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Empathy For Animals
"...promotes positive change for animals by discussing norms in society viewed as acceptable, and challenging other views. Empathy For Animals wants humanity to realize the truth with relatable reasoning. Although we tend to use emotion and feeling to connect to other..."

Empty Cages, Full Forests
"For the liberation of the overtaken, and the taking over by the liberated."
http://www.emptycagesfullforests.org/ ~ http://www.emptycagesfullforests.com/

Ending Animal Violence
"What led to the ah ha! moment which convinced you to turn to a plant based diet?"

Enlightenment for the Dear Animals
"...a project aimed at helping people, particularly Buddhists, to benefit animals. The website aims to be a resource for Buddhist students, centres and projects by providing advice, news, and linking projects and people who are helping animals around the globe."

Essential Vegetarian
"Vegetarian Food, Lifestyle and Travel..."

Ethical Singles
"...the meeting place for people who want to make a better world..."

Ethnic Vegan
"...your source for great ethnic recipes and info for vegetarians and vegans. Maybe you're concerned about animal welfare and the health of the environment. Maybe you're trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, lower your cholesterol, or avoid dairy allergens. Maybe you're just a foodie..."

"...a group of talented artists, working in many different styles and mediums, who are Etsy sellers and either vegan or vegetarian (consume no meat, poultry, or fish of any kind). Our goals are to increase the visibility of vegan and vegetarian products in the marketplace..."

Everyone is Vegan
"What if everyone was vegan? WHAT IF. In the meantime, it's come to ACTUALLY mean something to me, as vegans and omni's alike have responded positively to the inclusionary vibe - in a can't we all just get along and eat veggies and vegan cupcakes until the end of time itself kind of way."

Exploits of a Vegan Wannabe
"An adventure in choosing compassionate living..."

F-Yeah Baby Animals
"Delivering cute baby animals all day every day."

Famous Vegetarians/Famous Vegans
"...to demonstrate how widespread vegetarianism is becoming around the world..."

Farm Animal Shelters
"...for individuals and organizations working to provide protection and refuge for farm animals."

Farm Sanctuary Kidz Club
"Each animal at Farm Sanctuary has his or her own story to tell..."

Fat Free: The Low Fat Vegetarian Recipe Archive
"This archive has 4,667 fat free and very low fat vegetarian recipes..."

Fat Free Kitchen
"...food, fitness and good health to health-conscious individuals."

Fatfree Vegan Recipes
"...you'll discover lots of great, member-contributed, vegan recipes that are all low in fat."

Felicifia: Global Morality from Mysticism
"Utilitarianism, prioritarianism and other varieties of consequentialism...."

Finding Vegan (FV): All Things Vegan. Found.
"New site features, submission tips, featured posts, vegan news & more! THANK YOU for being part of the Finding Vegan community!"

Fivefold Path, The: Veganism, Socialism, Feminism, Atheism, and Anti-racism
"The five-pillar model is intended to be a hip, swanky extension of the intersectional sexism/racism/classism trifecta of subjugation and discrimination that's been part of the radical analytical framework for the past few decades..."

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