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Libertarian, and Anti-Authoritarian

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By Punkerslut
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Anarchist World
"Metaphysically I think Anarchist World covers the major important areas of self-empowerment better than anywhere else in the world. The only major missing element is the third degree material of working with the collective and with group energy."

Anarchist Yellow Pages
"Your Guide to Anarchists and Troublemakers Around the Globe"

Anarchitecture Week 2005
"It celebrates the misuses, subversions, and hijacks of contemporary architecture in a fun and informative way, exploring architecture and the built environment from the perspective of those who try to reclaim controle over their own environment."

Anarcho-Feminist, The: Sex, Gender, Politics, And Everything In Between
"this is me, I study anthropology, I consider myself an anarcha-feminist (if your wondering what that means, follow this blog!)...oh and I love sex, photography (still & film) and asking way to many awkward and defying questions. that should suffice for now..."

Anarcho-Pragmatisme (Français)
"L'anarchie est l'expression ultime de la liberté individuelle et du progressisme!"

"...Anti-fascist, Anti-capitalist, Anti-authoritarian, Anarchist and... Punk!"

Anarcho-Syndicalism 101
"...your entry point to the global anarcho-syndicalist and revolutionary unionist movement."

Anarcho-Syndicalist Review
"...a forum for non-sectarian, critical, informed and constructive discussion of anarcho-syndicalist theory and practice."

"Gearing Up for Social and Technological Insurrection..."

"This is the global Anarchoblogs. It collects articles from many smaller community hubs within the Anarchoblogs network."

"On Tuesday morning I had been working on the indymedia.org website, for a couple of hours before I decided to head out and see the protests sometime early in the afternoon...."

"Sydicalism, Wales, Welsh History, Welsh Politics, Welsh Sydicalism..."

"... an open knowledge-portal and online anarchist community."

AnarchoPunk Web Ring
"...the combination of two concepts, anarchism and punkrock."

Anarcho Queer
"...Formerly Occupy All Streets -- Anarcho-syndicalist/Queer/Feminist..."

AnarchoSyndikalismus (German)
"Dieses Projekt will umfassend über die aktuelle anarcho-syndikalistische und revolutionär-syndikalistische Bewegung rund um den Globus informieren, sowie möglichst umfassend ihre Tradition und Geschichte darstellen...."
http://www.anarchosyndikalismus.de.vu/ ~ http://syndikalismus.wordpress.com/

anarchosyndikat (Anarcho-Syndicate) (German)
"Anarchismus ist aber etwas ganz anderes als das, was uns die Firma weißmachen möchte. Anarchismus ist Solidarität, gegenseitige Hilfe, gemeinsame Entscheidung und gemeinsame Aktion...."

Anarchy! San Diego (California, USA)
"...because people are smart enough to get things done without having to be told what to do..."

Anarchy, Love, and Punx (Indonesia)
"Anarkisme adalah sebuah ide tentang hidup dengan cara yang lebih baik. Sedangkan Anarki adalah sebuah cara untuk hidup...."

Anarchy.gr (Greek)
"Να ομορφύνουμε το μέρος που ζούμε απογυμνώνοντάς το από κάθε εξουσιαστική κι εκμεταλλευτική σχέση..."

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