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Urban Vegan: Good Food is Good Food
"Hi, I'm Dynise Balcavage, aka, The Urban Vegan. I'm obsessed with hedonistic vegan cooking. My culinary point of view, to borrow a Food Network phrase, results from living and working in a large urban center..."

Utilitarian Philosophers
"...David Hume, Jeremy Bentham, William Godwin, James Mill, John Stuart Mill, Henry Sidgwick, R. M. Hare, Peter Singer..."

Valley Vegan
"I live in a small town and love it here. I love living in the coutry. Everyone knows everyone here!"

Veg*n for Dinner, A
"Adventures of a slightly off-center, occasionally profane veg*n Mom and her family! Our diet is 95% Vegan, 5% Vegetarian, 100% delicious!"

VEGA (Vegetarian Economy and Green Agriculture) Research
"...a research, information and campaigning organisation focusing on farming, food, health and the land."

Veg Advantage
"...provides foodservice professionals with everything they need to incorporate healthy, delicious vegetarian options into the menu."

Vegalicious Recipes
"...more than 600 delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes for compassionate people..."

Vegan & Vegetarian Societies and Vegetarian Organizations
"...for vegetarian food and vegetarian diets..."

Vegan Δημοκρατία (Greek)
"Αμύνεσθαι Περί Πατρίς, Ευημερία στα Ανυπεράσπιστα και Άβλαβα Ζώα, Αντίσταση στη Νέα Τάξη Πραγμάτων, Αντίσταση στη Αρπαχτική Χούντα του Κεφαλαίου, Αντίσταση στο Κοινοβουλευτικό Φασισμό, Άμεση Οικολογική Ουμανιστική Vegan Δημοκρατία..."

Vegan Ουμανιστική Χορτοφαγία (Greek)
"...θέματα που έχουν σχέση με την Ηθική Παιδεία, πολιτισμό, μη Βία, συνύπαρξη, διατροφή, κατεστημένη ιατρική, εναλλακτική ολιστική θεραπευτική, αυτοθεραπεία, σωματική και ψυχική υγεία, veganism, raw veganism, breatharianism."

Vegan's Blog
"Healthy vegan diet and similar stuff..."

Vegan, What?
"I have a love affair with Kale!"
http://veganwhat-stephanie.blogspot.com/ ~ http://www.veganwhat-stephanie.blogspot.com/

"...Ingrid decided to do something with the recipes she'd been shamelessly pilfering from alt.food.vegan..."

Vegan-Forum.de (German)
"Allgemeine Fragen & Diskussionen zu Veganismus und Vegetariertum..."

"Cutting Through the BS"

Vegan.FM: The Vegan Directory
"Being a vegan consumer should be easy. And we believe it can be. On vegan.fm, visitors share what they know about products, ingredients, places, and more."

Veganacious: Join the Revolution!
"Home - where it begins, Recipes - all vegan, Podcasts - abolitionist, LINKS - RECOMMENDED..."

Vegan A Go-Go
"...a video podcast cooking show. Bringing you fantastic vegan recipes right to your computer."

Vegan and Vegetarian Products Guide
"Your guide to vegan and vegetarian alternatives. Everything is vegan! We're cruelty-free, baby!"

Vegan Animal Liberation Alliance (VALA)
"...animal liberation = earth liberation = people liberation..."

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