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Micah Publications
"Books That Feed The Mind, the Body and the Soul"

Midwest Vegan: Open-Minded Cooking From A Small-Town Girl
"I announced to my mom when I was 8 that I was going to be a vegetarian. It surprised the heck out of her. I don't really remember what influenced me, but I think it had something to do with the movie 'Bingo' (1991) where a butcher used to sell stray dogs as meat (and this was a kids movie?!)...."

Mighty Vegan
"I love experimenting with cooking and finding new ways to make super healthy meals that are both easy and delicious. I have no special training as a chef just hours and hours of playing in my own kitchen to feed my family. When they don't like it, I know it's not worth sharing!"

"I am a northwest native who likes pretty and interesting things."

Modern Veggie
"...a free vegetarian recipe site."

MOS Blog, The
"Attempting to act as a voice for voiceless nonhumans and to chuck in the odd rant on republicanism and other less serious matters."

Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes
"Hi, I'm Miriam. I love meatless dishes, I love my kitchen, I adore food and am a passionate gourmet cook. Here you will find a host of delicious vegan recipes (meat-free, egg-free and dairy-free)..."

Museusm of Speciesism, The (MOS): Selections from the Archives of Animal Exploitation
"...a never-ending, impossible web project by Nicholas Monsour. This is a place to collect, discuss and analyze the infinite forms of animal exploitation throughout human history."

My Brand New Life
"Here you'll find a bunch of vegan recipes, some random movie reviews, a wee bit of Buddhist philosophy, occasional musings on yoga, tai chi, scriptwriting, etc., as well as the odd bit of something fun I've found on the internet to enjoy."

My Face Is On Fire (MFIoF)
"...a blog (with an associated podcast) which focuses on abolitionist vegan education, animal rights issues and the misrepresentation of veganism in pop culture or mainstream media."

My Life as a RAW Vegan
"I am embarking on a raw food journey for health as well as ethical reasons. Although I am currently raw, I am leaving all of my previous content up, including cooked-food recipes, etc. Veganism is great for the planet, the animals, and YOU!, no matter which form of it you choose to follow :)"

Myths about "The Vegetarian Myth"
"In the summer of 2010, we started this blog because we were concerned by what we consider to be an abundance of misinformation, sketchy research, emotional manipulation and bullying, and logical fallacy found in the book The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith. The Vegetarian Myth is an anti-vegan polemic aimed at radicals..."

My Vegan Cookbook (MVC)
"Vegan Baking Cooking Recipes Tips..."

My Vegan Planet
"Hello there! I am Jade, also known as one of the moderators of this site, vegan chef, awesomely nomadic globe roamer, and international foodie extraordinaire. I want everyone who visits myveganplanet.com to feel as though they have a nice, warm and cozy home at this website..."

My Vegan Revolution (French)
"A 8 ans, j'arrêtais de manger de la viande rouge, par goût. A 14 ans, je devenais végétarienne, par souci écologique. A 24 ans je devenais vegan, pour les animaux. La cuisine me passionne depuis toujours, grâce à ma grand-mère qui m'a transmis ses valeurs. Sa cuisine en disait long sur sa personnalité : elle était toujours pleine d'amour."

My vEgGiE page
"Cows that are injured or become sick during transport to the stockyards or slaughterhouse often become unable to stand. They are referred to as 'downers.' They are often pushed around with bulldozers into piles and are left to die a horrific death."
http://www.angelfire.com/mo/meredith/veggie.html ~ http://www.angelfire.com/mo/meredith/

Nail That Sticks Up, The
"Hi, I'm Sam - owner and writer of The Nail That Sticks Up. I'm a vegan, cyclist, and social activist living in Kentucky."

Naturally Vegetarian Recipes
"...you will find a huge variety of easy, healthy, vegetarian recipes, gluten free recipes, and vegan recipes."

Neal D. Barnard, M.D.
"An advocate for health, nutrition, and higher standards in research..."

"NETCU is headed by Cambridgeshire police officer Superintendent Stephen Pearl and 'forms part of the national policing response to domestic extremism'. Basically they exist in order to monitor animal rights protests as few other protests are mentioned on their website..."

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