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Forage, The: Get Your Frugal On!
"Hi. This year i have decided to be really frugal and thrifty. And i made this page to track my progress and share some resources. I'm straight edge and newly vegan and i'm trying to spend as little money and to get rid of as much clutter as possible. There is going to be foraging. In the wild. And in the urban fields."

Free.org.il (Israel)
"בישראל, כמו במקומות רבים מסביב לעולם, זוכים בעלי החיים למעמד של רכוש ולהתעלמות מזכויותיהם כיצורים תודעתיים המסוגלים לחוש סבל. יחס זה מוביל לניצול אכזרי ולרמיסה מוחלטת של זכויותיהם, כל עוד הדבר מביא רווח למנצל."

FreeAnimalVideo.org: Download Free Animal Video Clips!
"...provides absolutely royalty FREE stock video clips you can download and edit into your videos, commercials, news stories, student films, documentaries, feature films, music videos or press packages. Our mission is to bring animal issues to the public."

Free From Harm
"We're all somewhere on our own path. We all aspire to do the right thing to protect the earth and the animals that inhabit it. Free from Harm is your online hub to empower you with the best information, tools and resources to guide you on that path."

Freegan.at (German)
"Freeganismus ist die Absicht, den negativen Einfluss des Einzelnen auf die Umwelt, die Tierwelt und das menschliche Leben durch eine weitgehende Verweigerung der Teilnahme an einer kapitalistischen Volkswirtschaft zu verringern."

"Freegans are people who employ alternative strategies for living based on limited participation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources."

Freegan Station (French)
"Le Freeganisme est un mouvement né aux états-unis d'Amérique. Rejoignant beaucoup de philosophies (écolo, anarko, altermondialisme, anticapitalisme, porkisme,.........), les freegans se caractérisent cependant par leur régime alimentaire déchétarien...."

Freegans Who Eat Cake
"Two suburban girls blogging about their journey to discover exactly what Freeganism is all about...."

Free Sean Kirtley!: Imprisoned by the State for Peaceful Protest
"Sean Kirtley was imprisoned by the state after an 18 week trial which was at the time the longest running animal rights trial in history. He tirelessly campaigned against animal abuse and was always protesting against fur, foie gras and most notably Sequani labs in Ledbury."

"...the fastest growing relationship site on the web."

Free Vegetarian Dating
"With the advent of internet people can perform every task so easily without any hassle..."

Friends of Animals
"...to cultivate a respectful view of nonhuman animals, free-living and domestic."

Frigan.se (Swedish)
"Friganer skriver och visar. Hör av dig till oss och börja gör det du också!"

From Dusk 'til Dawn (FDTD)
"...offers the personal perspective of former ALF activist Keith Mann on the direct action wing of the Animal Liberation Movement, from its early history, through its rapid growth in the 1960's, to the present day."

From Mars: Martians Can Be Vegans Too
"Everything written here is my personal opinion and not that of my employer...."

From Patty's Perch
"I want to share what I love and what I despise. I am interested in politics, the arts, environmental issues, human and animal issues and deeply appreciate humor. This is a work in progress, just like myself."

Frugal Vegetarian, The
"...combining my love for a great deal with my passion for cooking fresh vegetarian cuisine."

Fuck yeah! Vegan/Raw Food!
"This blog has a lot of tasty food, all of it vegan and raw. Yum!"

Fuck Yeah! Vegan Junk Food
"Burritos, pizzas, pies, nachos, burgers, cookies, brownies, dips, waffles, cupcakes, donuts, ice cream, tacos, chocolate, candy, pancakes and deep-fried anything..."

Fuck Yeah Animal Rights
"17 years old, vegetarian since 2008. Photographer. Future double major in Environmental Studies and Geography at The George Washington University in DC. Former president of my high school's Teen Animal Protector's club, active volunteer, and hoping to someday dedicate my whole life to animals."

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