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The current Featured Link for the Link Directories of Inactive, Information Links is Women's Educational Media : "Since 1978, Women's Educational Media has produced and distributed films and educational resources on issues ranging from environmental concerns to affordable housing to preventing prejudice. Working closely with educators, activists, national and local organizations, we ensure that our films are used to inspire meaningful social change." -- Find similar and related links in the Feminism, and Women's Rights Directory.
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Vegan Chamber of Commerce
"...a community of businesses owners, professionals, service providers, organizations, and individuals who follow a vegan lifestyle."

Vegan Chat Room
"...a free chat site and discussion of vegan lifestyle. The chatroom is hosted by Chatango. Any views of people chatting in the Vegan Chat Room do not necessarily reflect the views of this website."

Vegan Chef, The
"Eating vegan doesn't have to be boring. In fact, it is the most exciting way to eat! Fresh and organically grown plant-based foods are among nature's most healthful and delicious gifts. This website is devoted to this wonderful way of eating, with animal-free recipes created from a vegan chef's perspective."

Vegan Chickpea, The: Living a Vegan & Gluten-Free, Happy & Healthy Life Together
"I'm a little lady living in the Philly suburbs with my husband, Dayv, and our pup, Mina. Dayv and I are both gluten-free(for health reasons) and vegan(for ethical reasons). So, in short, I cook and bake a lot to satisfy our special diet."

Vegan Christian Blogger, The
"Because food is yummier when we're kind to God's creation...."

Vegan Club: An Online Community about Veganism for Vegans
"Veganism is a way of life that avoids the use of any animal products for any purpose including food and clothing. A vegan is a person who practices veganism. In daily life, a vegan makes a commitment to abstain from consuming or using animal products."

Vegan Coach
"We're all about the food! Shopping for it! Cooking it! Flavoring it! And best of all, eating it! :) Here you will find all the tools YOU need to prepare delicious (and nutritious!) vegan vittles quickly and easily."

Vegan Connection
"...Vegans are not people from the star Vega!"

Vegan Cookie Connoisseur
"...a consistently motivated vegan baker, cookbook author, and art school student who is always creating something. She values the aesthetics of the world and the art of baking is no exception. After becoming vegan at age fourteen, she discovered a passion for baking and began formulating her own recipes..."

Vegan Cooking
"Vegetarian Recipes"

Vegan Craftastic
"In my little corner of the internet, I share my crafty and food adventures, hopefully inspiring people along the way. Read along for vegan recipes, crafty patterns, reviews, and more! I also have an Etsy shop filled with all sorts of accessories, bags, and general cuteness..."

Vegan Crunk: Eatin' Vegan in the Dirty South
"I'm a 7-year vegan, 17-year vegetarian from the Mid-South, not too far from the muddy banks of the Mississippi River. And that means cornbread, butter beans, collard greens, and Paula Deen. These days, I live in Memphis, and I'm currently working on veganizing soul food and country classics for my soon-to-come vegan Southern/soul food cookbook."

Vegan Culinary Experience
"An Educational and Inspirational Journey of Taste, Health, and Compassion..."

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World
"...the lovechild of Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero. We're changing the world one cupcake at a time. Click here to order from Amazon or walk on over to your local store and have them get it for you."

Vegan Cuts
"...run by a vegan couple, John and Jill, who really want to see more people shopping with vegan ethics. A commitment to buying vegan food is a great start, but you can also make a positive difference by choosing vegan options..."

Vegan Cycling
"This blog/site is a collection of my thoughts, articles and other general excitement tied into cycling, training and competing as a vegan bike racer and athlete. Articles of Interest: * Sprouting 101 * Keeping a Training Log * Keeping Up Your Energy, aka Bonk Prevention 101..."
http://cycling.davenoisy.com/ ~ http://davenoisy.com/

Vegan Dad
"When you have kids, supper has to be on the table every night. And when you are a vegan, the drive-thru, the deli counter, and TV dinners/frozen convenience foods are not an option...."

Vegan Diet, The: The Ideal Way Of Life. Healthy, Green And Cruelty Free
"Gender: Female, Occupation: Retired, Location: South Africa, Interests: Veganism, Environment, Feng Shui, Animal Rights, Internet..."

Vegan Diet Advisor
"We've Got to Stop Meating Like This..."

Vegan Eating Out
"Ever sat down in a restaurant and wondered how you could order vegan food? Vegan Eating Out can help. Depending on where you live, you may have a vegan restaurant nearby. But if you don't, Vegan Eating Out can makes it easy for you to find food that matches your vegan diet at familiar restaurants."

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