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Philly Vegan
"Simple, delicious vegan recipes straight from Ray's kitchen. Offering readers daily cooking tips, strategies for kids cooking, and recipe variations for non-vegans."
http://phillyvegan123.blogspot.com/ ~ http://phillyvegan.blogspot.com/

Pinnacle: Reinvent the Icon
"...to create accessories and various forms of visual art consistent with an interest in: 1. Aesthetics. 2. Providing critical commentary about animal fur. 3. Exposing aspects of fur production and marketing which are intentionally hidden or obscured. 4. Shifting the out-dated, whitewashed and greenwashed attitude toward..."

Polyglot Vegetarian
"Grazing through the world of words..."

Post Punk Kitchen
"...a public access vegan cooking show..."
http://www.theppk.com/ ~ http://www.theppk.com/blog/

Practical Animal Ethics
"When you look back at the animal rights movement over the last 50 years, it's easy to point to several monumental moments when it leaped forward. In 1975, Peter Singer's Animal Liberation put animals back on the agenda in society with a focus on sentience..."

Practical Vegetarian Weblog, The: Independent News & Info Plus Vegetarian Recipes
"My name is Mary Curtis and I am an author and vegetarian cook. My new book 'The Practical Vegetarian' brings together traditional and cultural cooking with healthy eating...."

Primate Freedom
"Dr. Bravo: Although the process of labor is better known in species such as the sheep and rodent, what controls the initiation of labor in the human is still unclear. To better understand what occurs in the human, Dr. Novy's research uses monkeys, an animal model closer to that of the human...."

Project Coyote
"Promoting coexistence between people and wildlife through education, science and advocacy...."

"Yes, we are all vegetarians (more specifically, our diets are 'vegan'), which means we do our best within this insane framework of capitalism to live cruelty-free lives...."

"I currently live in Helsinki, Finland, with my husband. I am 47 years old and run a company that offers vegetarian cooking-classes, consulting and catering. I am regularly contributing to a Finnish yoga-periodical, Ananda. I'm also a freelance photographer. Please, take a look at the portfolio."

Quantum Vegan: Being Vegan Has Its Quarks
"Hi there! Thanks for visiting. I'm Sam, a.k.a. the Quantum Vegan, and this blog is where I share a lot about my vegan diet. Mostly you'll see what I've been cooking, both from cookbooks and my own original recipes, along with photos and a few lines of personal insight..."

Quarry Girl
"i used to have a pretty extensive vegan restaurant review blog, but i decided to quit it and just share brief thoughts and pictures. if you're looking for the archives from quarrygirl.com, you can find them here!"
http://www.quarrygirl.com/ ~ http://archives.quarrygirl.com/

Queering Animal Liberation: An Anthology in Progress
"...a writer and independent scholar living in East Sussex, England....an eco-feminist writer and activist living in rural Maryland, USA...a artist and activist living in Brooklyn, USA..."

Quotes on Slavery
"We are abolitionists the world over, peacefully, intelligently, and persistently striving to abolish both human as well as nonhuman slavery in our lifetime."

Rabbit Advocacy Animal Shelters
"Rabbits are unique in Western culture as one of the few animals that are loved as pets, despised as pests, and still bred as product for the meat, fur and lab animal industries. While dogs and cats are allowed to roam freely in our homes, the privileged relationship we have with them as pets has not been extended as fully or completely to many pet rabbits."

Radical Eats: Vegan Home Cooking
"I've been a chef all my life and I'm sick of feeding people cream, fat, lard and white bread. I want to break free! Down with artery clogging, Spare tire growing, globe warming food!"

Radioactive Vegan, The
"I'm a nuclear engineer by degrees, but more of a reliability engineer by practice. I research empirical methods for health monitoring of complex engineering systems. I'm also vegan. These pages will chronicle some combination of those two aspects of my life."

Random Hag!
"...just just a quiet little place, mostly dedicated to vegan recipes and vegan restaurant listings. I enjoy making that information available, even though I'm not really interested in spending my spare time maintaining an enormous webpage."

Random Vegan
"I am: Vegan, Wife, Mother of Two, Working full time, Nutritionist, Wanna be Writer, Wanna be Runner..."

Raw Spirit Festivals
"World's Leading Raw Vegan-Eco-Peace Celebrations"

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