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"...dedicated to the promotion of the raw food vegan way of life. You will find articles regarding raw foodism, vegetarianism, living foods, and other aspects of natural living. We have resources and links to get started with your healthy lifestyle. We also suggest trying some of our cuisine and recipes, which are vegetarian, raw and alive!"

Sunny Vegan
"...living the bright life..."

Super Shegan: Surviving in a Carnivore World
"Growing up, I never liked meat or dairy. Something in my head told me it just wasn't agreeing with me. In 2008, some very dear friends of mine introduced me to The China Study and my eating habits drastically changed for the better. I feel better, have more energy, and actually cook now."

"...a shockingly ambitious website made by vegans for vegans."

Super Vegan
"There are a lot of wonderful vegan sites on the web but many are very specialized, or part-time labors of love. No one site had it all. We set out to make the missing super vegan website."

Support Camille: Until All Are Free
"On Saturday, Feb. 4th, while attending a peaceful anti-vivisection demonstration and commemoration of two monkeys who were tortured to death at the University of Florida, Camille was arrested on charges related to her campaign against notorious vivisectionist, Donal O'Leary..."

Support Jordan
"...an American animal rights activist. He was indicted by a federal grand jury in 2009 on charges related to resisting a federal grand jury investigating local illegal animal rights activities, mainly concerning fur farm raids in Utah."

Support Manuel
"I'm a 25-year-old vegan politicized prisoner and animal rights activist. A few months before my 19th birthday I was arrested for arson (unrelated to my animal rights activism). I was given 12 years, 6 in/6 out, but I got my time pushed back for a number of reasons."

Susanina's Vegetarian Kitchen
"For many, many years, I had thought about becoming a vegetarian. I had always been an avid cook. But there was a deep desire, really an unspoken prayer, to find a way to eat wonderfully without meat, poultry, or fish."

Sweet and Savory Vegan
"100% plant based ~ exceptional taste..."

Swell Vegan: A Vegan & Raw Food Blog
"My name is A-K and I started writing swell vegan as a way to learn and motivate myself about eating vegan food that is both delicious and (mostly) healthy. I especially love whole foods, raw veganism, and better-for-you sweets. While I don't have food allergies, I enjoy cooking foods that are free of many of the major (vegan) food allergens..."

"Set in NYC, Tails is the story of Ethan, an Asian vegan cartoonist full of petulance and naïve idealism. Ethan strives to become a successful artist while fostering a horde of cats. He struggles through crap jobs, tumultuous relationships, and finds himself slipping in and out of his own fantasy world...literally."

Taste Better!
"...the successor to the vegan news and information website Vegan Porn..."

Teach Kind
"...a resource for teachers, administrators, and librarians who want to help students become kinder, more compassionate individuals."

Teen Animal Rights Activism, (TARA)
"Too many teens are ignorant of the animal cruelty that goes on in our society. Animal rights needs to be discussed more in school, in the media and in everyday life. The fact that it is ok by our country to slice the skin off of rabbits and mice to pour chemicals on them is an outrage!"

Tentacles + Teacups
"I am too tired for this shit."

Terre d'abord !, La (French)
"...action antispéciste, architecture, écologie / environnement, Europe écologie - les verts, exploitation / maltraitance, Gaïa - la vie de la Terre, huile de palme, jardins & parcs, libération animale, libération de la Terre..."

That Was Vegan?: Vegan Recipes So Delicious You'll Never Think Twice!
"Hi there! I'm Barbara, a 30-something Coloradan who enjoys snowboarding, hiking, reading and (obviously) cooking. I'm married to Jason- a wonderful man who, although clinging to omnivore status, happily enjoys the vegan meals I create...."

The Veggie Space
"Veg Out!"

Think Differently About Sheep
"To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being. I should be unwilling to take the life of a lamb for the sake of the human body...."

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