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The current Featured Link for Creative Problem-Solving is Anti-Injustice Movement, The (AIM) : "...a global movement of activists, political emcees and street poets who are fighting together to achieve the slow but steady destruction of global injustice." -- Find similar and related links in the Progressive, Leftist, and Alternative Directory.
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Derry Anarchists (Derry, United Kingdom)
"...created by anarchists in Derry who have come together to promote the politics of class struggle anarchism, as well as our activities, news and opinions from across the North West. If you would like to get involved..."

Detroit Area Anarchy Group, The (Michigan, USA)
"...anarchy, NOUN: 1. Absence of any form of political authority. ETYMOLOGY: 1539, from M.L. anarchia, from Gk. anarkhia 'lack of a leader,' noun of state from anarkhos 'rulerless,' from an- 'without' + arkhos 'leader'."

Direct Action Movement (DAM-IWA)
"We are fighting to abolish the state, capitalism and wage slavery in all their forms and replace them by self-managed production for need, not profit...."

Dirty Dove Infoshop
"...lending library | free box | sewing machines | workshops | language exchanges | discussions | skillshares | local zines | lounge space | computers | printers | internet..."

Doncaster Anarchist Group (DAG)
"...a loose collection of groups and individuals who are working in various ways to promote the ideal of a free society based on compassion, cooperation and mutual aid."

Dry River: Radical Resource Center
"Dry River is an anarchist collective. There is no owner, no managers, no bosses. Everyone is responsible as no single person is responsible. We make decisions using a consensus process that works for us, meaning that there is no majority vote, nobody gets more of a say than anybody else...."

Dublin Anarchist Bookfair (Ireland)
"...stalls at the 2008 bookfair included Anarchist Federation UK, Anarchists Against the Wall, Anti War Ireland, Baracka Books, Belfast ABC, Choice Ireland, Class War Federation, Cork Autonomous Zone..."

East Anglia Anarchist Federation (EAAF)
"...a collective of class struggle anarchists from around East Anglia, whom believe in partaking in struggle against the ruling class within all realms of life."

East Kent Anarchist Federation (England, UK)
"We are part of a network of Kent class struggle anarchists (Kent Anarchist Group) dedicated to organising resistance to capitalism along anarchist communist lines...."

Eco de Los Pasos, El
"...toda forma de Estado, encúbrase como se quiera, no podrá ser nunca un instrumento de liberación humana, antes al contrario, será siempre el creador de nuevos monopolios y de nuevos privilegios."

Edible Ballot Society, The
"Are you tired of holding your nose and voting for the least repulsive candidate? Well so are we!"

Edinburgh Anarcha Feminist Kollective (Scotland, UK)
"We organise non-hierarchically and use consensus decision making to reach conclusions as a kollektive. We have socials on the last Friday of every month from 7:30pm onwards..."

Edinburgh Anarchists (Scotland, UK)
"...are involved in a wide range of campaigns and projects, from campaigning against poverty-inducing measures imposed by the council and DWP to organising at work via the Industrial Workers of the World."

Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group (Scotland, UK)
"...one of many groups across the world which support the Zapatistas in their struggle. Our main purpose is to raise awareness of the Zapatista struggle and to give practical help wherever possible."

Edinburgh Protest for Alexis Grigoropoulos Murder (Scotland, UK)
"The murder of Alexis is not an isolated event but the outcome of the policy of governments and police all around the world...."

Edinburgh University Anarchist Society (EUAS) (Scotland, UK)
"The main aim of the society is to pursue goals conducive to a free and equal anarchism in wider humanity. We hold and wish to promote the values of equality, liberty and respect..."

Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair (Canada)
"A city where the most dangerous weapon to those in power is knowledge, ideas and discussion. Anarchism draws on all of these things to advocate that we need not be content with the status quo, that positive change is possible, that we need not be slaves to economic or political masters...."

Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair 2010 (Canada)
"Western Canada's Largest Anarchist Bookfair!"

Education Workers Network (EWN) (England)
"...seeks to work to provide support to those in education and to do so through self education and activism. The long term aim is the formation of a revolutionary labour movement in the anarchosyndicalist model."

Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN) (Mexico)
"Este sitio web publica contenido relacionado con la Sexta Declaración de la Selva Lacandona del Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional...."

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