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The current Featured Link for Creative Problem-Solving is Anti-Injustice Movement, The (AIM) : "...a global movement of activists, political emcees and street poets who are fighting together to achieve the slow but steady destruction of global injustice." -- Find similar and related links in the Progressive, Leftist, and Alternative Directory.
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Twin Cities Anarchist Bookfair
"Anarchy happens all the time in our daily lives, we just don't recognize it...."

Twin Cities Indymedia (TCIMC)
"...based upon principles of equality, decentralization and local autonomy. The IMCN is not derived from a centralized bureaucratic process, but from the self-organization of autonomous collectives that recognize the importance in developing a union of networks."

Twin Cities Indymedia
"... a network of collectively run media outlets for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of the truth."

Tyneside Solidarity (TSol) (United Kingdom)
"A new initiative in the North East made up of members of SolFed, AFed, IWW and other non-aligned class-struggle anarchists. We aim to focus on local community and workplace issues that are both relevant to people's lives and winnable...."

UK Zapatista Network
"Demonstrations are taking place on the 29th June 2010 in cities throughout the world, because the Supreme Court of Justice of the Mexican nation (SCJN) is meeting..."

Unconventional Action (Mid Atlantic)
"The Democratic and Republican National Conventions present a tremendous opportunity for anarchists and other opponents of war and oppression...."

Ungdom For Fri Aktivitet (UFFA) (Youth For Free Activities) (Norway)
"UFFA står for Ungdom For Fri Aktivitet og kjemper bl.a mot rasisme, kvinneundertrykking, kapitalisme, autoriteter og homofobi!"

Unión Socialista Libertaria, La (USL)
"... es una organización anarquista en el Perú. Nacida del proceso de consolidación ideológica de lo que fueron las anteriores experiencias libertarias: Grupo Qhispikay Llaqta y el Grupo Estrella Negra, además de la incorporación de otros militantes."

Union Communiste Libertaire (UCL)
"...est une organisation de militants et de militantes provenant de divers mouvements de résistance, qui s'identifient à la tradition communiste dans l'anarchisme et qui ont comme objectif commun une rupture révolutionnaire avec l'ordre établi."

Up Rising: People not Poverty
"...a non-ideological non-partisan non-profit service provider and advocacy collective dedicated to helping people help themselves Rise Up and Out of Poverty including challenging capitalist assumptions..."

Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, The (UCIMC)
"...a grassroots organization committed to using media production and distribution as tools for promoting social and economic justice in the Champaign County area."

USI-AIT (Italian Section of the International Workers Association)
"L'azione sindacale che l'USI divulga e propugna è la lotta di classe contro qualsiasi sfruttamento."

Vancouver Anarchist Bookfair (Canada)
"...a two-day gathering of various groups promoting ideas and values that are consistent with Anarchism."

Vermelho e Negro (Red and Black) (Brazil)
"...é um grupo anarquista organizado, de orientação socialista e revolucionária que atua e propõem sua linha política por dentro das organizações e espaços da luta popular."

Victoria Anarchist Bookfair (Canada)
"...affirms and promotes values of mutual aid, direct democracy, direct action, anti-authoritarianism, autonomy and solidarity. We reiterate our opposition to capitalism, imperialism, patriarchy, heterosexism, racism, colonialism, statism and all other forms of oppression..."

Victoria Anarchist Reading Circle (Canada)
"This week, we are reading about the founding of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Please look for the chapter from Susan George's 'Faith and Credit' under the Readings link to your left...."

Villa Amalias (Greece)
"...και μπορεί ο ήχος του ανέμου να ακούγεται πιο δυνατά, καθώς διαπερνά τα κουφάρια έρημων κτηρίων, ο ήχος όμως των φωνών, του γέλιου, της ανάσας των ζώντων πλασμάτων εντός αυτών είναι πιο έντονος."

Vote for No One 2004
"We told you so!"

Vote Nobody
"Voting is not an expression of power, but an admission of powerlessness."

Warzone Collective
"...began in 1984 when local punks and anarchists decided to pool their efforts and get their own venue, practice rooms and social space."

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