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Savvy Vegetarian: How to Become Vegetarian
"...for everybody, from life-long veg to just thinking about it..."

Scissors and Spice
"I like to thrift, cook vegan food, create recipes, review veg restaurants, photograph people and still life, and when I have time, make things by hand. I also run the lovely Scissors & Spice vintage Etsy shop."

Scratch Vegetarian
"Just a note on the 'vegetarian' aspect of this blog. We don't eat the flesh of animals, fish, or fowl, but we do use lots of milk, cream, butter, and eggs. My reasons for not eating meat are based more on the desire not to support the 'living creatures as food' industry, than from the perspective of better health through vegetarianism."

Scrumptious Vegan
"Vegan food pr0n. Baking recipes and traditional recipes veganized with my magic laser gun."

Seattle Vegan
"...seattle vegan restaurants, recipes, resources, events, vegan groceries, vegan shoes..."

Seeds 'n' Smiles
"Hello! I'm Freya. :) I pretty much blog about veganism, nutrition and leading an all round healthy lifestyle. You'll normally find me in the kitchen with vegan cupcake mix around my mouth..."

Seeking Non-Speciesism
"I am seeking a non-speciesist world, a world where every sentient creature is afforded the same moral consideration as all other sentient creatures. What does this entail? Well, in short, it would mean no sentient creature would be treated as someone else's property. For humans, that means becoming vegan."

Seitanic Vegan Heathen
"I ride a bike, I eat tofu, I hug kittens. squishy squishy squishy..."

Seitanism: Rants And Recipes Of A Vegan Persuasion
"I am a vegan due to ethics. I do not feel right when others have to die to feed me, when they don't have to. Yes, I know some animals die when vegetables are farmed. I know death is a part of the animal kingdom, part of life. I am removing myself from that cycle as best I can. We cannot let perfect be the enemy of good."

Senior Dogs Project, The
"...looking out for older dogs..."

Shane Brady: Skeptical, Libertarian, Vegan, Atheist
"...my person presence on the net, where I hope to share something useful to someone sometime."

"...learn, read, play, communicate..."

Shenandoah Vegan, The
"This is not a healthy cooking or gourmet food blog. No giveaways to be found. No memes. Just some Northern Virginia vegan grub."

Shmooed Food
"Recipes from the Vegan Lunch Box..."

Shoreham Protester, The (UK)
"The Shoreham Protester was first issued during the live export protests at Shoreham Harbour in 1995. It now covers a whole range of animal rights issues, national and international, and is produced as a monthly newsletter, available by post for £12..."

Shut Down HLS (Huntingdon Life Sciences)
"HLS carries out atrocious experiments which involve poisoning animals with household products, pesticides, drugs/pharmaceuticals, herbicides, food colorings and additives, sweeteners and genetically modified organisms...."

Simple Vegan Recipes
"Going vegan is easier than you think. These pages give just a sample of quick and easy recipes that will be useful when starting out...."

Sistah Vegan Project, The
"...focuses on how plant-based consumptive lifestyle is affected by factors of race, racisms, sexism, heterosexism, classism, and other social injustices within the lives of black females."

Skeptical Vegan
"Skeptical Vegan was raised in the American South on a steady diet of colloidal silver, cryptozoology, and conspiracy theories. His contrarian curiosity and early passion for science eventually led him to skepticism and rationalism. He now makes his home in Oakland, California as he works on furthering his education..."

Sketch-Free Vegan Eating
"We are twin sisters who absolutely love food, especially fresh, healthy food. We used to eat all the regular junk you get at the grocery store, but realized that you are what you eat and food can either help or hinder you. It's a challenge to make healthy dishes that actually taste good and are visually appealing..."

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