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Centre International de Recherches sur l'Anarchisme (CIRA) (International Center for Research on Anarchism) (Marseilles)
"...été fondé à Marseille en 1965 par une poignée de militants anarchistes parmi lesquels se trouvait René Bianco (1941-2005)."

Centro de Cultura Libertária (Libertarian, Culture Center) (Portugal)
"...ateneu anarquista em Almada - Biblioteca - Livraria - espaço de convívio e debate - aberto todos os Sábados das 16h às 19h..."

Centro de Mídia Independente (CMI) (Independent Media Center) (Brazil)
"...uma rede de produtores e produtoras independentes de mídia que busca oferecer ao público informação alternativa e crítica de qualidade que contribua para a construção de uma sociedade livre, igualitária e que respeite o meio ambiente."
http://www.midiaindependente.org/ ~ http://brasil.indymedia.org/

Centro studi Libertari/Archivio Giuseppe Pinelli (Italy)
"Il proposito di costituire un centro studi intitolato all'anarchico Giuseppe Pinelli matura durante i lavori preparatori del convegno su Mihail Bakunin, tenuto a Venezia nel 1976, quando i componenti del comitato organizzatore, in gran parte aderenti ai gruppi 'Bandiera nera' di Milano e 'Nestor Machno' di Venezia..."

Charlottesville Anarchism (Virginia, USA)
"Following the success of Charlottesville's 1st Anarchist Bookfair on March 19th, 2011, the organizers along with other folks decided to keep momentum going through various efforts...."
http://www.cvilleanarchism.org/ ~ http://cvilleanarchism.wordpress.com/

Chicago Anarchist Film Festival (CAFF) (Illinois, United States)
"Celebrate with us, as the 10th Annual Chicago Anarchist Film Festival commemorates its decennial anniversary of insurrectionary cinema with six nights of films and much more!"

Chicago Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
"The Chicago I.W.W. would like to introduce an exciting opportunity and alternative shop model for cooperatives and the self employed. The I.W.W is an international union in which all decisions are made by the membership...."

City is Ours, The (Melbourne, Australia)
"...born out of a need for direct action approaches to the housing crisis in Melbourne - a crisis which is echoed in countless cities and regions all over the world."

Class War (Aotearoa, New Zealand)
"Voting is just a choice between the frying pan and the fire...."
http://cw178.tripod.com/ ~ http://www.go.to/classwar

CNT (Spanish Section of the International Workers Association)
"...toda nuestra acción sindical, está edificada sobre la asociación, la organización, la acción directa y la solidaridad de la Clase Trabajadora."

CNT-F (French Section of the International Workers Association)
"...la CNT espagnole, qui s'affirme, depuis le début du XXe siècle jusqu'à 1936, comme la principale organisation révolutionnaire espagnole."

Col·lectiu Kaos en la Red (Spanish)
"...es el colectivo de personas que conforman una Asociación Cultural, que tiene como objetivo principal luchar contra el capitalismo, para lo cual cuenta, entre otras herramientas, con un medio de expresión digital que solo se publica en Internet..."

Coldsnap Legal Collective
"...an autonomous collective whose purpose is to work in solidarity with other groups or individuals in order to EDUCATE, EMPOWER, and SUPPORT the radical community by sharing knowledge, raising awareness, and developing a network of legal support and solidarity."

Coletivo Anarquista Zumbi dos Palmares - Alagoas (CAZP) (Brazil)
"Fundado em 2002. Organização integrante do Fórum do Anarquismo Organizado desde 2005...."
http://cazp.wordpress.com/ ~ http://www.cazp-al.blogspot.com/

Collectif anarchiste La Nuit, Le (Québec, Canada)
"...une organisation politique active à Québec depuis maintenant cinq ans. Nous militons pour des mouvements sociaux combatifs et l'émergence d'une gauche libertaire large et ouverte."

Collectif de recherche sur l'autonomie collective (CRAC-K) (French)
"...un collectif de recherche affinitaire - libertaire, (pro)-féministe, et contre toutes formes d'oppression - qui fonctionne de manière autogérée. Œuvrant nous-mêmes au sein de collectifs autonomes..."

Collective Autonomy Network (CAN)
"...promote collectively working together to ensure everyone's individual autonomy and expression, using every means possible to do so including real world actions and projects, community and network building, language, aesthetics, art, music, ideas, appropriate technologies, and more..."

Colorado Indymedia (COIMC) (USA)
"All working groups recognize the importance of process to social change and are committed to the development of non-hierarchical and anti-authoritarian relationships, from interpersonal relationships to group dynamics...."

Columbus Indymedia Center (CbusIMC) (Ohio, USA)
"...all volunteer collective dedicated to providing central Ohio with a non-biased, non-corporate source of news and events."
http://www.cbusimc.org/ ~ http://columbus.indymedia.org/

Common Place, The (Leeds, United Kingdom)
"Leeds' Autonomous, Radical Social Centre..."

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