advertise and organise Anarchist bookfairs worldwide...."

Anarchist Century
"...Events (prior to 1900), People (prior to and post 1900), Links/Resources..."

Anarchist Communism in the United States, 1886-1919
"...Haymarket, Firebrand and free love, Firebrand and anarchist literature and propaganda, Rebecca Edelsohn: unemployment and antimilitarism..."

Anarchist Encyclopedia, The
"The Daily Bleed's Encyclopedia & Gallery of Saints, Sinners, Anti-Authoritarians, Movements & Events of Interest...."

Anarchist FAQ, The
"...anarchism is primarily a movement against hierarchy..."
http://www.infoshop.org/page/AnAnarchistFAQ ~ http://www.anarchistfaq.org/

Anarchist Film Archive
"Anarchisme - mode d emploi, Anarchists in the Russian Revolution, Anarchy in the UK, Anarquistas - Chicho Sanchez Ferlosio, Anarquistas 1 - Hijos del Pueblo..."

Anarchist Image Archives
"...[for all your anarchist image needs]..."

Anarchist Information Network
"Anarchism does not mean hostility towards organisation. Anarchists only desire that all organisation be voluntary and declare that a peaceful social order..."

Anarchist Insights
"Fractional Reserve Banking: Engine for Economic Growth or Fraud? The cornerstone of our monetary is based on fractional banking. This, along with the Federal Reserve (I will discuss the Federal Reserve in another article)..."

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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