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The current Featured Link for the Information Link Directories is Human Liberation Animal Liberation : "What is Animal Liberation? Animal liberation is the notion that all animals, regardless of their species, deserve freedom from exploitation and oppression. That means no cages, no owners, and no cruelty." -- Find similar and related links in the Animal Rights, Vegetarian, and Vegan Directory.
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Vegan Appetite
"Being a vegetarian in the Midwest for over thirty years, and vegan for many of those years, cooking has become a way of life for me. This blog and my cookbook, American Vegan Kitchen (Feb. 2010, Vegan Heritage Press), contain some of my kitchen creations. I'm currently at work on my second book, Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day..."

"The vegan radicals and their cupcakes came to Paris VIII and for three days created their utopia that sadly ended in a dictatorship. The Temporary Autonomous Zone turned Nation-State has gone underground, but the following traces remain: Photos from Day 1: 'Free VEGAN cupcakes!'...."

Vegan Ascent
"Ascent has been a lifelong desire of mine: to go higher, to reach the top. I've never been driven, as some have, to climb mountains-although I have climbed a few-but I do have an irresistible urge to rise above. I can't handle the status quo."

VeganAustin.org: The Home of Vegans Rock Austin! (Texas, USA)
"We are a social resource for the vegan community in Austin, driven by content and events created by YOU the user. Whether it be new restaurant listings, snazzy recipes, or a fanciful potluck dinner, we're making Austin the place to be for meeting other vegan-interested folks and exploring amazing chow."

Vegan Backpacker
"Jill and John are two vegans from Canada who are eating their way around the world in 2010. Their backpacking adventure will take them through North America, South America, Europe, China, Thailand, India, and Africa. Along the way, they will report back with lots of tips and pictures to help other vegan explorers."

"...your community where you can share ideas, post desserts, get the latest vegan baking news and discover delectable eats. Join us!"

"...veganism. animal rights. cooking vegan food! trying out new recipes..."

Vegan Beauty Review: The Authority on All Things Cruelty-Free & Fabulous
"I'm trying to help break the stereotype that all vegans are stinky, hairy earth babies. I want the world to know that you can be vegan and cruelty-free and still be über girlie and have fun...."

Vegan Black Metal Chef
"The fast reason I tell people why I am vegan is that I do not believe in the exploitation of animals. Exploitation in this case means that the animal suffers for our benefit (duh). Most animals raised for food live in what I would consider a darker hell than one even I could ever imagine."

"Welcome to the most useful Vegan Blog directory in the vegan world: Featuring links to the best vegan blogs, vegan food, vegan recipes and even products like vegan shoes and vegan boots. We are Google's number one vegan blog resource and link to the best vegan blogs..."

Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness
"We hope to provide what you'll need to be a healthy and happy vegan, as well as how to begin training in a safe, productive way."

Vegan Body Building
"Pumping Iron Naturally"

Vegan Book Club
"This is an academic blog about animal rights. The focus is on animal rights literature, the current movement, the green scare, and how animal rights is connected to other social justice issues."

Vegan Break: Bite-Sized Vegan Videos
"The story of my vegetarianism reaches back to when I was eight years old and made the connection between the meat on my plate and the flesh of animals. I used to think meat was just named after animals, and was horrified when I learned otherwise."

Vegan Breakfast (VB)
"I grew up eating hearty vegetarian Havyaka food. After more than 10 years of cooking and eating food from all over the world, I remain a vegetarian and a south Indian comfort food lover at heart even till this date. I enjoy cooking simple, fast and easy recipes which are healthy and tasty."

"...created by Colleen and Gavin out of a passion to see change in their lives, as well as the lives of others, through an active, vegan lifestyle. VeganBuilt believes in being good stewards of our bodies, as well as our planet and the things around us."

Vegan Burnout
"Recently, my godmother thanked me for not being a 'freaky' vegan. If only she knew...."

Vegan Butthole Explosion
"When the fuck did this place pop up? Okay, so I realized this is the defining place for veganism."

Vegan Cat-Lover, The
"The Vegan Cat-Lover is the first of a series of short ebooks based on posts from the early days of this blog. I hope anyone with an interest in animal rights will enjoy reading them, though my principal aim as always is to reach out to new and pre-vegans..."

Vegan Challenge 2011
"...for the next 10 months, until my 40th birthday, I have committed to taking the Vegan Challenge. During this challenge I will eat only plant-based whole foods. I will also eliminate all highly processed and refined foods from my diet."

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