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The current Featured Link for the Revolution and Social Justice Link Directory is Outta Your Backpack Media (OYBMedia) : "...an Indigenous youth response to the need for media justice in our communities. We seek to create community ownership of media through youth empowerment. We challenge corporate dominated media by telling our own stories and by establishing our own networks and opportunities for media distribution." -- Find similar and related links in the Anarchism, Libertarian, and Anti-Authoritarian Directory.
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Fundación Salvador Seguí (FSS) (Fundación Salvador Seguí Salvador Seguí Foundation) (Spain)
"Centro de estudios libertarios fundado en 1986 para recopilar, ordenar, conservar y divulgar la documentación referente al movimiento libertario."

Future Worker-Owned Clothing Recycling and Bookstore, A
"Our worker-owned business will be a viable alternative to capitalist exploitation and support wider struggles for liberation...."

Glasgow Anarchists (Scotland)
"...an umbrella that encompasses the wide and varied anarchist milieu in Glasgow. Glasgow Anarchists are involved in a number of political projects around the city and are active in our communities, our workplaces and our places of education."

Glasgow Anarchists (Scotland, United Kingdom)
"...an umbrella that encompasses the wide and varied anarchist milieu in Glasgow. Glasgow Anarchists are involved in a number of political projects around the city and are active in our communities, our workplaces and our places of education."

Global Justice Action
"...an independent, anti-capitalist, non-hierarchical group of community members and activists that isn't funded by or connected to any partisan political group, government, or major non-profit."

Grand Rapids Anarchists
"This site exists to promote the struggle for a stateless world free of all forms of hierarchy and domination-in other words, anarchism."

Grand Rapids Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)(Michigan, USA)
"Updates and announcements of the Grand Rapids IWW...."

Grassroots Activist Guild , The (GAG)
"...promotes the idea of mutual aid and the creation of dual power systems that both challenge mainstream institutions and offer working alternatives, in the form of more equitable and grassroots-based education, health, work, food and governing practices."

Grassroots Economic Organizing (GEO)
"...a decentralized collective of educators, researchers and grassroots activists working to promote an economy based on democratic participation, worker and community ownership, social and economic justice, and ecological sustainability..."

Grassroots Gathering, The (GG)
"Within the network this means rejecting top-down and state-centred forms of organisation (hierarchical, authoritarian, expert-based, Leninist etc.) We need a network that's open, decentralised, and really democratic...."

Great Commotion, The (England, UK)
"Norwich Anarchist Federation..."

Greater Kansas City Industrial Workers Of The World (IWW)
"Founded in Chicago in 1905, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) is open to all workers. Don't let the 'industrial' part fool you. Our members include the unemployed, teachers, social workers, retail workers, construction workers, bartenders, students, and computer programmers...."

Greater Pittsburgh Anarchist Collective (GPAC)
"... to promote the anarchist ideal and to openly fight against capitalism, the state, and all forms of hierarchy that hurt the people of our city and the world."

Group of Libertarian Comunists (Greece, Athens)
"We have to create new forms of struggle and also new forms of solidarity and mutual aid between the people. The social-class war must find us united in the next difficult years that will come for European south (and of course not only)...."

Guerrilla Latina CrimethInc (GLC) (Spanish)
"Somos los que somos, no nos conocemos necesariamente. Nuestra propaganda es de todo el mundo, y así lo hacemos saber en nuestros comunicados...."

Hackney Anarchist Group (HAG)
"...calls on all who live, work or just generally hang out in Hackney to join us in forming a cross-borough network of resistance, committed to questioning, challenging and fighting the forces of government, capital and the state which combine to make our lives difficult and our future bleak."

Hamilton Anarchist Book Fair
"Workshop topics include environmental justice, workplace organizing, Palestinian and First Nations struggles against colonialism and more...."

Haringey Solidarity Group (HSG)
"We are a group of local people who feel things need changing and we don't have much faith in politicians and other 'so called' leaders to do it for us...."

Harrisburg Area Anarchist Collective (HAAC)
"...a general anarchist collective centered around Harrisburg, Pennsylvania."

Hartford IMC (Indymedia/Independent Media Center) (Connecticut, USA)
"...a diverse group of individuals, volunteering their time, united by the simple desire to provide the people of greater Hartford with alternative perspectives not covered by the mass media."

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