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London Action Resource Centre (Britain)
"Most of us had a history of involvement in direct action from the anti-roads movement, through Reclaim the Streets, to the Carnival against Capitalism June 18th 1999..."

London Anarcha Feminist Kolektiv
"As a kolektiv, we want to fight patriarchy, capitalism, and all systems of oppression and hierarchy, get organised and create a culture of solidarity amongst ourselves...."

London Anarchist Forum, The (LAF)
"...a revival of a tradition of anarchist 'pub meetings' (attended by some of these post-war anarchists) that had existed before WWII, and extended back to to the time of the founder of modern anarchism, Peter Kropotkin, who gave his first London lecture at SPES..."

Long Island Food Not Bombs (New York, USA)
"...about community members taking care of the community - we are solidarity not charity. We can do what we do because scarcity is a lie, FOOD DOES GROW ON TREES! People go hungry in our communities because of waste and greed; and we're here to help put a stop to that."

Look To Wisconsin: Milwaukee Conference Concerning Recent Austerity and Coming Crises
"It is in this spirit that we are calling for a brief conference concerning these increasingly pertinent themes, offering and providing space for a discussion of how we might envision anti-authoritarian responses to recent and future events which might far outrun us if we fail to grasp the present of our conditions...."

Loophole Community Centre
"...an umbrella organisation providing a home to a wide array of arts and humanities projects. These currently include Food Not Bombs, Ceres Food Connect, Sharehood, Transition Darebin, Rad Kids Play Group, Free Bike Work Shop, Barricade Bookshop, Stepping Up, Otesha, Approtech, Buff Club, Edible Veg, Seed Swappers..."

Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair
"After months of doing research and maneuvering through intricate social mazes we have chosen a location for the 2nd L.A. Anarchist Bookfair...."

Los Angeles Anarchist
"Autonomous, Marxist, Anarchist, Individualist, Mutualists, Anti-authoritarian, Situationist, Post Feminist..."

Los Angeles Independent Media Center
"... a non-commercial, democratic collective of Los Angeles area independent media makers and media outlets, and serves as the local organizing unit of the global Indymedia network."

lowercase collective, the
"...a collectively run urban homestead located on the western edge of Logan Square. For the past three and a half years, it has hosted many organizational meetings, benefits, and activist events. lowercase has had a constant commitment to providing traveling folk and non-traveling folk alike a place to sleep and food to eat."

Luminist League
"A non-profit organization dedicated to a future worldwide voluntary-cooperative society and the self-realization of all sentient beings...."

Manchester Class Struggle Forum
"...an open coming together of workers, students and unemployed persons from different backgrounds and class struggle political tendencies in the North West - Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire."

Manchester Group of the Anarchist Federation (United Kingdom)
"...an organisation of class struggle anarchists in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland."

Manchester Solidarity Federation (IWA)
"Blog of the Manchester local of the Solidarity Federation, the British section of the International Workers Association. The latest anarcho-syndicalist news and opinion with a Manchester slant."

March Hare Communications Collective, Inc. (MHCC)
"...a volunteer mutual benefit corporation that is dedicated to promoting emerging communications technology for the use of public organizing of grass-roots groups and non-governmental organizations."

MayFirst / People Link
"...redefines the concept of 'Internet Service Provider' in a collective, progressive and collaborative way."

Media Dissent: Anti-Authoritarian Street Culture
"...focuses on underground art, music and anti-authoritarian politics. We have been online since 2000. Over the years we have gone through many phases of distributing radical media, but our collective currently manifests as a blog, forum and distro."

Melbourne Anarchist Club (MAC)
"As a social movement, anarchism aims to create a classless, non-hierarchical society; that is, a society 'without rulers' (anarchy)...."

Miami Autonomy and Solidarity (MAS) (Florida, USA)
"...an organization of people who have come together for the purpose of developing a revolutionary organization that works to develop the collective power of popular class social movements."

Midwest Action Network (MAN)
"We offer a new forums area including a general discussion forum for anarchists and anti-authoritarians to chat and develop connections...."

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