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Some of the links listed in this directory have a list of several URLs, each separated by a ~ symbol. The reason for this is that the website may have multiple, web domains where it is accessible. Providing each URL lets you know a little bit more about the website.
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Bristol No Borders
"No Borders, No Nations -- No Human Is Illegal -- For The Free Movement Of People..."

Bristol Radical History Group (BRHG)
"Bristol Radical History Group group now operates within a much wider network of footballers, artists, techies, drunks, rioters, publicans, ranters, ravers, academics, Cancan dancers, anarchists, stoners and other ne'r do wells...."

Bronx Anarchist Fair, The
"...a public event for people in our neighborhoods to learn and share with each other about how to make grassroots change."

BU Anti-Authoritarians (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
"We are a group of Anti-Authoritarians and Anarchists based out of the Boston University Community..."

Buffalo Independent Media Center (New York, USA)
"We strive to provide an information infrastructure for people and opinions who do not have access to the airwaves, tools and resources of corporate media. This includes audio, video, photography, internet distribution and any other communication medium...."

Building Resources Yeilding Cultural Change (BRYCC)
"...seeks to provide a safe, oppression-free thought space to people of all ages and persuasions, where they may gain the knowledge and collective engagement to be self-reliant and to live in a sustainable way."
http://brycc.org/ ~ http://bharchives.gulfbridge.com/

BZZZ.net (Poland)
"...jest niezależną spółdzielnią administratorów, którzy chcą poświęcać swój czas na to, by ułatwić różnym ludziom działającym w klimatach wolnościowo/anarchistyczno/artowych znalezienie własnego miejsca w sieci."

Cвoбoднaя Boйнa (Russia)
"Гpуппa BOЙHA. yличнaя гpуппa худoжникoв-aкциoниcтoв, зaнятых пpoтecтным пoлитичecким иcкуccтвoм. Пoлитичecкиe взгляды - aнapхичecкиe. Bpaги - oбывaтeли, мeнты, влacть. Opгaнизaция - бoeвaя бpигaдa c пpeoблaдaниeм гopизoнтaльных cвязeй в быту и вepтикaльных нa aкции."

Calgary Anarchist Bookfair (CAB) (Canada)
"Here's our list of workshops so far. There may be some last-minute additions, so stay tuned. Saturday, July 7 - 12:00-1:30pm: Prairie Struggle Organization; The Quebec Student Movement: History, Politics and Anarchist Involvement...."

Camas (British Columbia, Canada)
"...a not-for-profit and collectively-run infoshop, bookstore and autonomous space located on Lekwungen Territory in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada."

Cambridge Action Network (CAN) (England, UK)
"We organise by consensus, no-one is in charge, and we're not affiliated with any political party. We're concerned about things like global corporate capitalism, the destruction of our environment, wars, imperialism, militarism, classism, racism..."

Cambridge Anarchists (England)
"...anarchism, anti-capitalism, anti-fascism, bnp environment, free spaces, immigration, police, social centre, squatting..."

Cardiff Anarchist Black Cross (Cardiff ABC) (Wales, UK)
"Supporting anarchist and class struggle prisoners and building resistance to the prison system..."

Cardiff Radical Socialist Forum (CRSF)
"...involves a range of groups and individuals who believe in a planned economy owned and democratically managed by its workers."

Cardiff Reading Anti-Capitalism (Wales, UK)
"Participatory meeting techniques, The Study Group, PPS-UK Study Group, ParEcon at the Pad Social Centre..."

Cascadia Media Collective, The (CMC) (Eugene, Oregon, USA)
"...an uncompromising group of videographers producing 'left of left' videos on resistance to environmental destruction, political demonstrations and the collapse of the techno-capitalist era. The CMC challenges typical liberal viewpoints to expand and accept more radical approaches to today's looming problems, as well as their solutions."

Catalyst Collective (CrimeThinc) (Boston)
"We envision and strive for a social environment in which agents of resistance may find safety and hospitality among members of the community - a culture of resistance...."

Catalyst Infoshop, The
"...a community/safe space for people to come. We offer a location for people to read, study, work, talk, and, most importantly, be themselves. The Catalyst fosters a community based on the ideals of non-violence, healthy communication, personal accountability, and acceptance."

Centre International de Recherches sur l'Anarchisme (CIRA) (International Center for Research on Anarchism) (France)
"La bibliothèque du CIRA recueille et met à disposition tous types de documents sur le mouvement, l'histoire et les idées anarchistes dans toutes les langues...."

Centre International de Recherches sur l'Anarchisme (CIRA) (International Center for Research on Anarchism) (Japan)
"...は任意団体であり、アナキズム文献センターと称する. (目 的) 第2条 当団体は、次の事業を営むことを目的とする."

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