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Smash Speciesism
"My name is Matt. I'm 20, and from Melbourne, Australia. I'm Vegan. I'm currently studying at university to become an Advanced Life Support (ALS) Paramedic. I'm into animals rights, politics, travel, food, and most of all my dog Bob."
http://mattvegan.tumblr.com/ ~ http://smashspeciesism.tumblr.com/

SmiteMe: Heathen, Vegan, Feminist
"Just your average liberal/progressive/Green - vegan - feminist - anti-theist atheist - animal liberationist - tree hugging - Kucinich-voting - anti-racist/homophobic/transphobic/sizeist/ableist - white - heterosexual - cisgendered - able-bodied - childfree - geek."

Snargleplexon: Incredible! Merciless!...and Coming to Eat You!
"A voracious, all-powerful alien from the planet Snargleplexon is about to throw you and your family into a souped-up wood chipper. He gives you a few minutes to convince him why he should not. This is not out of charity or mercy. The delay is only because his sausage press, known as the Happy Happy Humane Human Protein Mercyplexer 9000..."

Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians
"An Interfaith Peace Effort Pursuing Plant-based, Nonviolent Nutrition"

SoJin: What is SoJin?
"SoJin is a Tibetan word for the practice of Giving Life. Sog- means life and Jin- means to give. In Tibet it is a traditional practice amongst Buddhists to liberate animals that are destined for slaughter or are in imminent danger."

Soundly Vegan
"...advantages of being vegan, being vegan for ethical reasons, benefits of a vegan diet..."

"A unique project promoting an awareness of the many health benefits of a plant-based (vegan) diet..."

Speak For Animals
"This website was launched on the 4th of October 2009 - World Animal Day - and it takes the place of a much smaller webpage that originally began in June 2005."

Speciesism-Denying Humans
"After becoming a fan of the numerous memes exposing cis, white, hetero, male privilege, a thought occurred to me: Why not create one for the ridiculousness spewed by speciesists? After all, human privilege is probably the most prevalent form of privilege. And let's face it: vegans need a laugh every now and then, too!"

Speciesism: The Movie
"Modern farms have been struggling to keep a secret. Most of the animals used for food in the United States are raised in giant, bizarre factories, hidden deep in remote areas of the countryside. Speciesism: The Movie set out to investigate."

Speciesism Discussion Site: The Wiki of Our Species' Future
"...the site dedicated to the future of humanity. We want to take strides towards the ultimate goal of humans existing to the end of time. This site allows many different people to come together so that we can draft and solidify a theory that can be implemented in the time to come."

Speciesist Vegan
"Non-vegans don't understand why I'm vegan. Vegans can't understand why I'm not anti-speciesist. So now I have a blog about it (and other vegan stuff)...."

Spooky Vegan, The
"Horror nerd. Happy Vegan. Halloween obsessed. Spooky kid. Sinister yet sweet. Fatally Yours."
http://www.thespookyvegan.com/ ~ http://spookyvegan.blogspot.com/

Stijn Bruers, One World Activist (Dutch)
"Ecologische rechtvaardigheid, diepe ecologie, dierenrechten, biocentrisch altruïsme en geweldloosheid..."

Stop Animal Abuse
"Sharing News, Views & Petitions Regards World Wide Animal Abuse..."

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC)
"Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) are the largest contract testing laboratory in Europe. They have about 70,000 animals on site, including rabbits, cats, hamsters, dogs, guinea-pigs, birds and monkeys. These animals are destined to suffer and die in cruel, useless experiments...."

Stop Sequani Animal Testing
"Among the animal 'test models' that Sequani imprison and experiment on are beagle dogs, rabbits, genetically stunted pigs known as 'minipigs', transgenic mice, chinese hamsters, rats and guinea pigs. These animals know no other life than that of which their captors have chosen for them..."

Striking at the Roots: Animal Activism Around the World
"...a guide to empowering people to get active for animals around the world. I gave up meat after an encounter with one of India's many cows in 1992, then went vegan a decade later."

Stumptown Vegans Restaurant Reviews
"...two Portland food bloggers' opinions and adventures with the vegan food they have encountered while eating out around our beautiful city. We know everyones' tastes differ and things change in restaurants so visiting once, or twice, never paints the full picture of a place."

Suburban Vegan: Stories of Survival in the Land of Meat & Dairy
"I'm a labor & employment lawyer living in suburban Chicago. I've been a vegetarian since 1997, vegan at home since 2007 and in August of 2010 I decided go vegan full-time. I love ice cream, pizza, and cute shoes, but I'll have to learn to love their vegan alternatives."

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