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Anarho-sindikalistička inicijativa (Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative) (Serbia)
"... an anarchist, rather an anarcho-syndicalist, organization with the goals of social struggle and propaganda."

Anarkistiska bokmässan Sverige (Anarchist Bookfair Sweden)
"Stort tack till alla som kom till bokmässan och som har hjälpt till med att förbereda den! Vi blev väldigt glada över att så många dök upp och över den positiva respons vi fått...."

Angry Nerds, The
"The Angry Nerds collective is an informal collective of anarchist technical people. We are a fairly open collective but demand that the people involved actually help out and are consistent...."

Anti-Authoritarian Autonomous Action (Cyprus)
"On the 1st of May 2008 we organized the first independent (from parties/authorities) Mayday march. We gathered in Solomos square holding a banner which wrote 'Paid Slavery is Terrorism. Auto-organize, Solidarity, Fight Back' and started marching towards Eleftheria square...."

Anti-Militarist Network (AMN) (UK)
"...a non-hierarchical, UK-wide network of autonomous campaigns, groups and activists opposed to militarism and the arms industry."

Anti Anti Anti Anti
"A group art show expressing anarchy, community, self-reliance, resistance, and freedom..."

Aotearoa Anarcha-Feminist Hui 2010 (New Zealand)
"About forty women from across the country converged in the Waitakere bush for this year's national anarcha-feminist hui held on Easter weekend 10-13 April at karanga camp. It was a beautiful and invigorating space for deconstructing and re-building ourselves with lots of great workshops and discussions, yummy vegan food..."

Aotearoa Independent Media Center (New Zealand)
"Sleep-walking into 1984?"

Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement (AWSM)
"...an organisation working towards a classless, stateless society: anarchist communism."

Arbeiter Ring Publishing (ARP)
"The Arbeiter Ring (Worker's Circle) was a radical Jewish organization especially active in the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 and instrumental in bringing many great thinkers, such as the trail-blazing anarchist Emma Goldman, to speak to the citizens of our city...."

Arctic Circle Collective
"Arctic Circle Publishing Project..."

Arizona Indymedia
"We strive to provide an information infrastructure for people and opinions who do not have access to the airwaves, tools and resources of corporate media. This includes audio, video, photography, internet distribution and any other communication medium."

Arizona Radical Coalition
"We are an Indigenous established volunteer run collective dedicated to reclaiming and redefining knowledge and information. We are committed to addressing the needs of our community by providing access to resources and creatively confronting social and environmental justice issues...."

Armenian Libertarian-Socialist Movement (AZAT) (Armenia)
"Our Purpose and Plan of Action is...* To spread the political philosophies and culture of Liberty, Libertarian-Socialism, Direct-Democracy, Anarcho-Syndicalism, Anarcho-Communism, Radical-Politics, Anti-Globalism, Communitarianism throughout the Diaspora and the region of Caucasus."

Arrow Archive (Canada)
"...originally opened in The Steel City (Hamilton, Ontario) as The Hamilton Zine Library....The Arrow Archive now lives and thrives in Guelph, Ontario. The Arrow has now grown to over 900 titles and is still growing."

A Space Inside Anarchist Collective (Aukland, New Zealand)
"Anarchism is the revolutionary idea that no one is more qualified than you are to decide what your life will be...."
http://sites.google.com/site/aspaceinside/ ~ http://aspaceinside.googlepages.com/

Aukland Anarchist Network (AAN)
"...people's city: participatory democracy. ecological sustainability. strong public services. mana motuhake."

Austin Indymedia / IMC (Independent Media Center) (Texas, USA)
"...a grassroots media collective committed to providing an outlet for the circulation of voices and messages that are systematically marginalized by mainstream media. Austin Indymedia refuses to hide behind a false sense of objectivity and promotes media-making as a tool for social, economic, and environmental justice."

Autonomous Centre of Edinbrugh (United Kingdom)
"...a self-managed, unfunded (this means we're completely independent) social resource centre."

Autonomy and Solidarity: Goldsmiths College Anarchist Group
"A&S is a social anarchist group that believes the power of the capitalist elite - the tiny fraction of humanity that owns the property and wields the economic power - is the single biggest obstacle to organising society completely democratically, where we take part in all the decisions made about our lives...."

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