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Animal Rights,
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"Get to know more about Animal Rights..."

Animal Concerns
"...a clearinghouse for information on the Internet related to animal rights and welfare..."

Animal Connection
"...helping & protecting all animals..."

"...we work to foster an awareness of and a respect for animals used in education."

Animal Earth Right
"Just as a birthright entitles individuals to Democratic freedoms, earthrights entitle all beings with the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness, each according to their natures."

Animal Ethics
"Philosophical Discussion of the Moral Status of Nonhuman Animals..."

"We are a collective organization dedicated to supporting nonhuman animals in their struggles for freedom from human domination..."

Animal Free Zone!
"Expert advice on everything animal free..."

"...provides access to legislation and legal matters pertaining to the rights and welfare of animals."

Animal Liberation Action
"We are a grassroots group working for the abolition of animal slavery. Every animal deserves to live wild and free in the natural world with their own families and communities. Each of us can be part of the solution by going vegan and getting active for animal liberation."

Animal Liberation and Speciesism
"A discussion of the theoretical foundations of speciesism, philosophical grounds for challenging those foundations, and the social/political/cultural implications for a post-speciesist thinking."

Animal Liberation Archive
"Welcome to the Animal Liberation Archive. This project strives to build up an archive of the Animal Liberation movement and thus to document the history of the movement..."

Animal Liberation Front (ALF): Blog
"Windows are probably the easiest target available in most situations, yet large windows can cost hundreds, making them an ideal target. Glass etching fluid (hydrofluoric acid) is available in some larger arts and crafts stores. Be sure to buy out of town on specialized items like this...."

Animal Liberation Frontline
"...a site created to: *Report on the Animal Liberation Front (A.L.F.) *Break animal liberation-related news stories not covered anywhere else. Peter Young is an animal liberation activist the FBI formerly called 'an active member of the Animal Liberation Front'...."

Animal Liberation Girl: Help Stop Animal Cruelty
"Hey There! Welcome to my little page. My name is Colleen. I am a poet, artist, web designer, and animal rights activist. This site is dedicated to Animal Rights. Here I will post links, images, and petitions which are important and helpful for the cause."

Animal Liberation Hallmarks
"...provide a platform for groups and individuals that perceive animal liberation as a movement for liberation of both human and non-human animals and wish to exclude racist, sexist, homophobic and religious fundamentalist groups and individuals and to prevent infiltration by such elements."

Animal People Online: News for People Who Care About Animals
"...the leading independent newspaper providing original investigative coverage of animal protection worldwide. With thousands of items on hand, the ANIMAL PEOPLE website is one of the largest repositories of articles on animal issues on the Internet."

Animal Person Redux: Deconstructing Our Relationship With Other Animals Since 2006
"Fortunately, I evolved into that rare breed, the ex-ex-vegan, but I had a terrible flaw in my thinking that was responsible for my advocating certain animal products (happy meat, anyone?). That's when I started blogging."

Animal Politics
"...at the intersection of animal studies and food politics..."

Animal Rights & AntiOppression
"Challenging oppression and injustice, against nonhuman animals, humans, and earth - one vegan, environmentalist, feminist, social-justice-loving, all-around-progressive post at a time."

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